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Avengers: Endgame Part 2

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I Meme Everything

2KMember4115 XPDec-20-2018 1:09 PM

Part Two: Annihilation


Captain America, Iron Man, Ant-Man, and Bruce Banner arrived in the Battle of New York in an alternate universe. The Chitauri and Avengers were fighting across the city. Tony spoke. “I’ll get Loki’s scepter and the Tesseract. You guys stay on the ground and fight off the Chitauri.”


He flew up to the top of Stark Tower, grabbing the scepter and seeing Dr. Erik Selvig. “Sorry, buddy, but I’m gonna need these.”


Stark impaled the scepter into the Tesseract, shutting the portal as he saw this universe’s Iron Man fly a nuclear missile through the wormhole. He flew back down with them and turned to Banner. “Can you break these open?”


“I’ll try,” Bruce attempted to Hulk out, his veins turning green. However, he couldn’t turn into the other guy. Steve approached with his shield. “This might do it.”


He stabbed his shield into the Tesseract, but this also failed. Ant-Man stepped forward. “Let me try something.”


He pushed the buttons on his suit’s gloves, growing to his record height of sixty feet. Scott stomped on the Tesseract and scepter, breaking them open before shrinking back to normal size. Tony picked up the Space Stone; his suit protected him from the stone’s energy. He inserted it into the gauntlet, then the Mind Stone. A blue and yellow aura surrounded his body. “Get back to the lab.”




Thor and Captain Marvel arrived in London during the Convergence of 2013. Carol looked around at the chaos and destruction. “What the Hell is going on?”


“It’s the Convergence,” Thor said. “The alignment of the Nine Realms.”


“They don’t really seem they’re aligning,” Carol said sarcastically.


Thor saw a swirl of red dust, and he and Captain Marvel flew towards it. At its center was Malekith, the leader of the Dark Elves. The God of Thunder’s eyes glowed blue as lightning swirled around Stormbreaker. Malekith and the universe’s own Thor looked at the axe-wielding deity before them in shock. The main timeline’s Thor smirked and said, “Hello there.”


For the Dark Elf, it was the last thing he would see. Thor took the Aether and grabbed Mjolnir from the universe’s native Thor, to the latter’s displeasure. “What the Hell are you doing?”


“I’ll be taking this,” he was about to walk away but turned around one last time, smiling. “You’ll realize you’re more than a hammer.”


The main universe’s Thor left with Captain Marvel.




Rocket Raccoon and Nebula appeared on Morag in 2014, but in a parallel universe. Nebula turned to Rocket. “Where are we, Fox?”


“This is where Quill found the Orb.”


Nebula remembered the massive conflict for the Power Stone. “We should wrap this up fast.”


Together, they entered the ancient building that held the Orb. The ground was mostly flat, except for a gap in the terrain. Using his jetpack, Rocket flew over the gap as Nebula stepped back, ran to the edge, and jumped over it. The pair continued walking deeper into the building. With nothing else to do, they decided to talk, with Rocket breaking the silence. “ fought Thanos?”


Nebula nodded. “Yes, Fox. We were close to getting the gauntlet off of him.”


“What happened?”


“Quill screwed it up after he found out Gamora died.”


Rocket began to get teary. “My entire family is gone…the only people who ever gave a damn about me…”


Nebula put her hand on his shoulder. “We’ll get them back.”


“Well, if we don’t,” Rocket sniffled. “What more could we lose?”


They entered the room that had the Orb, and Rocket pulled out a Gravity Mine. He placed it on the ground, and the Orb was pulled into its grasp. As they turned to leave, they saw the universe’s Peter Quill, who said, “What the Hell?”


Rocket tossed the Orb in his hand and caught it. “We’ll be taking this, regardless of if you give a **** or not.”


Quill pulled out his guns. “Drop the Orb or I’ll silence you, you little talking raccoon.”


Rocket rolled his eyes, pulling out his own gun. “Boy, if I had a credit for every time someone’s said that, I’d be able to pay off my gambling debts.”


Suddenly, a voice shouted out, “Stay where you are, all of you! Put your hands in the air!”


Korath the Pursuer entered the room, and Rocket, Nebula, and Peter all raised their arms. Rocket still held onto the Orb.


“Drop the Orb!”


Rocket looked at Nebula and whispered, “We’re getting out of here on my signal.”


The genetically-modified raccoon smirked towards Korath. “I’ll be keeping this, buddy.”


He shrunk down using his suit, entering the Quantum Realm. Nebula did the same.




The Avengers and their allies met up at the Avengers Compound in New York. The Aether solidified into the Reality Stone, which Thor placed into Stark’s gauntlet. He also ripped the Orb open and placed the Power Stone into the gauntlet. A red and purple aura surrounded Iron Man as he collapsed to one knee. Pepper ran over to him. “Tony, are you okay?”


“I’m fine. It’s just…” Tony struggled to stand to his feet. “So much power.”

"Part of the journey is the end..."

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2KStaff3811 XPDec-20-2018 1:14 PM

The ending reminds me of Out of Time. Great fanfic so far.

Good grief.

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