Top 10 Favorite Pokemon

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I Meme Everything

Member2KFeb-25-2019 1:48 PM

10. Lycanroc

Midday Form

Midnight Form

Image result for dusk form lycanroc

Like many other players, I used Lycanroc in my journey through the Alola Region. It's unique for having three forms, and the Dusk form is definitely my favorite.


9. Luxray


Luxray is one of my favorite Pokemon from the Sinnoh Region. Its design is very regal and majestic, and I used one in my playthrough of Platinum. I've always been fond of this Pokemon.


8. Tyrantrum


Do I even need to explain anything here? It's literally a T.rex. When it was revealed, of course I wanted to use it. I used one in Pokemon Y and he was a beast. His ridiculous Attack stat destroyed everything in his path.


7. Gallade


Mega Gallade

Like Luxray, I used Gallade in my journey through Sinnoh. I also used it in later games, where it helped me capture wild and Legendary Pokemon. Plus, its Mega Evolution looks dapper.


6. Typhlosion


Typhlosion was my starter in Pokemon SoulSilver, and I absolutely love its design. It looks badass and fearsome, but unfortunately, it looks worse in the newer games because GameFreak removed the fire coming out of its back.


5. Greninja



Greninja is one of the most popular Pokemon of all time. Like others, I fell in love with its design and used it in Pokemon YSun, and Ultra Moon. Its Ash-Greninja form looks sick, even if I'm not the biggest fan of the anime. I also use it in Smash, which makes me quite fond of it.


4. Charizard


Mega Charizard X

Mega Charizard Y

Yeah, yeah, I know it's cliche to have Charizard on a favorites list, but I can't help it. I was actually pretty indifferent towards it until Gen. 6, when its Mega Evolutions were revealed. Mega Charizard X is just fanservice (it makes it black, gives it blue fire, and makes it a Dragon-type), but I adore Mega Charizard Y. I used it competitively, where it demolished opponents. Charizard is also my main in Smash, which made me love it even more.


3. Haxorus


Haxorus has one of the best designs of any Pokemon, period. I love its appearance, which looks fearsome and intimidating. It was also the MVP of my playthrough of Pokemon Black 2, where he was the strongest Pokemon on my team. Plus, its black shiny form looks awesome.


2. Rayquaza


Mega Rayquaza

Ah, yes, Rayquaza. The most broken Pokemon in existence. Does that hinder my love of it? No. It was my first legendary, and I've always loved its design. It looks very sleek and badass, and its Mega Evolution takes it to the next level. In fact, it's so broken that it's the only Pokemon in the Anything Goes Tier.


1. Sceptile


Mega Sceptile

Most people have their first Pokemon as their favorite, and as if it wasn't obvious, mine was Sceptile. He was a beast who destroyed everything in his path in Emerald, my first Pokemon game. I try to use Sceptile as much as possible; I used him in the Hoenn remakes and in Ultra Moon. Plus, he's just a cool-looking Pokemon. I love his reptilian design with the blades on his arms and the bush-like tail.


"Part of the journey is the end..."

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MemberContributorFeb-25-2019 2:05 PM

Nice list. All of these Pokemon look really cool.

Godzilla... Truly a God incarnate.

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