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Can't think of the movie- please help (Silliness 6)

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May-06-2020 1:28 AM

There was a movie I saw from around 1970 where a guy met a Satanic witch girl at a lake. He drove a a red Ford Maverick with a Grabber hood and the girl's dad made some pretty bad ass cider. Grandma was pretty creepy and was hidden in a separate room like .....well....someone not meant to socialize with guests. Can anyone help with that?


(I actually know the movie and bonus points if you figure it out) MST3K is your friend.

This topic is to mock those assholes who ask for help figuring out a movie and when you check their profiles, they are pretty scant, thus suspicious.

Chime in with some good deliberate trolling!

6 Responses to Can't think of the movie- please help (Silliness 6)


May-06-2020 2:00 AM

natas fo hcuot eht


May-07-2020 3:25 AM

Oh that's what you were doing


May-13-2020 5:44 PM

LOL- It's actually pretty good with the MST3K treatment but is the ONLY way I would ever watch it. IDK how some of these movies ever get greenlit in the first place. Rosemary's Baby wasn't bad but I only saw it once about 20 years ago.


May-25-2020 1:11 AM

The end of the movie has a man a woman trying to escape from someone, probably the police. They are hiding behind a building, and are thinking about making a run for the car. One of them does, but is shot right before they are able to make it there. I seem to remember another character then holding them in their arms as they are dying McDVOICE

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