Multiversal Empire: The Time System
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Moderator2KDec-07-2017 1:29 PM


"With a stable Universe, a Capital, and a strong Military--now we focus on how we live our lives. With all of these galaxies, and all of these suns and planets, we need a time system that can support all of our billions of planets."-Emperor Isaac GG


The Time System

The time system of the Universal Scified Empire's 7th Universe is based around what works for all planets. The position of occupied planets in coordination with their suns, moons, and other dimensions--arguably prevents the 12 or 24 hour clocks from working.

That is why we have created the 100-Beat Clock, a fundamental part of all Unon Bands--so you can check the time whilst checking your Units.

The 100-Beat Clock is based around the average distance of all inhabited planets from their suns, and how our scientists and engineers have found a way to make sure we can get an exact time from sunrise, to sundown, to sunrise again.

The main feature of the 100-Beat Clock is the ability to adjust the time according to whatever planet one with a Unon Band is on. The Emperor and Scientists have concluded that the maximum amount of hours between sunrises in the habitable 7th Universe is 100 hours--but we will be using Imperion as our example.

The planet's hour system is built entirely around the 100-Beat Clock, and here is how it works. Due to the close proximity, all clocks on Imperion have been adjusted to the Tyrannus Star, the heart of our Universe and the most powerful Sun within it--the 100-Beat Clock of Imperion functions at a pace of 100-beats naturally; at 0-beat ATD (After the Dark), it is sunrise, by 50-beat P (Prime) it is noon, by 80-beat RTD (Returning to Dark), it is evening, and by 100-Beat BTZ (Back to Zero) it is preparing to return back to sunrise--the cycle resets back to zero from there. Every 'Beat' of the 100-Beat Clock is equivalent to 20 minutes on Earth, so a full day on Imperion is 2000 minutes--or a little more than 33 hours. However the sun's movements on Imperion are vastly different than Earth's, so noon and evening do not happen at the same time corresponding.

Of course, the natural ability of the clock is the ability to adjust the 100-beats to whatever distance a planet is from its sun--so on another planet, 1-beat could be 40 minutes Earth time, or any number respectively.


Good grief.

5 Replies

I Meme Everything

Member2KDec-07-2017 1:35 PM

Not sure how i feel about this time system, but it's interesting.

"Part of the journey is the end..."


Moderator2KDec-07-2017 1:39 PM

Tyrannos - It is mainly about the ability to set itself to any time regarding the varying distances of planets from their suns. Imperion is just one example, some planets have time systems like Earth's, and others have drastic systems. This is how they are measured and scheduled--the hour still exists though on certain systems.

Good grief.


MemberContributorDec-07-2017 1:43 PM

Very Interesting.

Godzilla... Truly a God incarnate.

The Hooded Figure

MemberContributorDec-07-2017 2:53 PM

Interesting concept.

Something Real

MemberLegendDec-07-2017 2:55 PM

GORILLAGODZILLA - I like this a great deal! The concept is reminds me strongly of Quantum Entaglement - which is extremely compelling! The name, "100-Beat Clock", is quite mysterious and beautiful! I like what you have presented immensely, my friend! Excellent work! :)

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