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Moderator2KJan-05-2018 6:47 PM

"We have everything, the capital, the military and the way of life. Now we need those who will govern the three other sectors when I am absent."-The Emperor


Leader Planets:

Lilia and Lilin

(Lilia on the left, Lilin on the right.)

Population: 25 trillion humans and humanoids.

Monarch: Princess Lily Larona, female, age 22 (as of ANE 2). Fair skin, long blonde hair, green eyes. She was appointed Monarch as the next in-line in the Lone lineage, which led to upheaval from many of the people of Lilia and Lilin--as they believe she lacked experience. Her 3 years as Princess so far though has led to Lilia and Lilin thriving more than they have under any other monarchs in the Larona lineage. She is a member of the Sorite Imperial party.

Area of control when the Emperor is absent: The entirety of the 2nd Sector of the 7th Universe, the area covering most luxury planets and vacationing moons.

Description: Easily the most gorgeous Sister & Brother planets in Tyrannus. Lilia and Lilin are a glimmering beacon for fun, peace, and tranquility in the 7th Universe. Lilin is where the Empire extracts the most comfortable plant material we know, Lilin, names after its planet. This material has proven to be the most comfortable for all forms of clothes, sheets, and luxury wears known to Tyrannus. All governors of planets in the 7th Universe bare a small tuft of Lilin fabric on their suits, tradition throughout the 7th Universe by the Emperor himself. The two planets are known for their beautiful environments; from gorgeous waterfalls, ancient architecture, and sprawling flower fields filled with the Twilight Lilac, a rare purple flower indigenous to Lilia--these two planets are stars against the mostly city planet filled 7th Universe.



Population: 57 quadrillion humans and humanoids.

Monarch: Governor Ayland Marone, male, age 35 (as of ANE 2). Slightly tanned dark skin, dark-red almost black hair, amber eyes. He was appointed as governor over Stilla by the Emperor himself after the colonization of the planet--of which he was a native of. He is known for his vast work to help people across the 7th Universe, and has been an ally to the Emperor since they were young. He is a member of the Sorite Imperial Party.

Area of control when the Emperor is absent: The entirety of the 3rd Sector of the 7th Universe.

Description: Stilla is a colossal city planet that resides in the center of the 3rd Sector of the 7th Universe, much like all the Leader Planets. The planet was inhabitable upon first discovery, due to the excess of Dioxis gas, a poisonous green mist that polluted certain planets from asteroid collisions that carried it. Once the planet was colonized, it became a thriving society--and capital of commerce for the Universal Court, even before the Empire. The planet is known for using Azuliaite, a blue-hued metal native to the planet, and two others--Cascala and Maridia--for its buildings, giving the cities a blue aura that is visible from outer Space. Unlike Imperion, Stilla is simply one big city--New Stillin City.



Population: 17 quadrillion

Monarch: Prime Minister Us'uq Irku, male, age 5788 (as of ANE 2). Brown hair, darkish beige skin, light blue eyes. A humanoid from Titania, Us'uq Irku's experience in the political field instantly made him a candidate for representative of the 4th Sector. For more than 5 thousand years he has helped the people of the 7th Universe survive happily, and now under the Empire, can double those efforts. A member of the Sorite Party.

Area of control when the Emperor is absent: The entirety of the 4th Sector of the 7th Universe.

Description: The surface of Titania is not habitable; the planet's gravity is 6 times that of Earth's, thus preventing normal life from flourishing. Combined with that, 90% of the surface is covered in snow, and the average temperature is -85 degrees Celsius on a hot day. However, the underground is a different story. The core of the planet is unique and rare--it produces a weaker gravitational pull than you would find on the surface, a mere .5 times Earth gravity. This is one of the few planets known that produces a progressively weaker gravitational pull the closer you get to the core. Along with this, the underground, after billions of years of growth and change, has developed colossal blots of lava perpetually stuck to the ceilings of massive cave terrain; these are known as Sun Spots, and they act as their name provides, as miniature light providers for the life of the subterranean depths. This, plus the lesser gravity, and the existence of ice on the surface which eventually of course becomes water, has allowed for life to flourish and be prosperous--beneath the surface.


Capital Cities:


Location: Larona, Pyliao. Capital of both Lilia and Lilin.

Information: Larona is perhaps the most beautiful city in all of Tyrannus. It trades away the big urban cities of the Empire for a regal, almost medieval, design. The city itself, with its vibrant effervescent people and colors, floats on the great Larinae Waterfall--a river that falls 800 feet into a grand ocean that covers most of the planet--yet the city even beyond that extends far beyond the architecture. Larona stretches up into the nearby Toron Mountains, a mountain range named after a late Mushriq Chisen Master, and into the flower fields--most notably the Twilight Field. The Twilight Field (pictured above, Lilin the planet hovering in the sky), is a universe famous location; the flowers that stretch for 4 kilometers into the distance, and 5 kilometers wide, are Twilight Lilacs--a gorgeous flower that is known to produce oxytocin, a chemical notable in releasing endorphins. If two hidden lovers walk upon the Twilight Field, according to legend, they are almost certain to find their love and unite. Many say this is because of the chemical, but other believe a bit of the Force may be at play here. There might not be a more beautiful sight than staring up from beneath the Tera Tree and gazing up at Lilin whilst the pedals from the lilacs flutter about the sky. Princess Lilia lives in the central Castle of Larona, it in of itself being a hotbed for political meetings--many of which the Emperor himself participated in upon the Empire's first birth. 


New Stillin City

Location: New Stillin, Stilla.

Information: New Stillin City, the largest single city in the 7th Universe. Not to be confused with Imperion, which is the largest city planet comprising 3 cities, NSC is the largest single city ever--as the entire planet of Stilla, is the one city. The planet, much like Imperion and Garion, is an e***enopolis--a planet mostly developed by sentient beings and encompassing one city or multiple. All buildings by law in NSC are built with Azuliaite, a blue metal native to the planet that gives the buildings their trademark blue hue so vibrant, it is visible from outer Space. New Stillin City is the center of almost all trade and commerce in the 7th Universe, only second to Imperion; the city is notable for directly selling Power Convertors, Supercharged Power Conductors, High Output Diatium Cores, Photon Projectors (used in the creation of holographic television and holograms), and Neutrino Mixers--the last one being an energy core used to build Fractalator blasters, a weapon that fires barrages of frozen light shards much like a shotgun. Ayland Marone lives at the very center of NSC, in the Totonial Magenta, the largest building in the planet that stands at a breathtaking 5,678 feet tall. He governs strongly for his people, but also mercifully--and is notable for resisting corruption in efforts to provide to Stilla's citizens. He is loved by the people.


Torik Ir'qu'ntallia

Location: Qu'ntallia, Torvus.

Information: The bustling underground city of Torik Ir'qu'ntallia is connected to a massive lava system, and has many Sun Spots, of which dim slightly at 85 Beat, also known as night--acting in Circadian Rhythm--as the planet's 100 Beat time system is set to 24 hours much like Earth's. Torik is known for massive crystal cave systems, and for its relatively peaceful way of life not dominated by crime. Despite living underground and never being able to visit the surface without a starfighter, the people of Titania are sweet and caring, and will take anyone in need as coincides with their morals and community values. Their leader, Us'uq Irku, reflects the people's kindness--being a beacon of hope for the people of his planet. Most of the transportation in Torik is conducted by railway--bullet trains that cross massive chasms and ravines overflowing with lava to reach their destinations. Also, surprisingly, the cuisine here is fantastic--giant edible Daw'i mushrooms, naturally salted by the rocks they grow between, underground fruits and vegetables, and various subterranean animals that provide sweet and savory meats due to their diet.



Good grief.

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The Hooded Figure

MemberContributorJan-05-2018 7:01 PM

The planets I like are Lilia and Lilin, and the city Larona, as well. Good topic.


Moderator2KJan-05-2018 7:08 PM

Thank you KotM, Lilia and Lilin, and the city Larona are my favorite as-well.

Good grief.


MemberContributorJan-05-2018 7:21 PM

This is very interesting, GG.

Godzilla... Truly a God incarnate.

Sci-Fi King25

Member2KJan-05-2018 8:34 PM

Those are some nice cities. 

“Banana oil.”- George Takei, Gigantis: The Fire Monster

I Meme Everything

Member2KJan-06-2018 5:41 PM

I kinda expected Earth and Draco to be here, but these planets are cool.

"Part of the journey is the end..."


Moderator2KJan-06-2018 5:48 PM

I wanted to use some new stuff instead of what we would expect--so we arrived with these 3.

Good grief.

Something Real

MemberLegendJan-08-2018 6:51 PM

GORILLAGODZILLA - This is incredibly fascinating! I very much like the imagery you have provided in the descriptions of each planet! Titania is quite beautiful - as are all of the worlds you have presented! Thank you ever so much for taking the time to create this and present it to us! :)

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