The Blade Runner story isn't over yet...

The Blade Runner story isn't over yet...

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2KMember2861 XPSep-27-2020 6:37 PM

 I saw Blade Runner as a kid, my father was big into science fiction and mom liked it to. 

 Blade came right after I was exposed to ALIEN, and my young mind grabbed onto both with either hand and has never let go.

 We've two films now, and some shorts that tie-in canonically to BR: 2049...but there's how many other stories waiting to be told?

 If you've seen some of my works, and if you take into account my long-time love of the BR universe, then it was inevitable I would and will be doing some pieces to keep things alive, and as with other works, they should also be seen as an act of love and respect for the Fandom.






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2KAdmin4321 XPSep-27-2020 6:49 PM

Pretty much the same for me! I saw both movies around the same time at a very young age thanks to my Father. Loved them ever since!


2KMember2861 XPSep-27-2020 8:29 PM

ALWAYS nice to meet another FanGirl!!! :D

Nowadays, I rewatch Blade Runner, and fond memories come back, and then give way to Immersing myself in the movie, the Visuals, the music and tone...

And in some of my works, the Blue Dragon Sushi & Noodle place is totally a Thing. ;)

AND, it took a long time, but I worked out a Plausible way (with hubby's help and talking to some gunsmiths) for Deckard's gun to work. :D






InitiateMember208 XPSep-28-2020 2:14 PM

Blackwinter-witch and Svanya,

Where to start with any of this?

To this day going on 40 years I really enjoy watching BR almost as much as I like watching BR 2049.

I have always been fascinated with the love interest between Deckard and Rachael because for me that is where the real story starts. When BR 2049 came out I believe the same story was then between Joi and Officer K. (Perhaps more on that at a much later time).

So right out of the box I know for sure I am not like other chatters on the platform…I am more grounded in the sciences and not the humanities. So I tend to dissect everything from a purely scientific foundation. If the mechanism in question is a McGuff I let that little black box be and move on to things I can solve...otherwise I think I can get on with the best of them.

I really do like every frame of this film from start to finish.

BWW I realize your writing skills are at a another level and you either should be writing professionally and pushing new novels out and published already or you require special polish, just fresh ideas to inspire you with, perhaps a push out of the Alien house to play with other more interesting toys….it is a very big world out here and an even larger universe if you know what to do with it all.

When Ridley Scott made BR it is no secret he was casting the current technology purveyed in the film with everything state of the art he could get his hands on….and director Denis Villeneuve, certainly followed boldly in those footsteps and delivered priceless perfection – even if the uneducated masses did not get it!

So we are always interested in expanding our horizons. If anything both of these films show us where we have been and most certainly where we are today through technology…the love part has not changed much. Does Joi love Officer K, of course she does; but, how that love is conveyed is as important to understand or it becomes a black box to tight for the audience to unwrap and make use of.

BWW btw speaking of unwrapping presents I think it is time for you to receive a very special one indeed for your writing. I will post a small treatment about BR 2049 just for you the next time you post here….I will tie it in with the movie and rap it in a nice neat little bow for you just you know for sure it’s the real thing. Nothing too complex – just a few paragraphs…

You would be able to write an entire book based on this one idea or it could be something new for you to layer, add a little suspense, a little intrigue, a bit of conflict, and you will have a living thing never read about in sci-fiction before!

So it is all relatable or it is not. That is why I really like BR 2049. There is a little something in it for everyone…and some of the harder to reach stuff is well hard to reach...



2KMember2861 XPSep-28-2020 4:54 PM


It's always a pleasure to meet another devotee and appreciator of Blade Runner and it's world!!

Gun to my head...I can't pick a favorite, I love both films, but for different reasons, though equally as much!

The Love Interest aspect...OH yes! That's the beating heart of each film...and when Joi was killed (just like a real girl) I think everyone Felt it!

Then when K sees the ad...I think part of him was thinking, and realizing that while Joi is just consumer software, HIS Joi was Unique.

Thank-You for the compliments!!! (HUG) I am aiming to be Published professionally, relatively soon and starting small. I do have Unique and Original realms of my own, and in time will be opening the gates to all who wish to visit.

In the meantime, the ALIEN universe is my 'work-out' area, because it's BIG as you said, and it's a Challenge to work within, so it's in ALIEN where I write my 'love letters' to RS and The Fandom, while also refining and developing my skills and abilities. My works are also meant to honor and memorialize those we have lost; O'Bannon, Giger and one very talented man whome I learned of only recently who did much work with Project Acheron.

Technology In Blade Runner...

Agreed, and I love them for what they did! They jumped tech ahead, but kept it Familiar.

Thank-you for the kind thought, effort and Gift!! (((HUG))) Words fail me, so I will leave it at 'Thank-You' and inform you that you will be in the dedication of the Blade Runner story I am roughing-out.

Yes, I work--as best I can these days--on multiple things simultaneously, akin to how a car's ignition distributor operates.
ODDLY, while one would think it's harder to do, I actually get more done and better ideas while doing things 'distributor' fashion. :)
Hubby looks at me working across 5 stories simultaneously, shakes his head and continues on. lol He can't figure out how/why it works for me so well.I will of course devour your gift, and knowing my mind, it'll start working and extrapolating, developing and all that fun stuff. :)


You would be able to write an entire book based on this one idea or it could be something new for you to layer, add a little suspense, a little intrigue, a bit of conflict, and you will have a living thing never read about in sci-fiction before!

END QUOTE********

I am looking fwd to it!! :D






InitiateMember208 XPSep-28-2020 8:53 PM

Lt. Joshi unequivocally states, “I am not going to repair that.”

Officer K respectfully replies, “I will get it taken care of as soon as I land at the station.”

Lt. Joshi, “That’s what I like to hear. Keep me posted if anything changes.”

Officer K makes his way through the police station, “**** OFF SKIN JOB,” keeping his head down he finds his way to medical.

The doors recess back with a pleasing mechanical whirl as he walks in.

The AI recognizes him instantly.

A floor hologram integrates before him taking his vital signs, “How can I help you Officer?”

Officer K says nothing knowing the machine will get right to work.

“Aside from that laceration on your right arm you are in perfect physical condition. Treatment will be required though for that wound to heal properly. Please lay supine on the surgical table Officer K and I will get that repaired for you.”

Officer K takes off his jacket and shirt placing them on the seat where he was just sitting. He lies down on the table as several dozen surgical armatures recess down from the ceiling investigating his arm like a swarm of busy insects.

The first robotic arms come in to irrigate the wound and remove any foreign debris, pulling the tissue gently taking care to get at everything…irrigation fluid drains down to the tale surface where nano-pores in the surface open up. The fluid is absorbed almost instantly and any contamination is destroyed.

Far across the city Wallace AI surgical programs are brought online. The next armatures begin to work on the left lateral distal proximal tear in the side of his shoulder where he was stabbed with the scalpel.

Before even the first cells are placed into the most distal part of the wound, the AI pauses for a few hundred trillions of a second to make sure all the cells being 3d printed in the other armatures are ready for implantation.  Everything checks out and the AI is very satisfied continuing to build the matrix slowly at first, connecting muscle fiber while returning blood flow simultaneously.


Several hundred billion times a second the AI surgical robot program collates each and every intended movement, scanning the next layer, and then placing each cell exactly into the right configuration making sure the laceration is completely sutured at the molecular level.

“Almost done Officer K.”


A few remaining armatures complete the final scan of the plasty. “Completed Officer K. You have 100 percent adhesion; your medical file has been updated of the repair, all functional anatomy returned to its original configuration."


BWW so with this treatment I am extrapolating technology right off the shelf right now and giving it several different kinds of treatments….it is something never read before in sci-fiction; but, it proves an important point. I know because I invented the entire idea a few month ago.

First we move millions of cars through narrow AI. Narrow AI moves millions of cars and navigates them across our roadways each week with no fatalities….they drive onto highways, take people safely to their destinations. You get the idea… I just leveraged this same principle applying these loops to 20 or so fictional medical highly articulating robot arms…I doubt I would be creating a machine to move at the atomic scale....but you never know...the idea would be to have a set of robotic arms sew the laceration with fine silk so no doctor is present or more importantly no doctor is needed.

This next part is the most important.

The almost general purpose AI thinks several hundred billion times a second for a flawless perfect sterile surgery.

Now the parts about rapid proto-typing the cells on the fly…maybe that is done before he gets to the station. Have stuff I got to do BWW if you know what I MEAN ;)

You could see how moving tiny precisely controlled robots and the program thinking about what its doing several hundred billion times a second could be useful technology….of course you do.

So we just have to develop the more precise motors….and of course the surgical programs that are in development right now….they get better each day just like ten years ago self-driving cars were not a real thing but they are everywhere now.

There you have it a nice shiny new toy!!!!! A real powerful new toy…..a GOD LIKE TOY.

You can put everything together from this Youtube clip.

Although what they show is on orders of magnitude less complex with the doctor obviously making all the different cells before hand….it is the best scene in the whole movie…the rest of it is grownups in big costumes.

But if you wanted to know how it is really done…you just read it right there……there is nothing like that in all of fiction….unless you want to talk Star Trek stuff….but your readers and publishers more importantly want you make science fiction that readers can make the “connection with.”

Near future is interesting, but I like the real thing too. So let me know if you ever get writers block. My prose is not great….but the originality is priceless!





2KMember2861 XPSep-29-2020 12:19 AM


It's getting late for me, have an early start in the coming dawn, but I read through it, took a copy to read offline at leisure, and ...

THANK-YOU!!! (((HUG)))

I will be responding to this Properly and at length later...OH, it's so nice to meet a fellow tech-head!!! :D







2KMember2861 XPSep-29-2020 1:07 PM


First; VERY nicely done!! Short, simple yet had enough for the mental theatre to really get a good grasp of and work with! Brevity is something I struggle with and you have a really nice touch with!!

Your extrapolation off the medical tech being developed is very plausible, and well-handled! Given the geometric curve of tech evolution, what you posit in this micro-short story is very Realistic and best of all, grounded in Hard science that's Real-World right now, the beginnings of such at least.

yes, as they'd have his tissue and cell-type identifiers on-file...yeah, it's very Plausible they'd have it all on file and the tissue generation would be done while he was en-route and just waiting for him to arrive. :)

The development being done with next-gen motors and such is astounding...and will allow mechanical capabilities akin to and superior to organic life.
I know about this first-hand as hubby is involved with such and I have seen prototypes work...artificial 'muscles' are NOT that far away and will make prosthetic limbs every bit as responsive and subtle as organic originals. The biggest problems were waste heat and useful mechanical lifespan, which are solved and the lifespan testing is ongoing, and doing very well.

Like you, I also very much prefer real tech/Science vs Handwavium. Star Trek is fun...but replicators?
No way in hell, not a tiny error and you have an instant total energy release...and if you directly convert the mass of a 'tea, earl grey' hot' to energy...that's one hell of an Oops.
Phasers...great name...but utterly ridiculous.

I will be in touch if/when I need some help to get past a hurdle, it's SO very nice to meet another Tech-Type!! :D

Also, there's a LOT of work being done with micro-bots, as nanotech is a *****, but microscopic allows you to all kinds of cool things--like surgery--but without having to deal with all the issues nanotech is heir to.
Surgi-bots the size of red blood cells...inject, they network into a gestalt, and gain oversight from an external from the inside-out.







2KMember2861 XPSep-29-2020 2:28 PM

I'm going to post some bits and things relating to Blade Runner and BR: 2049 just to keep things moving.


Canonicity regarding Spinner and Pistol schematics...well, tough call on those, but nonetheless, interesting, giving food for thought and inspiration.







InitiateMember208 XPSep-30-2020 2:00 AM


Now I know what everyone was complaining is a royal pain in the @$$$$ to sign in and out of both websites with one browser.....anyyyyAHHHHwaysss......on with the show as they say. Who says that anymore???? LOL.

Yeah anti gravity BR drives are a little bit out of my jurisdiction. Until you just brought that up I was just going along with it all. In the timeline of the BR movies anti-gravity is a HUGE MCGUFF.....we never really know how it works and it is never really explained.

I believe I have the emanator worked out. In K's apartment it's obvious the ceiling projector creates enough photonic movement sizzling through the air to display Joi's appearance. I think that is why her projection can light his cig.

This one does the same thing as in the like real things.....

However things get a little complicated when K takes the emanator out and then projects that same image of this is my extrapolation of what may be taking place.

Officer K is a specialized Android he buys the Emanator so he can take Joi anywhere, obviously. So I think the Emanator is a tiny computer that sinks with K's inner workings, through some type of conduction or frequency and only he can see and experience the would explain why all the people and androids walking around the city see these giant avatars you are thinking about them in real time you have to have an Emanator with you close to your body so you can see these larger projections that the mind object move through the vector fields you get double interpolation which causes the objects to visually merge. I think these are singular experiences.

When Love steps on the Emanator she kills something about that device is essential for the owner to interact with the program inside...I do not think the entire world of BR 2049 is imbedded with something miniaturized to create another bending immersive optical field. 

Yep it's all in their individual minds at the neuronal level.
When K looks at the individual rain drops they all look like they are rendered to interact with the data being interpreted, sorta like when you see a small animation rendered from something you click on with a mouse that in turn causes the program to output a "behavior."

In the movie you never see human beings with Emanators. However, given the date of 2049 field mechanics could be transduced (even vibrated) through and to across just about anything with precision and cause the individual neurons to fire off in a human beings mind as well.

We would have to assume the device is seeing the person in real time through some kind of advanced input/output  recognition system of some kind or another.

What I found interesting was that for BR 2049 the mass audiences were introduced to the idea of GENERAL PURPOSE AI as something right off the shelf and commercially disposable or coveted....with power like that there is no reason to have so many children working menial tasks...but it is a movie so I just let stuff like that go.

What is to stop people from tinkering with Joi programs and giving them autonomy? So once again it is a movie.



2KMember2861 XPSep-30-2020 1:24 PM


It is annoying having to hopscotch-log-in between the two sites, but gives me a reason to use the password manager in my browser--handy little feature.

The anti-grav systems in BR's universe...yeah, they're handwavium to be sure. Then again, the technological development curve in the BR universe is pretty extreme...maybe right after WW2, is when the biggest nations reached for space?? With enough money and effort, all manner of breakthroughs could have been had that we have yet to come up to in reality.

Consider Bio-engineered Humans (replicants) and where our present day genetic engineering abilities are, right?

If one makes a few tiny tweaks to immediate post WW2 then yeah one could have the BR universe. 

The make some good points about it's operation that smooth over some rough points in the how she can manifest when it's in his pocket, which would seriously interfere with holographic projection capability.

The Holovect projector looks really awesome!!!

The room projector, well, lasers...and if you have enough energy and control for a Realistic Hologram...then laser-lighting a cigarette isn't too hard. :)

Your theory on the Emanator is really deep-science, deeper than I can go, but Interesting, and I'll be looking up and learning more about the unfamiliar things you mention. 

Now the neural-interactive idea, I get that, yeah.
I'm thinking that it works for anyone who owns one.
Press the activator, it scans your bioelectrical field and neuroelectrical signature, and then establishes how to project/connect/interface into the relevant area of the brain--the sensorium via interaction through the bioelectrical field which would act as a 'carrier' for data transfer.

The giant and smaller sized holo-advertisements I suspect are just normal holographics, as when we see K coming home we can look up and see the layered projection-images of a building-mounted holoprojector.

As we know, when K transferred Joi to the Emanator, if anything (like Luv's boot) happened to it, she would be destroyed/killed. The Emanator might be all RAM and no hard drive capacity, so then, yeah...Joi would be dead and unrecoverable.

I did like the dichotomy between consumer AI and kids slaving at menial tasks in a wasteland area.
It makes the Dystopia much more palpable, and shows the difference between folks in the cities and those who for whatever reason do not live in the cities.

I would imagine there's all manner of 3rd party and aftermarket enhancements for Joi, and likely some skilled hobbyists do their own custom mods.






InitiateMember208 XPOct-01-2020 2:49 AM


This is so strange meeting you here...outside of the Alien playground. I can understand why SuperAlien was so keen to want to keep all the toys in one place.

So I am not one for simple vagaries. I just like to say it as it is...for one I think we are meeting in a once thriving website. So this digital domain, this digital place, connection, it is a forgotten place. A fresh coat of paint is really needed and some other structural changes to bring it back or return it to what it once was...this is the husk of what once was is a digital grave yard now where the spirts roam at night chasing after the world that remains beyond them for ever but never going to the next....I kind of purgatory.

I am not sure why Chris closed this and that down. He opened some other things...He posts things about toys etcetera...Please look at the about page link. 

You are more literate than me perhaps you should lend yourself to his better judgement if this even exists anymore and save something if possible or not makes no difference.

None the less you have your books and possibly with them other doors will no doubt open up as others close - all pedestrian stuff.

The passage of time closes all doors permanently eventually because none of this was meant to last. So there is a heavy judgement in all of this eternal doubt though these are gates and gates are meant by design to open and close.

I really meant the passage of time closes all gates for most people.

Some people believe in some type of ascendance of some sort or another....what ever the case may be the universe allows for all manner of possibility. 

So to be fair people like you are somewhat of an enigma to me so carefully constructed in a passed down dogma to the higher world...but higher world of what? All human civilizations have failed....not one has ever survived....another and another comes along. The names change as do the customs but not the people. 

That is why I like General Purpose AI.....very much....the idea of it is not something passed on from other humans who have continually please no semantics....that is worthless savage currency that has no place in a more civilized discussion. 

I am sure you can bore me with your next successful book ideas that you may or may not write and I could fail you just as easily complimenting your vanity on how best to get to that eventually useless fame. Neither will change either of our fate.

Am I really just like all the other boys to you with my goal posts crossed in just the right way? I polite enough....demonstrating trust and other admirable qualities...I really do not care about any of those things to be honest. I do care about one thing though real progress.

I shared with you some real progress...I do not just have an inventive mind....that is the future just as much as self driving cars are a real reality right now...and as much as faster surgical robots thinking about their next move within a few hundred thousands of an inch, a few billion times each second, is how all surgery will be conducted in very near future...we just will not be driving cars to their destination with narrow AI. Narrow AI moves quick in the coming months....and then the pre-general purpose AI transitions this entire place into something cannot see it but it is all there. 

All good writers should be like good investigative journalists.....they should be but they are not....all the useless conventions and primitive rules getting in the way of better judgement so forth and so on....but in the end you are either along for the ride or you steer the entire ship....follow or lead. 

Bill Gates recently said and I quote....If I had to do it all over again I would start a computer company that understands narrow AI and integrates functions into human like speech....HIND SIGHT CORRECT....this coming from the man who started Microsoft by going to IBM and buying DOS.

We talked about the Joi program....I think we should wade a little bit into smart agents for the smart phones. I should see what you think about them and then you should more importantly consider what I know about them.

Or take the blue pill and the matrix hands you back a comfortable chicklet keyboard for more science fiction fantasies....BWW somethings are not meant to be heard as the passage of time closes gates behind you.

This is a nice little arrangement the universe has emfemerally is gone too quick - all of it in an instant.....less than the blink of an eye.

Please consider this if nothing put energy into any system it uses it for a time....the energy we call a hydrogen atom has a stable structures for 10 to 25 years or notated as 10^25 - 10 to the 25 zeros in scientific notation....this is Hydrogen 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.

The entire visible universe around you is this many zeros.

13,500,000,000,000. Human beings only last for about this many zeros 100 expressed as a function of YEARS relatively speaking.

Blue pill or Red pill right.....what about the smart agents and voice synthesis programs....

FOLLOW THE WHITE RABIT........but unlike the movie the White rabbit is no where to be found.



2KMember2861 XPOct-01-2020 12:15 PM


I agree, it's a bit odd for me meeting you here also. But I do like being able to discuss another favorite universe without roiling things up in the alien-covenant forum.

I have to agree with you regarding this being a 'forgotten' area of the web, a 'limbo' as you put it.

The rest of what you had to say...well, my answer to that is the ultimate Truth;

'The only true Constant is Change'

That includes the speed of light as has recently been discovered.

Life is transitory, it has good and bad spots--all of which are Subjective. One person's paradise is another person's hell.

I have to say, your post feels like an 'attack' of some kind against me...nebulous, but nonetheless, there were elements in there that you said which are Unpleasant, and seem aimed to damage my willingness to continue writing.'s so nebulous, I cannot be sure, and I am NOT going to engage in a counterstrike as I will not attack unless I am sure I am indeed attacked first.

You have me in a confused state, I must say.

I apologize if I mis-interpretted things, but as you know I am dealing with The Enemy and that is interefering with proper cerebral operations.
An Enemy whose time to die is coming and whose death I will celebrate.

In the end, I am going to continue on my chosen path.

It involves no white rabbits...

It involves the stars.

...and a household filled with kittiehz across assorted species. :D






InitiateMember208 XPOct-01-2020 1:20 PM


"'The only true Constant is Change'".

Nonsense! The only true constant is between observers for eternity.....Einstein special relativity.

Nebulous? NEBULOUS???? The universe is about to shut the doors of all perception to you for eternity -100 years if your are lucky? If that is not an enemy then I do not know what is...are you miss-reading things do your own eyes deceive you as they do all others in this world?

You put energy in a system and it works for eternity...I can keep adding to the Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Carbon bonds at the top and bottom quark levels for eternity - they are stable for 10^ (Eternity).

What is "The Enemy" you refer to?

I present the facts...BWW when the system of energy you are now breaks down that is it....there is no fairy tale ending of ascendance to a higher order of being....the chain of  causality is broken for eternity and along with it all perceptions of anything....not even a ghost is a forever thing. 

What is "The Enemy" you refer too? Is this in your own mind?

The only currency worth anything is not how precious all time is having more time or not and how to keep getting more. 


2KMember2861 XPOct-01-2020 9:14 PM


'The Enemy' is a small knot of mutinous cells in my brain...Cancer, that are/is creating a certain level of havoc with day-to-day operations in a variety of ways.

I am extremely aware of Time right now.

Time is a finite way to buy more, and in my case I am fighting a war to keep my allotment from being cut-short.

I am not mis-using the word 'war' because that is my approach...all-out War to kill this monster inside my head that's trying to kill me.

Einstein didn't take into account Quantum Rules...and within Quantum, Change is all there well as co-incidental Simultaneous Existence....Entanglement and all other fun-weird-spooky stuff.







2KMember2861 XPOct-01-2020 9:17 PM

An 'appetizer' for the Blade Runner piece I am working on...



Early in the 21st century, the Tyrell corporation advanced Robot evolution into the Nexus phase - a being virtually identical to a human - known as a Replicant.

The Nexus 6 replicants were superior in strength and agility, and at least equal in intelligence, to the genetic engineers who created them.

Replicants were used off-world as slave labor, in the hazardous exploration and colonization of other planets.

After a bloody mutiny by a Nexus 6 combat team in an off-world colony, replicants were declared illegal on earth - under penalty of death.

Special police squads - Blade Runner Units - had orders to shoot to kill, upon detection, any trespassing replicant.

This was not called execution. It was called retirement.







2KMember2861 XPOct-01-2020 9:17 PM



Replicants are bioengineered humans, designed by Tyrell corporation for use off-world. Their enhanced strength made them ideal slave labor.

After a series of violent rebellions, their manufacture became prohibited and Tyrell corp went bankrupt.

The collapse of ecosystems in the mid 2020s led to the rise of the industrialist Niander Wallace, whose mastery of synthetic farming averted famine.

Wallace acquired the remains of Tyrell corp and created a new line of replicants who obey.

Many older model replicants - Nexus 8s with open-ended lifespans - survived. They are hunted down and 'retired'.

Those that hunt them still go by the name... Blade Runner







2KMember2861 XPOct-01-2020 9:18 PM



Replicants are bioengineered humans, designed by Tyrell corporation for use off-world. Their enhanced strength made them ideal slave labor.

After their re-introduction by Wallace Corporation, the surviving Tyrell Nexus-8’s and recruits from the Wallace Nexus-9 and Nexus-10 series initiated the Replicant Insurrection.

Desperate to combat an enemy that it couldn’t face on it’s own, Human governments turned to Rothmahnn Biokinetics, and Rothmahnn created Chimerans.

Chimerans are bioengineered chimeric lifeforms that were designed by Rothmahnn to combat the Replicant armies.

The Tier-1 Ares and Artemis Chimerans were superior in strength, resilience and agility to any Replicant, and at least equal in intelligence, to the man who created them.

The Chimeran forces ended the Replicant Insurrection on Earth and Off-World, bringing a quick end to the war.

Many remnants of the Insurrection forces still persist on Earth, They are hunted down and Retired.

The new breed of hunters still go by the name…

Blade Runner







2KMember2861 XPOct-02-2020 12:32 PM

 Based on what we've seen Replicants demonstrate in terms of strength, resilience and other super-human traits when the Replicant Insurrection comes, there's no feasible way for Humans to successfully combat them.

 Thus, you build something to do the job. Something that is smarter, faster, Optimized for the job of combating Replicants in every possible way.


 Scientists are already playing with mixing genes from various animal species in the real world, and given the genetic engineering we see in the Blade Runner universe, building Chimerans would not be overly difficult.
 The only reason they wouldn't have been created prior to the Replicant Insurrection and weren't is because they are so extraordinarily dangerous.

 Chimerans are relatable on the Human-level, to a point...past that point, it becomes readily plain that they do not think like Humans.
 The Chimeran brain was designed to have advantages not found in Nature.
 Chief among these is how the Chimeran brain handles and responds to Fear and Anger. In Humans, and most animals, fear/anger retards intellectual functioning.
 In Chimerans it enhances it, as well as sharpens and heightens Instinct and Intuitional capacities and capabilities. Intellectual processes are also sped-up to a significant degree as well. 
 Along with that is a greater degree of ability to control the fear/anger reaction.

 The intelligence the Chimerans were built with is evident in how they handled their own quest for Liberation; Bloodlessly.

 Chimerans fought their war for their Liberation exclusively within the media, social media and the courts.
 Apart from acts of violence perpetrated against Humans by Human supporters of the Chimerans--which were soundly denounced and condemned--no Chimeran raised a hand to or drew blood from a Human during their quest and legal battles for Liberation.

 Post-Liberation, Chimerans were banished and exiled from Earth. 

 They later found a home on Shadowfall, in the Lakota system, invited there by the First Peoples Nations.

 Their story is only just beginning.







InitiateMember208 XPOct-04-2020 4:28 AM


I like where you are going with all the BR chimera stuff.

Interesting visuals...lots of hard boiled science fiction action.

I wish you would not have told me about the other thing though....I do not even know what to if I get this wrong just take your time and please do not be angry with me. What ever you are going through I hope there is some way for you to get better? I do not know the size or area so I will just say that.

It would seem this universe around us kills every living thing reuses the stars for little while and then even they go cold.....

These Qubit computers are interesting....100 Qubits is equal to computing power of a billion earths......120 Qubits is equal to the computing power of serveral million of these observable universes around us 13.5 billion light years of a single second......500 Qubits and ?????

It is very big the numbers are is all based on what is inside the electron, proton, and neutron....we should be able to link up several billion of them....

Qubit computers are spin state electrons in superposition linked by quantum entanglement.....

We link what is inside the electron a hundred thousand times smaller.....billions of those than billions of the electrons.....



2KMember2861 XPOct-04-2020 12:34 PM



In the words of Douglas Adams; DON'T PANIC.

The Enemy inside my head is not being treated like Michael Meyers...I am treating it the way The Alien treated the crew of the Nostromo; Watching, Learning, Stalking.

I am taking daily multiple does of assorted herbals and other compounds meant to very seriously handicap it, and diminish it's size and health. Among the other elements in the mix are some specific Cannaboid oils and hydrazine Sulfate as well as Dichloroacetate.

The side effects are few, quite mild...and in some ways 'oddly pleasant', such as the 'pleasant burning sensation' in my fingertips and toes from the Hydrazine Sulfate at times...which is weird, but actually pleasant as I said.

In Due Time, once The Enemy has been weakened as much as possible--if not killed outright, then it will suffer it's final strike by means of radiation therapy. It is Conservatively Expected that at-most two treatment will be needed to thoroughly annihilate it, and I will continue on with the compounds and herbals for 12 months afterwards to ensure proper 'post-combat clean-up'.

This is a War, and my husband has stacked all the odds and cards in my favor. :)

Since Initial Detection & Assessment The Enemy has not metastasized and has lost 55% of it's original mass.






2KMember2861 XPOct-04-2020 12:49 PM


Blade Runner...

I've been wanting to do something in the BR universe for a LONG time, and BR: 2049 gave me the toe-hold I needed.

Like everyone else, I LOVE the visuals, but also drink-in the hard-boiled aspect, the Grittiness, the feel, tone and theme.

'More Human than Human' was a line used in both BR films, and has much significance, in so many ways.

Chimerans, I developed them across a long time, digging deep into sciences in neurology, biology, genetics, etc, etc. as well as having the opportunities at times to pester friends of hubby's in the Sciences with many questions. :D

There's a quote; 'Show me something that thinks as well, or better than a man--but yet not like a man' from a science fiction author...can't recall who.
That is what drove the creation of Chimerans...and seems, to me, to suit BR Perfectly, as well as ALIEN.
Chimerans and the Replicant Uprising allow me to Plausibly establish a Primary Linkage between the two universes.

Also, if people think K had a rough life as a Slave/piece of equipment working BR Unit, imagine what it's like for a Chimeran...

People are genuinely afraid of them.
They weren't made to 'serve' they were built as WEAPON SYSTEM, and while they were made to protect and fight for Humanity, now that the War is done, well...we all know what People are like, right??

...and they have their own secrets, to be sure. ;)






2KMember2861 XPOct-04-2020 2:19 PM

Chimerans on Earth circa; 2059...

Legally, Chimerans have the full range of Human Rights.

In practical terms, this means little and they endure significant discrimination, prejudice and bigotry.

Because of this, most gravitate to government jobs, such as Military, Blade Runner and other Police units, and others, such as city/state employee related to infrastructure maintenance.

Others pursue work off-world, while others own and operate small businesses in street shops within the grey-market areas.

They all share one dream...

To leave Earth and pursue their own destiny as a People.






InitiateMember208 XPOct-09-2020 8:47 PM

I just reread what you posted about the chimeras. I need some time to take things in from a fresh perspective....and as with most significantly well constructed nutrient rich content it cannot all be consumed in one reading.

It is not my place to tell you to take this type of personal creative path with your know better than anyone why these themes are important to you. 

Hey while we are at it....why are these themes important you....why do they stir your soul lady? ;)

I have some time if you want to give me a few pages....I could give you some feedback if you would like.

I will be honest - I might even have good cry? LOL.

Well you know that already. If you do not have enough other people read your writing then you might not be putting on the frosting might be a little too much of this or that????

BTW with what you stated about the chimeras is this also a segway away from everything WY....I mean tbh I kind of enjoy all these androids that are on Earth and off world...just a story about the off-world androids would be interesting.......RS should have convinced the idiots at Disney to do a show about that....the RBW show is a real rotting pile of dribble...nothing there at all...unremarkable almost in every looks like someone studied up on how RS lights a scene and that is about it.

I think this happens to the best of them....they take a token amount of RS time to loosely connect his name to the project and get a much larger audience....would as many people watch this if an obscure director was sorta working on RBW? NOPE and that is why they approached RS...he is old and they both get bigger paychecks from notoriety with much less effort and substance. 

That is my 2 cents worth for now....

What else you got up your sleeves at the this point I might be in for a good trick still if it takes my attention away from all this mess we call the pandemic...I wanted to go see Tenet but there is no way in hell I am going into a theater right now.




2KMember2861 XPOct-10-2020 12:02 PM


I am experiencing an extraordinarily bad day, and I'll try to make my reply as coherent and legible as I can. Some of it, might not make any sense, and I apologize in advance for that.

**I am also having trouble with comprehension right now, so if I miss addressing some of your points, I apologize, but please bring them up again and I'll take another try at them.**

"I have some time if you want to give me a few pages....I could give you some feedback if you would like."

***If this is a request regarding my Blade Runner works, I have a half-a-page so far as I am still developing things, but when I actually have something worth reading, I'd be happy to share it with you/get your opinion on it!*** :D

I am Good with the small audience I have, but I need to work on my use of tags and such on Issuu to get things 'noticed' more by search engines.
Frankly though, I have come to really LIKE having a small and Involved's 'fitting' as ALIEN is pretty much a 'cult-film' really.

Thank you for the Compliment!! :)

Also, I am glad and heartened that you find my Chimerans interesting!

Chimerans are born from a quote, a challenge issued by a SF author. I forget who, but the quote is;

"Show me something that thinks as well or better than a man, yet not like a man."

Also, I wanted to create something solidly Plausible that would be simultaneously Interesting and potentially Terrifying. 

I agree completely with everything you said about RBW, especially how they're just trying to ride off RS's name.

In my worldview, Androids from Weyland Industries started coming out with David being the first, but are and remain quite expensive, they're NEW, and Replicants were entrenched in the market.

Then the Uprising happened, which saw massive market demand for Androids and the buying power switched away from Replicants which then became a 'specialty niche' product...akin to handmade exotic sports cars are regarded in our world today.

So, I'm touching on the era-of-change when things went from Replicant to Android. :) 

...and if you're going to be hunting down Replicant Uprising remnants, it's no longer a job suited for Humans, and Androids are unsuited for such as well, and quite expensive.

Chimerans (In this Universe) were Purpose-Built for such.

SO much is about W-Y, I prefer to walk different paths. Other folks are more willing and MUCH better suited for writing about W-Y as they have the passion and drive for that--So I leave W-Y in the hands of the Better-Qualified.

Thaddeus Lucifer Rothmahnn and his company Rothmahnn Biokinetics Gmbh is the antithesis of W-Y, as well as Wallace Corporation.

You recall how Weyland treated David...

...and how Wallace killed that newborn Replicant? all read and saw how Rothmahnn treats and relates to Lyllith.
She has genuine childhood memories of enjoying a park, with her father holding her hand.

Rothmahnn holds Weyland and Wallace in absolute and utter contempt...when he uses the word 'gods''s meant as an insult towards them and others like them.

I posted the short-story that connects/bridges ALIEN: Manticore to the WIP Sequel...don't know if you saw that, but here's a link, and it's something that might distract you from the pandemic nonsense for a little while. :)

Most Recent Work: Oct 06 2020 'Interlude In The Darkness'

...and ((HUG)) for brightening my day and showing interest in my works!! :)

These days, I REALLY appreciate such!!






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