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Gamera Chronicles Chapter 14:Revenge Of MechaGamera

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Kamoebas V.6

InitiateMember267 XPMay-06-2021 10:33 AM

Inspired by Godzilla Extinction

Original idea by Kamoebas V.6



Location:Xakoa Alien Mothership

The new plan of bringing back the powerful foe by the name of MechaGamera has been almost fully prepared,as the robot has his final touches added.


Gamera kills of a swarm of Gyaos,after fighting the leader of the swarm,he sees the Xakoa Alien mothership,as they launch MechaGamera outside of the spaceship and onto the ground,a great fight is about to commence.Gamera start blasting but MechaGamera deflects the plasma balls,Gamera then uses his fire blast but MechaGamera uses a shield to block the blast.And then he prepares his eye beam which penetrates Gamera's shell armor on his chest and the back of the shell.Gamera now is bleeding,he does not now what do to,seeing that MechaGamera is too strong.

Location:Xakoa Alien Mothership

The Xakoa Aliens declare victory before anything else,and they talk about future plans:

-Now that the Turtle has died,we can go onto other things.

-Yes maybe onto other planets?Gamera was weak anyway it just took time.

-Yes really weak,we will use MechaGamera in other instances.

-Well lets leave for now.


As the Xakoa Aliens leave the area,Gamera tries to sneak attack MechaGamera,but he blocks with his shield.MechaGamera prepares an arm beam,full of energy.Gamera seems surprised to see another move,but he decides to blast him in a barrage of ways,but before he could do anything the arm cannon is launched and half of his body is disintegrated.Gamera's now lifeless body falls on rocks,with blood dripping.But the G-Cells are beginning to regenerate his body,it took time but now Gamera is fully regenerated.MechaGamera lost to much energy,and that weakens him alot,but Gamera uses that to his advantage and blasts him to scrap.Gamera goes back to hollow earth.

Location:Hollow Earth

Gamera comes to rest here,waiting to fight another day,little does he know...It won't end well...


2 Responses to Gamera Chronicles Chapter 14:Revenge Of MechaGamera


2KMember2277 XPMay-06-2021 1:24 PM

i’m sorry I didn’t see this earlier

This is so good



2KMember2277 XPMay-06-2021 1:27 PM

i like mechagamera 

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