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ConversationalistMember1303 XPAug-24-2020 9:20 PM


"He survived, he’s now in Disneyland in Orlando, and no way am I going back there. How did he end up in Disneyland? I saw him in Disneyland, Jesus Christ!"



RespectedMember1675 XPSep-30-2020 5:56 AM


'Embryo's into a Hybrid and i WOULD NOT have been Surprised if ONE of these Ended Up as our Space Jockey!”

That would've been very bad, it would be to really mess it up. Maybe Disney can keep him away from doing that. Don’t make everything about David, I am tired of that. The alien-franchise could be expanded on by adding things, there is no reason to keep it to the Xeno, and there is no reason to tie it all to David.

About themes, many TV-shows, or movies might be about the same themes even if they don’t have anything to do with each-other at all. Even when they made the first Alien-movie they found inspiration among other things.

You mention the embryos and it seemed like that is what would have happened. At the end of Covenant he used that thing with the embryos or eggs or whatever the correct word is. I'm not very interested in what he would do next and that scene hints to it. So he kills the adults and sets up the colony and so on, to me it doesn't seem interesting. We have already seen him as a megalomaniac and killer in Alien Covenant, don’t continue on with that.

"But then i think RS has Started to Accept maybe such things as far as a Continuation of his Ideas for the Prequels are Dead in the Water regardless."

If that means that we won't get another movie about David then I’ll be fine with that. Scott messed it up by making it all about David and it backfired. My suggestion is that we forget about the prequels, save the Engineers or similar for later and do something new, something that isn't as much about androids.

Roger G

InitiateMember163 XPSep-30-2020 3:56 PM@Thoughts_Dreams (Even when they made the first Alien-movie they found inspiration among other things.)///////////////// The Spacey Jockey had already been conceived before ALIEN by David Allen's unfinished project THE PRIMEVALS in 1978. The resemblance to SPACE JOCKEY is very clear./////////////////////////////////////// a) A lizard man fires the mind-control gun in the Arena. https://youtu.be/To-cNJ_4nRU (Test footage)

Roger G

InitiateMember163 XPOct-01-2020 6:57 PMScott recently Interview from TNYT https://www.nytimes.com/2020/10/01/arts/television/ raised-by-wolves-finale-ridley-scott.html This interview includes spoilers for the first season of “Raised by Wolves.” RIDLEY SCOTT We’re very excited. SCOTT This planet had life on it prior to these people’s arrival. When they arrive on the planet, [the androids] Mother and Father discover that there is this dinosaur-sized skeleton of a serpent. Initially we assume these massive creatures were like our dinosaurs and died off. And we discover that there are other forms of life on the planet. And then Mother creates new life with one of these serpents. SCOTT No. I knew I had done something special with “Blade Runner.” I knew it was very challenging in terms of the world I’d done and the story we were telling, but I thought I’d nailed it. I didn’t expect such vitriolic criticism. I was slaughtered by Pauline Kael. She never even met me! But what that taught me was to never read critique again, Because you have to be your own critic. SCOTT The skin suit is a metaphor for being naked. I thought: “Can I do elastic suits? Can I give a female an androgynous look like David Bowie?” I wanted Mother to have a short haircut, red hair and an elastic suit — she has this wonderful demeanor of placidity, but she could become suddenly dangerous. SCOTT On “Alien,” I was in a room with Sigourney Weaver, who was being attacked by Ian Holm as an android. His acting was just sublime, and his character was on the verge of completely losing it and getting violent. I said, “Does anybody have an eyedropper full of milk?” The makeup department brought out an eyedropper, and I got the milk, and I reached out and put a drop of milk above his eye and then started rolling. As it dropped down across his eye, it freaked everybody out! And then I thought: “Do androids all have white blood? Like milk of magnesia?” So that’s why my androids are milky white inside. And for Mother, I wondered, “Should I use that again?” I think it works great — it’s more uncomfortable than seeing red blood. It also amps up the psychosexual body horrors. Ridley, you have these recurring nightmares throughout your work of characters impregnated against their will and then forced to give an unconventional form of “birth,” whether it’s a chestburster in “Alien,” Shaw’s procedure in “Prometheus,” or Mother’s serpent here. SCOTT The idea came from Oxford Scientific, where they showed some footage of grubs in tree bark. A wood-boring beetle would be walking across the bark, pass a grub that was underneath, on the other side, and drill down through the bark — which by comparison was like a 10-foot piece of concrete to us — to impregnate the grub, to make it a host for its larvae. That blew me away. There’s nothing more extraordinary than nature. Mother Nature gave us a giant slap this year, and we better start paying attention. SCOTT That can certainly happen. It’s all about who can deliver.
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