Gamera Chronicles Chapter 6:The Duo

Gamera Chronicles Chapter 6:The Duo

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Ganimes V.8

InitiateMember328 XPDec-11-2019 8:55 AM

Inspired by Godzilla Extinction

Original idea by Ganimes V.8

Location:Himalaya lab (The lab is fan-made)

In the Himalaya lab,there are people making an Incorporate Anguirus,saying that it will be unstoppable:

-Nothing will defeat it!Not even any army vehicle or nuke will kill it!

-Are you sure?There might only something that can defeat it...

-Whats that "something"?


Then they stopped talking and...Added a ability to the Incorporate Anguirus,when its in his spiky ball form,he can become a blaszing ball,then,they heard a noise from the sky,it was the Xakoa Aliens!They contacted them,the humans did not understand what they said,and then,they had a translator and it translated what they said:

-We want you to team with us.


-We have a kaiju,Kamoebas,and we want to defeat Gamera.

-Ok,we have an Incorporate Anguirus.


A noise was coming not so far away,it sounded like Gamera's roar,and it was Gamera!Not a surprise to the humans nor the Xakoa Aliens,when they saw Gamera,they both deoloyed Kamoebas and the Incorporate Anguirus.

Kamoebas and Anguirus  charged at Gamera,Gamera blasted them multiple times and only Anguirus dodged them,Kamoebas fell down but got back and jumped on Gamera and punched Gamera in the head multiple times and bit him in the face,Gamera threw and blasted Kamoebas away.Anguirus turned into the blazing ball and hit Gamera like a huge bowling ball hitting Gamera,Gamera then grabbed Anguirus and threw him,he then got to Kamoebas.

When Gamera got to the unconscious Kamoebas,he crushed the head of Kamoebas,Anguirus then pushed Gamera away,Gamera blasted Anguirus' arm off,so Anguirus had to get Kamoebas' arm and put it on his body to seem like that was his arm.

Anguirus then became a blazing ball and hit Gamera so hard that Gamera had to try to fly and had to hit Anguirus and blast him,when Anguirus went into his normal form,Gamera obtained the blaze power from Anguirus and was charging so he could use the Blazing Fire Ball.Anguirus kept on hitting Gamera but it didn't work,Gamera was done charging and then unleashed the Blazing Fire Ball which absolutely destroyed Anguirus,making Anguirus just pieces of ashes.

The humans and Xakoa Aliens noticed that Gamera stronger than before.

-Well,i told you Gamera was the only one that could defeat the Incorporate Anguirus...

-Well,we didn't know that,so shut your mouth!

Then Gamera flew away from the Himalayas and the humans decided to team up with the Xakoa Aliens for a plan for the future.

"I hope,one day,i will go to the U.S.A..."

Ganimes V.8,December 10th 2019

12 Responses to Gamera Chronicles Chapter 6:The Duo

Ganimes V.8

InitiateMember328 XPDec-11-2019 9:49 AM

Thanks for Gmkgoji for the Incorporate Anguirus idea,thanks for MonsterZero for the location (Himalayas) and thanks to LazyFish for Kamoebas 

"I hope,one day,i will go to the U.S.A..."

Ganimes V.8,December 10th 2019


RespectedMember1789 XPDec-11-2019 9:49 AM

Nice chapter.

Zwei Wing is the best singing duo. Change my mind.


RespectedMember1630 XPDec-11-2019 10:01 AM

Nice chapter. I felt like the fight was a bit short and the part where Anguirus starts using Kamoebas' leg as his own was a little outside my boundaries for my personal sense of disbelief, but other than that, great chapter!

If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.

Trash panda

ConversationalistMember1265 XPDec-11-2019 10:04 AM

You're welcome, bro.

Ah shit I’m using my wrong eye again. Sorry that was meant to be behind your back

Kamoebas V.6

InitiateMember267 XPApr-01-2021 10:51 AM

 TheLazyFish,the whole point of Incorporate Anguirus is it can use anything as its own,so it used the arm of kamoebas as its own.


2KMember3193 XPApr-01-2021 12:21 PM

I’m not gonna try to theorize science behind that.

expecting the worst, sets you up for thr worst


2KMember3193 XPApr-01-2021 12:21 PM

But good chapter

expecting the worst, sets you up for thr worst

Kamoebas V.6

InitiateMember267 XPApr-01-2021 12:23 PM

Hinikuma,if you wanna check the other chapters,go to the gamera forums and you will see all of them.


2KMember3193 XPApr-01-2021 12:27 PM


I never saw these, I stayed mainly on the Goji Forums

expecting the worst, sets you up for thr worst


InitiateMember331 XPMar-27-2022 11:50 PM

Well Ganimes is banned lets keep him or her as a memory.


2KMember3193 XPMar-30-2022 7:18 PM

This is an old topic to reply to

expecting the worst, sets you up for thr worst


2KMember4251 XPAug-28-2022 3:19 PM

that was a weird chapter

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