Avengers: End Game Part 1

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I Meme Everything

Member2KNov-08-2018 2:13 PM

Part One: End Game


New York, 2018


Peter Parker was in school, talking with Ned while in class. The Avengers were united as a single force, a massive team bringing together remarkable people from all over the world. Tony Stark sat in the Avengers Compound, having let go of his anxiety. However…


“I wish that’s how it ended.”




On a dead planet littered with rubble and debris of a long-gone civilization, stood two of the universe’s greatest heroes. One, a human with messy black hair, the other a female cyborg with blue skin. The man, Tony Stark, had an expression of grim determination on his bloody face. He said nothing, wandering around the ruins of the planet. The blue humanoid, Nebula, asked about his motives. “Where are you going?”


Tony turned around with a stern look on his face. “We’re getting out of here.”


Stark led Nebula to the spot where the Guardians of the Galaxy had left their ship, the Benatar. Luckily, it hadn’t been damaged by the moon Thanos had slammed down upon the planet. Tony pointed at the ship. “You know how to fly this thing?”


Nebula nodded as the two entered the ship, strapping themselves into the ****pit. Nebula flew the ship off of the planet. “Where to?”


Tony simply replied, “Earth.”


Quantum Realm


Scott was stuck alone in the Quantum Realm. He still thought that Janet, Hope, and Hank were alive, but they were pulling a prank on him. He was drifting endlessly, unaware that if he escaped, he would be in a different location than San Francisco. “Very funny. Get me out of here, guys!”


Scott then remembered how he had gotten out of the Quantum Realm the first time--a Pym Particle! He had one in his belt. Scott used it to grow back to normal size...


Wakanda, Two Days After The Snap


The Avengers were staying in Wakanda, depressed after their defeat. Steve Rogers had broken the bad news to Shuri; her brother, T’Challa, had been vaporized when Thanos snapped his fingers, disintegrating half of all life in the universe. The surviving Avengers, Captain America, Thor, Black Widow, Rocket Raccoon, War Machine, Hulk, and Okoye were in Shuri’s lab, where the body of Vision lay on an operating table. A beeping sound suddenly filled the air as Okoye activated a hologram on her bracelet. “Something’s entering the atmosphere.”


“I’ll go see what it is,” Thor said. He exited the building and flew up, watching the ship approach before returning to the others. “I know that ship. It’s the ship of the rabbit.”


Rocket looked up at Thor. “Quill must be in there!”


Okoye opened the energy barrier surrounding Wakanda as the ship touched down on a landing pad. Rocket’s heart pounded against his chest as the ramp lowered. He had everything to lose, he had to make sure his family was safe. The ramp lowered, and out stepped...Nebula and a man he could not identify. The man had a stern glare towards Steve. “Rogers.”


The First Avenger’s hair blew in the wind, still messy from the Battle of Wakanda. He also had a serious expression. “Stark.”


For a few minutes, everyone was silent, watching the two leaders of the Avengers face each-other for the first time in two years. Tony broke the silence with a sarcastic remark. “Nice beard.”


Rogers did not seem to acknowledge his comment. “I take it you know what’s happened?”


Stark nodded with a solemn gaze. “I watched my friends die,” his voice cracked. “The kid…”


A tear dropped down Tony’s face as he remembered how he had failed--he had failed Stephen, Peter, and above all--himself. Steve was in pure shock. “You brought the kid to fight Thanos?!”


Tony’s face quickly turned from sorrow to anger. “He came on his own accord! I even warned him that it was a one-way trip!”


Natasha broke up the two rivaling leaders. “That’s enough. We need to find a way to undo the snap.”


Suddenly, a figure seemed to appear out of nowhere. It started out small, then grew to the size of a normal human. It was Scott Lang, the Ant-Man. He looked around at his surroundings. “Where the Hell am I?”


“You are in Wakanda now,” Shuri told him.


“I thought you guys were isolationists,” Scott said.


“My brother opened the country’s borders before…” Shuri’s voice trailed off as she sniffled.


“Before what?”


Steve approached Scott. “A being named Thanos killed half the universe. He used six gems called Infinity Stones to do so. None of us can stop him.”


“I might have a way to stop them.”


Steve and Tony both looked up in hope. “Tell us.”


“We can use the Quantum Realm to get these stones from an alternate reality.”


Tony turned to Shuri. “Can you make a gauntlet for me with Vibranium?”


“Yes, I just need to know what it looks like.”


Tony used his nanites to create a hologram projector. It created an image of the Infinity Gauntlet. “While you do that, we’re gonna get all the help we can find.”


Shuri got to work on the gauntlet as the Avengers, Rocket, and Nebula boarded their ships. “We’re going to the Avengers Compound. There’s some stuff we’ll need.”


New York


The remaining heroes arrived at the compound, grounding their ships. They entered the facility as Tony turned to the others. “Rhodey, I have a new suit ready for you. Thor, I have the Meg...Meging...your magic belt. And Cap,” Tony walked over to a panel, punched in some numbers, and came back with a familiar round object in his hand. Steve took back his old shield with a smile. Tony spoke again. “Get anything else you might need.”


Stark worked on repairing his armor by himself. After a while, his team-mates returned. Bruce Banner was wearing a purple jumpsuit that Tony had designed to allow him to keep his intelligence while hulking out. War Machine sported a new suit of armor armed with the latest weaponry. Black Widow’s hair was its usual reddish-brown color, but it was in a braid that ended in a blonde streak. Thor wore his belt around his waist, and Captain America was clean-shaven, wearing a uniform with blue scale-like chainmail. However, before they could depart, an alarm went off. Thor checked a nearby monitor. “Something’s in the atmosphere.”


Iron Man stepped forward, donning a suit with gold-colored arms and legs, but the torso was still hot-rod red. “We’ll go check it out.”


Together, Iron Man and Thor flew up, finally able to catch up on each-other. Where’s your hair, goldilocks?”




The two Avengers saw something--no, someone approaching from above. She had a red and blue suit, and her blonde hair blew in the wind. The two men hovered, facing her. She was Carol Danvers, also known as Captain Marvel. She fired an energy blast at Thor, viewing him and Stark as threats. The God of Thunder fired a blast of lightning at her, but she dodged before punching him. Except for Thanos, Thor had never faced someone so powerful. “Stark, you’re up!”


Iron Man used his nanotech to form a repulsor cannon, which he used to fire a beam of energy at Danvers. She counterattacked with her own beam, pushing him back and tackling him. She punched his head multiple times, shattering his helmet. However, she stopped when she saw his face. “Stark?”


“How do you know my name?” Tony was confused.


“You became the CEO of Stark Industries back in 1992. During a Skrull Invasion.”


“Okay…? Who the Hell are you?”


Carol, Thor, and Stark returned to the ground. “Carol Danvers. Nick Fury sent me. Speaking of which, where is he?”






Tony and Thor led Carol inside the compound, showing her a news broadcast. The headline read, “Nick Fury gone.”


Stark himself said, “Hill is also gone.”




“Been dead for six years.”


Tony and Thor introduced Carol to the team. Carol chuckled at the sight of Rocket. “Earth has talking raccoons now?”


“I am not a raccoon!”


The Avengers, now consisting of Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Black Widow, Bruce Banner, War Machine, Captain Marvel, Ant-Man, Rocket, and Nebula prepared to load out. However, a single being, dressed in black, stood before them.


“Clint?” Steve said. “I thought you retired.”


“Yeah, until my family mysteriously disappeared. I swore I would avenge them.”


Another figure, donning a bluish-purple suit resembling the Iron Man armor also approached the team. Tony looked at her in shock. “Pepper?”


“I took one of the prototypes for your current suit and made some modifications. I’m going with you to make sure that we have no more monsters in the dark.”


Tony reluctantly let her come along.


Scott said, “We should go to San Francisco. I have some stuff there.”


The Avengers, as well as their new companions, flew the Quinjet to a rooftop with help from Scott. The vehicle remained hovering in the air as the rear ramp lowered. Scott looked around for Hope, Janet, and Hank. The dust on the ground was all that was left of them, blowing in the wind. Scott grabbed Hank’s lab and took it to the Quinjet.


“What the Hell is that?” Stark looked at the lab.


“It’s Hank Pym’s lab. We need to ground the ship.”


“We’ll land in Wakanda. I’ll contact Shuri,” Tony used his suit to reach her. “Is the gauntlet done yet?”




The Avengers returned to Wakanda, where Shuri gave Stark the gauntlet. “Good luck. Bring my brother back.”


In the Wakandan wilderness, Scott took out Hank’s lab and returned its size to that of a normal building. The team went inside. Lang looked around for a bit before finding some white uniforms with black and red highlights. “We’re going to the Quantum Realm so we’ll need these uniforms.”


After dressing in the suits, Rhodey looked at Rocket with a chuckle. “I’ve seen a lot of crazy things, but a talking raccoon? Definitely tops them all.”


Rocket looked back at him as Thor snickered. “Boy, if I had a unit every time I heard that one…”


Stark, dressed in his white uniform, turned to everyone. “Here’s the plan. Cap will go to the 1940s to secure the Tesseract. Ant-Man, Banner, and I will go to the Battle of New York to get the Mind Stone. Thor and Carol will raise an army to fight Thanos and look for the Reality Stone. Rocket and Nebula will find the Power Stone. Clint will stay behind to guard the lab. After that, we’ll meet up and figure out our next move.”


Thor then looked over to Rocket. “Are you ready for this?”


“Well if I’m not…” Rocket paused. “What more could I lose?”


The Avengers entered the Quantum Tunnel and split up. They had no idea what was in store for them.


On a remote, distant planet was a farmhouse. Here was the entity who had killed half the universe: Thanos, the Mad Titan. The Mind Stone on his Infinity Gauntlet glowed as he sensed a disturbance. Without hesitating, he put on his armor and grabbed a sword. “My destiny is not yet fulfilled...Greater threats arise to undo the balance I lost everything to achieve...and I...will not...be undone.”

"Part of the journey is the end..."

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Moderator2KNov-08-2018 2:21 PM

Love this.

Good grief.

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