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ConversationalistMember1305 XPAug-24-2020 9:20 PM


"He survived, he’s now in Disneyland in Orlando, and no way am I going back there. How did he end up in Disneyland? I saw him in Disneyland, Jesus Christ!"


Roger G

InitiateMember163 XPSep-25-2020 11:20 PMSpace Jockey? Episode 9 SPOILER: https://i.imgur.com/DsixJly.png https://i.imgur.com/RmoMsDy.png https://i.imgur.com/GppAydg.png https://i.imgur.com/ZUr5369.png


2KMember2861 XPSep-26-2020 1:10 PM

Roger G

In time, I'll watch the string of episodes in binge-manner to be able to properly see it all linked together.

That said, it's a relief to know that RS hasn't lost his mojo!

RBW isn't science-fiction, it's 'space fantasy' really, almost blurring into 'fantasy' completely from the sounds of thing, and I am going only off 2nd hand info thus-far, but what I did try watching...well, wasn't one of the RS episodes.

I am playing around with my take on it, as I mentioned in a previous post, but am only going to develop things to the point where I can shelve it safely without losing any ideas...to come back to again sometime in the future, we'll see.

RS, his work, like The Terror, was good, compelling and I look forward to seeing more of his work of course!






LegendMember8212 XPSep-26-2020 6:32 PM

In time, I'll watch the string of episodes in binge-manner to be able to properly see it all linked together.

That is my tentative plan as well and may not happen until December lol. I have only watched the first episode and really like it. I cannot deny I won't separate it from the Alienverse, but I will try to watch as its own thing. I just want some good thought provoking scifi. 

Roger G

InitiateMember163 XPSep-26-2020 8:12 PMRS he seems really annoyed this time with RBW detractors. Did anyone get the entire article?, I'm curious what he really said. //////////////Article: Sunday Times: https://www.timeslive.co.za/sunday-times/lifestyle/2020-09-27-go-fk-yourself-ridley-scott-defends-raised-by-wolves-his-new-series-shot-in-sa/ Go f**k yourself: Ridley Scott defends 'Raised by Wolves', his new series shot in SA The director has harsh words for critics who don't 'get' his new show, writes Margaret Gardiner "I'd say 'Go f*ck yourself', and then I'd say, 'Go f*ck yourself' again," says director Ridley Scott, who made the critically acclaimed films Alien, Black Hawk Down, Blade Runner, Gladiator and many more. This is his response to critics who don't "get" Raised by Wolves, his new show on HBO Max. "Let's move past the action-bull**** that we see continually, which is usually negative and violent. You've got to change the landscape from constantly playing up the brain-damaging bull****," he says...


LegendMember8212 XPSep-26-2020 8:33 PM

RS can do what he wants and shouldn't care about critics as far as I can see. He has a distinguished career and has nothing for which to apologize. Haters can always choose not to watch. I may not like everything RS has done but can appreciate others like it. People should realize it's not all about them. Use the off switch.


2KMember2861 XPSep-26-2020 8:38 PM

I refrain from forming my Ultimate Opinion until a binge-watch, Then I figure I will have given it as honest a chance as possible.





Roger G

InitiateMember163 XPSep-26-2020 8:40 PM@BWitch I do, I watched the first season of "The Terror" series time ago, without seeing season 2, There is a certain melodramatic Mary Shelley touch in terms of location and drama, however, CGI (creature) conceived did not make me vibrate and it was very noticeable. RBW is also a horror genre, and I wouldn't recommend it to kids.


2KMember2861 XPSep-26-2020 8:52 PM

Roger G

I concede the terror's weak points, yes.

RBW...I'll give it a try. RS is passionate about it, so there must be something in it's depths worth digging for.

But I am pursuing my own story, inspired by an old Outer Limits ep, RBW, and I Am Mother.

Mine isn't so much 'horror', but will have that in it...life is like that.

RBW being a new type of horror style it seems...okay, that Intrigues, now I'm looking fwd to the Binge. :D

I do agree with RS:

This is his response to critics who don't "get" Raised by Wolves, his new show on HBO Max. "Let's move past the action-bull**** that we see continually, which is usually negative and violent. You've got to change the landscape from constantly playing up the brain-damaging bull****," he says...

Action has it's place, but as is said...less-is-more.

What I am trying with my work inspired off RBW is it's about Hope, Love, Compassion and 'what is truly Human?'. Androids are one thing...Chimerans are NOT Human, and yet this bunch are going to try to raise some Humans to BE Human.

I am trying to go where RBW does not...a brighter outlook amidst the ashes.

...we will see.





Roger G

InitiateMember163 XPSep-26-2020 8:53 PMYes, of course, first Episode is a masterpiece. I don't blame him, (about other Episodes) RBW is not bad at all, but I think he set the top very high with first one, and anyone can notice the difference. LOL!


LegendMember8212 XPSep-26-2020 8:57 PM

But I am pursuing my own story, inspired by an old Outer Limits ep, RBW, and I Am Mother.

Another I am Mother fan! Which Outer Limits episode? The old school or 80/90s version?


2KMember2861 XPSep-26-2020 9:33 PM


It was the 90's version...a pair of androids culture a human male as Humans are extinct...and along the way he meets a girl, presumably from a similar related/independent project from another pair of androids...don't recall much, but it was a good ep. :)

I Am Mother...I need to watch it again...I tried watching it brain-baked on meds for flu-related sinus issues...don't recall much, probably dozed during it.







InitiateMember208 XPSep-27-2020 1:02 AM



Why is this post in the Alien Covenant forum? Raised by Wolfs is a completely different fictional world set in a completely different fictional narrative from the Alien franchise.

And before I get beaten over the head with spam replies about how I am wrong please just read my arguments why this is a bad idea to be doing this in the first place. 

First how would you all feel if you were interested in Star Wars, and for the sake of argument lets say you do not like Alien!!! OHHH MY GOD I CRINGE EVEN WRITING THOSE WORDS BUT THERE ARE PEOPLE OUT THERE THAT DO NOT LIKE ALIEN!!! HOW DARE THEY!!!! anyway you get the idea....so they navigate to a website and are strangely confused for hundreds of posts it has nothing to do with Star Wars its about some other show that has nothing to do with Star Wars.....and they never go to the web site again! And the owners ad revenues are hurt!!!! 

The failure continues LOL!!!!!!

Second argument.....I say these words in all respect for the Alien franchise and all things Alien that I believe it is disrespectful to the producers and artists that work hard to make all things Alien - and yet we keep mixing it all up in a strange what EVVVVVAAAAAAAA we want to post relationship that might talk about androids and how Ridley Scott made a some different stuff about some androids in some other production....NOT CONFUSED YET I KNOW I AM AND I KNOW A LOT OF OTHER PEOPLE ON THE INTERNET HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU ALL ARE DOING POSTING EITHER.......

Third argument and perhaps the best one....why can't we get a forum just for Dances With Wolfs 0_o I mean Raised by Wolfs for all the "PEEPS" that want to discuses everything Raised by Wolfs. That way this keeps everything Alien Covenant separate….and everything Raised by Wolfs separate - Because everyone knows it would be crazy to go into a library and have all the books on the shelfs in any order completely non alphabetical......I mean how can you possibly gauge metrics (eye balls - traffic) with advertising....oh wait never mind....YOU CANNOT...you have no idea if they are reading about Alien related stuff or Raided by Wolfs related stuff.

So once again please no rage replies or anything like that. I am just pointing out how I believe we can all more effectively post the content we are all wanting to read and post in a more effective order that will keep the web site going for years to come, without confusing newbies to the website in general!!!

Keepin it real people! much love!!! Now go get that Raised by Wolfs motel you all should be in.....LOOOOOOOL


This is the OBTW.....OH BY THE WAY section!



I joined the Blade Runner 2049 Forums when I saw you do it but I did not see you post anything there....and I would like to discus Blade Runner 2049! I really like that movie and that has really shiny androids in it too!!!! :>)


I joined the Blade Runner 2049 forum......care to come on by and talk about that movie sometime....word on the street is you like androids and all things Ridley Scott!!!


I recently joined the Blade Runner 2049 forum! If you did not know I am putting the word out now! Did I forget to mention I like talking about androids and AI especially when they are made by incredibly talented artists like Ridley Scott....so what is holding us all back? I do not know.

I like all things Aliens pretty much just not all time...and I think it would do us all some good to get out of the Alien house and play with some other toys!!!!! YES I SAID IT!!!


I also want to suggest we all have an Alien viewing all together on ZOOM....all of us!!! and why not!!! we have all been coming here for years essentially writing books of information about this....we should have a viewing night were we all get connected and watch ALIEN! together.

Now we could do this on Netflix but I do not want to go through the trouble to join Netflix....we all have a copy of Alien and can all start the film at the same time!

There have been rumors of this happening in the past but I never heard anything about it again....I don't know maybe I am not one of the "cool kids" and just got left out....maybe you all are having Alien night and I never got the INVITE!!!!! AAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!! I know I would be on the invite list if there was an invite list!!!!

And we can watch other movies too on other nights!





LegendMember8212 XPSep-27-2020 1:22 AM

I also want to suggest we all have an Alien viewing all together on ZOOM....all of us!!!

LOL that would almost be like an MST3K viewing with everyone constantly heckling or bickering while no one watching. With all the pauses and side bar discussions, it would probably take more than 8 hours to get through. I like the spirit of the idea though.

I think the other idea you heard about that never got off the ground was the forum making videos discussing 3 Alien topics via video and having a forum member splicing it into one video. That was in 2017 and there would be 300 or more members on line. Now we are lucky to see 30 these days. IRaptus and I still toss the idea around- but a lot of people who were around back then don't participate and nothing ever happens. I even have a test video to make sure I can do it. Only IRaptus has seen it- and will see it.

As far as RBW being on this forum- good point, but it is directed by RS and......yeah. Maybe we could talk Gladiator based on that too.


RespectedMember1681 XPSep-27-2020 2:55 AM


“I still regret Ridley Scott was not allowed to do the sequel to Alien Covenant.”

Is that a fact though? Do you have any material that backs this up? To me it's great if that's the case because then it's still possible that a dumb robot didn't create the Xeno.

People are different in what they like and dislike but I would be very happy if we've seen David for the last time at least as a big part of it. As long as we don't get a conclusion to that there is still hope since Alien Covenant was the second of what probably would have been three prequels to be released. They could make a third one if they:

1. Have better human characters
2. Make it more about the Engineers
3. Reduce David to a cameo (I honestly doubt that many watch it for him)
4. Keep Scott away the writing

Not aimed at you or anyone here but RBW just makes me sigh with boredom. At least it isn't in the alien-universe. About the franchise there isn't a big interest in David it seems to me, the box-office result for Covenant kind of backs it up.


RespectedMember1681 XPSep-27-2020 2:58 AM

Roger G:

He can say that people can F themselves for not getting it but if he will reach that level I can answer it with “take your ****ing robot-**** and shove it”. It isn't a very intellectual way of disagreeing but if that's the level that he will sink to then I can also play that game. People might understand what he's trying to say but that the show isn't very good. It isn't about getting it or not, it's about having different opinions.

Changing the landscape to him seems to be about infecting everything with robot-trash. I think that there are better ways to do it that still brings up interesting things. To me I would rather watch action things before watching something where you wait a long time before something interesting happens and that's about androids.


InitiateMember208 XPSep-27-2020 3:25 AM


Not going to change one word of what you said....could not agree more...

The robot angle is cool and all up until a certain point and then it is like what are we watching here....


2KMember2861 XPSep-27-2020 4:07 AM


Good points and yeah, I agree with you...but, it involves RS, so it gets kinda dragged in here.
To further agree with you, please see below.

RBW, is NOT part of ALIEN, No damn way, no-how...and I will give it a try, but after doing some further digging on it...I may very well just say 'yeah, nope' and save myself from wasting the time.

The BR: 2049 forum, I forgot I did...memory-slips happen these days, it's annoying, nothing major, but sorry for the confusion.

I joined because I am amalgamating ALIEN and Blade Runner, so it'll straddle both fourms...but I will keep post amounts Limited out of respect for everyone in both forums.





Roger G

InitiateMember163 XPSep-27-2020 8:36 AMRBW is happening, I suggest opening a new section in SCIFIED about RBW, to talking about it, everyone agrees, there are many similarities to Prometheus, I m unlunker on AVPGalaxy very often and everyone say the same thing, then the bait is there. To BigDave: No "cave scene" yet, I suposse it will happening in Ep 10.


2KAdmin4331 XPSep-27-2020 9:45 AM

@BlackAnt. I actually agree with you and will see about moving all these RBW threads to the Scified main site. It's true, the creator, Aaron Guzikowski, has mentioned many times that RBW not connected to the Alien series. Also, thanks for joining the Blade Runner site, i'm the one whose been running it for the past 8 years! 

“Ridley has been working with these sorts of themes for a good long time now,” said “Raised by Wolves” creator/writer/executive producer Aaron Guzikowski. “So I think there’s a thematic connection — perhaps not a direct connection in terms of the mythology.”

However, he said, Scott was “intimately involved in the entire production, so there was a lot of sort of exchange of DNA between a lot of the mythologies that Ridley has established in the past and this new story.”

@Everyone; It would be best, from now on, if RBW threads could be posted on Scified. Thanks so much!

Roger G

InitiateMember163 XPSep-27-2020 11:15 AM@Blackwinter-witch One more thing, RBW is connecting with BR too just like Mother's behavior remember: "At the end of the movie, Roy Batty is making wolf howls when he chases Deckard at Bradbury's Building."


2KMember2861 XPSep-27-2020 1:38 PM


Awesome!! You running the Blade Runner site!!

May I ask you for a Link to make sure I am headed properly to yours??


Roger G

Wolf-howls and such...just borrowed-elements.

Connecting universes, that's different and far more involved with a LOT of nit-picking detail-checking to ensure continuities and canon can align to each other by the gaps relative to each other. ;)






Roger G

InitiateMember163 XPSep-27-2020 2:53 PMI have read many reviews online from differents magazines without mentioning that fact. There is something about Mother's behavior that is very generic and akin to Blade Runner, Roy Batty's case (wolf howls) even in Leon when he's sniffing and shaking his head checking the surrounding, they are elements borrowed from BR.


2KMember2861 XPSep-27-2020 3:42 PM

Roger G

I'm guessing it's a 'nod' to those works?? Or something akin to a 'trademark'??

That 'Blandness' we see in android/replicant characters...as you say, 'generic', and I've never liked it.

EG; Demon Seed, even though Proteus was only a Voice, that character achieved a lot more range of Human Reaction and Personification.
Now, granted the Nexus-6 series were Limited regarding emotional responses, and that's fine...but the 'generic blandness' has become something a 'staple' quality for non-Human/Machine characters.







2KAdmin4331 XPSep-27-2020 6:12 PM

@Everyone- I have moved this thread to the appropriate site, Scified.com/forum/tv, and will move the rest over if need be. Please post any new Raised By Wolves threads there, thank you so much!

I do enjoy the series and am glad a second season was greenlit, if there is enough interest on site i'll see about getting a dedicated site here for the show.

(Some images appear to be broken, I apologise for that, if you have any questions ask Chris as he is the one who programmed the sites and would know why they broke).


2KAdmin4331 XPSep-27-2020 6:28 PM

@Roger G

Here are a couple of interviews with the show's creator, Aaron Guzikowski. He talks about what inspired him to create the show, the themes he chose to use and how he came to work with Ridley Scott on the project:  Raised By Wolves creator wants to know what will "Lead us out of the darkness"

'Speaking of sci-fi characters and fear, you get the master of that — Ridley Scott — to open the first two episodes of your show. How did that come about?

I’d written the script and I’d brought it into his production company, Scott Free. I didn’t imagine he was going to direct it, just that they would produce it. But he read it and he responded to it — apparently he started drawing the storyboards immediately afterward, which was incredible.

When I heard that on the phone I was like, “Holy s***! That’s amazing, is he really going to do it?” I still didn't really believe it. But before you know it, we were in South Africa shooting. It was amazing, as soon as he got on board it started rolling along like a freight train. He was just having a great time, inspired to tell this story'.

Apart from some obvious stylistic choices, and directing a couple of episodes, Ridley Scott isn't that involved besides being a producer. The story was conceived and written by Aaron Guzikowski long before he and Ridley Scott met.

I'll have to fish around for the exact interview where he talks about how his story is not directly connected to the Blade Runner/Alien/Prometheus universes but here is a Deadline interview that mentions it: Deadline: 'Both Raised By Wolves and The Long Dark are original ideas based on original mythologies and not on pre-existing IP'.



2KMember2861 XPSep-27-2020 6:40 PM

...and slowly Order is wrought and brought forth from Chaos.

RBW stuff, yeah...doesn't really belong on any site but a place 'specific' to it, like here.





Roger G

InitiateMember163 XPSep-27-2020 10:53 PM@Svanya Thank you Svanya :) I watched days ago and was very interesting article and video. I Think would be good idea if Scified open a new section of RBW, since there will be a second season and who knows if there will be more, apparently 90% here have not seen the TV serie yet including UK.

Roger G

InitiateMember163 XPSep-28-2020 10:42 PM@Blackwinter-witch That 'Blandness' we see in android/replicant characters...as you say, 'generic', and I've never liked it.///////////// like it or not, David also has certain parallels with Batty and Blade Runner, snooping in the environment, it is clear that RS is behind RBV and Mother directing these winks, (beautiful), I am very sorry that you do not like them!


2KMember2861 XPSep-28-2020 11:55 PM

Roger G

I meant a general dislike of how everyone always wants to make androids (of whatever types) 'bland'.

Walter was 'bland' but there were nuances there that managed to break it up, roil the calm surface a bit, and I liked that.  Batty went from kinda bland to all-out psycho, and watching that evolution was fun.
Ash, bland, but we always had the sense that 'something' was going on with that guy.

RBW I'll be giving it a proper chance when I have the chance to binge all the episodes, then I can see it all, threaded closely together...weekly episodics always leave me adrift and confused, not the best way to assess anything.






MartianMember10416 XPSep-29-2020 6:17 AM

I agree that Raised by Wolves could have done with its OWN Part of the Site, with it MOVED to the Main SCIFIED Forum it may END UP being Lost among other Topics.

I felt it was OK that we had a Few Topics on the MAIN ALIEN Page as we had NOTHING much to Discus as FAR as any News on the ALIEN Franchise, and as RBW was to be Produced and Directed (First Two Episodes as it stands) by Ridley Scott and it seemed it Shared some THEMES as far as maybe the Direction that RS could have gone NEXT.   Then i NEVER had a Problem with where this TOPIC was, i think its GOOD to keep to just ONE or TWO on the Subject though, rather than CLOG the ALIEN Part of the Site Up.

When Daliens had Started this Topic it was Perfectly Fine to me, it was before the Release of the TV Show and gave us something to Speculate about while its all QUITE on the ALIEN Front.

Absolutely this is NOT in the ALIEN Franchise, the 22nd Century Earth in RBW is NOT the same as the 22nd Century Earth in the ALIEN Franchise.

RBW may touch on some THEMES that are shown in the Prequels but so does Blade Runner too, this does-not mean they are ALL to be Considered Connected.

There may be some Visual Easter Eggs to other Works by Ridley Scott, only meant as a NOD to his other Works and i NOT to mean their is a Connection.   The Anatomy of the Androids is Similar to those from ALIEN but thats ONLY where  the Similarities Lie.

I have NOT seen RBW yet so i cant really JUDGE it, it seems that the Synopsis/Broad Plot has Potential, but it seems that the Execution has not been Great.... also seems the Series Starts off Decent, but then LOOSES its LEGS and maybe begins to Fall Down... but the same can be said for a Number of TV Shows... where after EP 4-5 then its Falls Flat on its Face.

I think the True Judgment by the General Public will ONLY really come ONCE the TV Show is Released in more Countries.  But for those who have seen it, well everyone is Entitled to their Opinion

I had some degree of High Hopes for this TV Show based on the Plot, but even if its a Disappointment.... its something to go and Eventually Watch i guess ;)

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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