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Moderator2KNov-29-2017 1:40 PM

"We have the capital, and the power, now we need those to defend it besides me and my closest powers. It's time to build the strongest military in history."

Planet Tanks:

Type-42 City Mauler

Capabilities: Can devastate massive cities with Depleted-Teragon Shells, of which this tank can fire rapidly at will, as it is armed with at-least 100 of them. Circular treads allow for maximum mobility across mountains, plateaus, and traction going downhill. Draconium and Tuscan Metal plating defends the shell from nearly everything except dark-matter, highly concentrated Force, and Plasma beams.


Capabilities: Built for maximum mobility, speed, and force in desert planets, clay environments, and nova-plain planets. Armed with Torrent-Cascades, a type of Galactic Artillery-Shell that can pierce Draconium and planet core shields with its dense buildup of Etherinium shells.


Capabilities: Built for marine and subterranean travel, the Arthorab-X is inefficient on land, but unrivaled in water and caves. Its four treads are equipped with Exhibitor-Bee honey adhesives to allow for scaling down and up mountains, usually to enter oceans and mountain-side caves. Inside water, the bottom of the core of the tank opens up, a water-pressurized pack allowing maximum mobility underneath the sea. Its artillery are a combined pack of torpedoes and regular missiles for maximum destructive capability when traversing dark caves, and the deep sea. These ships were crucial in the Imperial takeover of the water planets Maridia, Torton, Cascove, and Teletria.


Capabilities: Perhaps the Empire's greatest land tank, the Petramock is the ultimate land titan. These glorified shells of death are laced with Draconium, Adamantium, Vibranium and Etherinium to create a seemingly indestructible tank. The sides of the treads are called Rock-Replacers, and are built for the tank to move in all directions at speeds of forty-miles per hour while also moving across rocks and other large environmental hazards. The replacers also, done by an invention from the Emperor himself, deactivate starmines and grenades upon contact; this is accomplished with a needle programmed to cut the light-receptors of the explosives. The cannon is capable of firing RNCs, Rocket Nova Capsules, rounds that carry the force of a compressed supernova inside of them, and Terraton Bullets to shred small targets.


MOTT (Maximum Obliteration Terrestrial Tyrants)

Description: The MSE's selection of walkers, highly modified and advanced versions of the Galactic Empire's AT-ATs. These MOTTs, Maximum Obliteration Terrestrial Tyrants, are built for mobility and to win wars in nearly all terrains due to their varying designs. Spider MOTTs are brought to cave systems to scale walls in vertical combat, and Camel MOTTs are brought to deserts to help finish what the Tyrinx can not, etc. Each MOTT is equipped with sprayight, a rapid fire laser built to fire at the speed of light and decimate targets, A4-Z2 missiles, terrestrial missiles built to explode and send dark-matter out into the air freezing targets, and Oblitons, dark-red lasers fired from the front of the MOTT that is capable of destroying mountains like Olympus Mons on Mars with one fire. Additionally, in dire situations, MOTTs can retract their legs and enter Space for zero-gravity combat.


Gunships and Starships:



Capabilities: These ships are highly common Spacecraft vessels for the Empire. They are carried in the thousands aboard Star Destroyers, Voro Carriers, and other massive space vessels built for war. While their hulls are built with Torialium, a structurally weak but mass produced metal, their weapon systems are prominent and destructive. A barrage of G-Rank Orange Lasers, syphoned using Tilion Crystals from Titania, are capable of destroying other small tier ships in a single fire. This vessel is a part of the Cheetah Class, a tier upheld by small but fast and powerful gunships.




Capabilities: The most abundant infantry gunship of the USE. Hunter-Rs are capable of destroying individual planets with their Meteor Cannons, but are mostly used for wiping out hoards of enemy TIE-fighters and Space creatures. The high powered jetpacks allow for hyperspace travel, and linkage with Space railways so they can be hauled to planets that need them. This is a Leopard Class Gunship, the most powerful of the category that is relegated to small gunships.



Capabilities: These gunships, or piloted-missles, are the most maneuverable of the gunship class. Their hull can rotate circularly and side-to-side to make steering and rotation a dream for the flyer. The cannons can cut through fourteen inch thick Adamantium, and the lasers can devastate the engines of Star Destroyers. The most devastating attack from this ship, however, is its One-Left Charge. The pilot launches out the cap of the ship, and the cap directs itself towards its target, and explodes with the force of 100,000 nuclear bombs. Truly, a weapon of supreme destruction. This is a Panther Class Gunship, the most powerful of the category relegated to medium-to-large gunships.


(One of the two pilots positioned on the exterior auxiliary cannon.)

Capabilities: Highly advanced, practical, and offensive-focused ships of the MSE. Rammers are built from our very own engineers and technicians to be prime for pressing through enemy spacecraft in war. Their fronts are built with Vibranium and Adamantium, allowing for them to be rammed into opposing panther or jaguar class ships at near hyperspeed without any external or internal damage. Unfortunately because of this revolutionary design, the lasers on the front are not extremely powerful--although they still can devastate plating and destroy engines with ease. Because of this imperfection, a colossal cannon has been positioned on the lower-rear of the Rammer; this cannon, utilized by the co-pilot of the vessel, is a terror to any opposition. It is capable of blowing up meteors and moons with a single fire, and get this--it has unlimited charges. The Photon Lightpack that charges the vessel derives power from stars in Space, and because of this--as long as there is a star within a parsec distance, the weapon will never run out of its dense Z-Rank frozen photon light spikes--of which a single one can destroy any cheetah or leopard class vessel. The railgun feature of the cannon also allows for rapid firing; equally when the vessel is preparing its infamous ramming tactic, the user of the cannon activates a shield--of which prevents him from feeling the whiplash related with the charge. Along with all of this, Rammers can jump through hyperspace a total of four times before needing to be refilled--higher than any other non Star Destroyer ship known. This ship is a part of the Panther Class, a tier upheld by medium-to-large sized vessels.




Capabilities: These gunships are built for power, and damage-absorption. The lower half of their hull opens up, revealing satellites that drain the nuclear cores of opposing starships--and fire the energy of the drained shields back at the ships. Their cannons and lasers are also built to take down Exhibitor Class Starships, who in their own right can destroy planets. Without the S-Distarons, the Empire may not have succeeded in defeating the Alien rebellion in the early stages of the USE; the gunship weapons helped eliminate the Black Goo. These gunships are becoming more of a rarity in the Empire of late--because of this, the Emperor himself chooses who pilots these famous vessels. They are a part of the Jaguar Class, a ranking relegated to large gunships piloted by one star pilot.

Star Destroyer

Capabilities: The infamous, and legendary, Star Destroyer. These Starships, easily the size of Imperyia or Maleio on Garion, are the most powerful collective Starships in history. Their sharp-pointed fronts are built to ram straight through planets and explode cores, the hulls built with Vibranium and Adamantium, able to withstand the ensuing supernova. Every high ranking official in the MSE owns a Star Destroyer, the Emperor's for one being the Time-Dagger, a Planet sized Super Star Destroyer Dreadnought, capable of passing through and absorbing black-holes with ease. These Starships are part of the Exhibitor Class category, relegated to large-to-massive starships.


Capabilities: Planet-sized spacecraft carriers and destruction machines, Dreadnoughts are highly advanced Star Destroyers that are capable of winning a war with only one. While not as mobile, the hulls of these ships, made with Torite, Eternitum and Fralinite, can withstand Black Hole crushing force, and galaxy destroying rays. Capable of holding 7 billion people, and a combined total of 10 billion spacecraft vessels--these carriers are a prize to any military division entering combat in the MSE. The rays, R-Rank Blue Lasers, are capable of blowing up planets in a single fire, and devastating solar systems within 10 minutes maximum. The ultimate weapon of Dreadnoughts however are the Etilin Beam--a ray pictured above capable of blowing up multiple supercluster galaxies at full power. The bow of the Dreadnought splits apart and then reconnects, forming an almost complete circle of which acts as a Hyperspace conduit--giving the Etilin Beam the power to rapid fire with Hyper-speed. While rarely brought out in favor of the lighter-weight by comparison and more mass produced Star Destroyers, Dreadnoughts always either lead a Star Destroyer battalion--or lead an entire military squadron of their own. The Emperor's personal Dreadnought Super Star Destroyer, the Time Dagger, has a few modifications; most are classified, but one of note is the heightened Etilin Beam--it infused with the Emperor's Force blood, turning the beam a purplish-red--and allowing destruction of up to five supercluster galaxies at a time with a single fire. Dreadnoughts are a part of the Eternity Class, a starship class relegated to gigantic warships.


Capabilities: Europa-moon sized Space vessels, these ships are extremely fast when moving in a straight line--and near indestructible. Eclipsiads are the Empire's number one CNB (Compressed Nova Bomb) Carriers, capable of deploying from the lower stern approximately 300,000 compressed nova bombs per bombing-run. A single CNB is capable of destroying a planet if aimed correctly, the effects they can cause on space vessels is tremendous. A single Eclipsiad can enact 10 bombing-runs in Space, equaling 3,000,000 CNBs deployed per vessel--and a typical assault squadron consists of five or more Eclipsiads. The hulls of these carriers are built with Solunite, a rare metal that is resistant to most missiles, novas, and other weaponry. Lastly, an Eclipsiad can carry 10,000,000 one/two man/men Spacecraft of every category. It is a sign of the end for the enemy when the Emperor chooses to deploy these vessels.


Capabilities: These miniature Death Stars are a prize to any division of the Empire's troops. They can fire multiple planet destroying Nexus-Lasers at once, and are the size of a small planet in their own right. Sadly a direct attack to the core would destroy the weapon entirely, but this will never happen as a cold-nuclear shield prevents any gunships from entering. These are a part of the End Of All Class Starships, a category relegated to war ending weapons.

Death Star

Capabilities: The most nightmarish and iconic weapon of the Empire, the Death Star. This weapon, amped to the maximum from its original form, is an omen of the end to any fleets trapped on a celestial body. The lasers of these planet weapons, of which we have at-least 100 of, are infused with extracted Infinity Gem energy to allow the destruction of multiple planets with one laser, solar systems, and galaxies from that point. Movement of these massive bodies is done through Black Hole travel. They are a part of the End Of All Class, a category relegated to war ending weapons brought out at the end.


Capabilities: The most powerful starship in not only Multiversal Scified Empire history, but in multiverse history. The Rhea, built with Eternitum--the rarest and most durable, conductive, and resistant metal in all of history--is a moon-sized beast of a ship. Two circular generators are connected to the rear of the weapon--their purpose is to spin at hyperspeed in order to generate the energy derived from suns within a 12 parsec perimeter into the ship's railgun. Wiring built from Magnetilin, the most conductive raw ore known, bridges the spherical generators to the Ion-Duo-Complexor 5|6|8 Modem Cells, the heart and soul of the Rhea; Ion-Duo-Complexor cells are the power focusing lenses of the unrivaled spaceship, generating the power from all stars within a 12 parsec perimeter, Emperor GG's Force blood, Thorousiv Relay Generators, and focusing it through the Thoron Rails into a beam of pure golden-purple energy fired at 10 times lightspeed, capable of destroying Universal Cores with a single fire--and Olympianum with ease. The rails separate into spikes moments before the weapon fires, to alleviate pressure and electricity, before closing into one focused rail to fire the ray. The Rhea is an unopposed ship, capable of destroying universes at only a fraction of its potential; it is a technological marvel only capable of being accomplished by the artistry, resources, and finesse of the Empire's engineers and scientists. Holoprojection of the weapon's ray firing at 120 inch thick Olympianum shown here: Rhea Beam

The Necro Star

Capabilities: The most powerful weapon in the Multiversal Scified Empire, and the most powerful weapon of all time. Built from the remains of the first Death Star, up-scaled 100,000 times, this is a reality destroyer. It is simply a shell, where the troops manage one single laser; this laser is focused from the power of the Infinity Gems, all of the ARK Artifacts, the power of 100 Death Stars, and a small drop--of Emperor GG's Force-blood. This single laser warps Space and Time when fired, creating infinite portals across the Multiverse and beyond, while equally hitting its target with a beam that literally tears apart existence--destroying the multiverse, and then reality with ease. When the laser is fired, the shell where the troops stand on fades in and out of reality--which can be sickening for untrained soldiers. The beam from test runs is said to erase any organic material, and for sentient lifeforms--to destroy their mind and soul, preventing them from passing on to the afterlife--before they are erased by the power to end existence. The weapon's full capacity fire would destroy all life in existence, as such it can never truly be used without a fail-safe. This is the single weapon of its class, the Emperor Class, relegated to a weapon that can end all of existence.

Planet Defense

Moon Rockers

Capabilities: These lasers are located on all planets within the 7th Universe, by Zeren the Barbarian's orders. They defend against potential Space Pirate bombardments of planets by automatically shooting down hostile Space ships with a X-4 Tyrant Laser, a black colored beam capable of blowing up moons.

Z-4 Turret

Capabilities: These turrets are placed on the peaks of all buildings in the 7th Universe. They will fire at will on all beings that pass through the planetary Force fields without access--as only Space Pirates and intergalactic threats have been proven to succeed at that.

Planetary Force Field

Capabilities: These Force Fields are active on all Multiversal Empire planets. They are powered by rare Force crystals, and are the first line of defense against any assault.


The Infantry



Capabilities: The most abundant troops of the Empire, the Killing Flock, the Stormtroopers. Sent out on all missions, these guys get the job done, no matter how many of them are lost. They used to represent fear during the time of the Sith ruled USE, but now are a beacon of hope for depressed planets under the reformed USE--when you see these troops coming, you know if you are good, you will survive.


Capabilities: All purpose soldiers built for maximum efficiency in battle, bomb de-fusing, and all forms of war. They are the second most abundant troops after the Stormtroopers, but are much more highly developed, only five ever lost in all wars of the USE. Their training has turned all members into experts on all fields of battle

Royal Guard Stormtrooper

Capabilities: The Emperor's personal Stormtrooper garrison, and the most highly trained of them all. These troops are sent in on elaborate missions when needed, and are the last wave of troops to be sent in the case a mission goes wrong.


Capabilities: War titans brought out as living tanks, these troops are armored well enough to burst through enemy defenses and take bases and strongholds with ease. They are equipped with a constantly self-replenishing flamethrower on their back, a Photon-Magnum 500 Light shard-caliber, A Fractalator--a type of gun the size of a shotgun that fires out frozen photon shards--and four CNR Grenades (Compressed Nova Rounds). Their armor has been proven to withstand forces up to a supernova, but can break down from repetitive photon damage due to the Dark-matter hardening.


Capabilities: An extremely dangerous and highly volatile class of troops. Sightgets are humans and humanoids who have trained their visual aptitude to the max. They use the Force to harness their visual receptors into beams, and fire them out at will at the joints and weak points of targets, aircraft, and tanks. They also are equipped with Cellular-Spheres, weapons that when activated deflect and reflect attacks back at the attacker. Guns and grenades also come with these heroes of war.


Capabilities: Stormtroopers and general troops favorite accompaniment, these soldiers are armed to the teeth. They are able to take out Fusion plants and illegal bases with only one member, as their suit is as highly defended as they come. The suit's shock-absorption outer shells are capable of tanking planet busting attacks, and reverberating the energy back through the attacker. The outer shells also are attached to pistons that will launch the shells off of the zanyester body suit for a brief second to send targets flying during a ram, and then retract the shells back onto the suit. If you have one of these highly trained soldiers with you, you are set.


Capabilities: Heavy Gunners and expert assassins of the Empire. These troops stay up on the high ground and decimate opposition with their lower-arm cannons, machine fractalators, and grenades. They are also nearly indestructible.

Highest Rank:

The Red Scarves


Capabilities: The highest ranking troops in the MSE, these soldiers are trained rigorously everyday for months--before deemed ready for battle. A Red Scarf must be able to decimate a militia of 500,000 by themselves, destroy military bases by themselves, and have full mastery of all explosives, all guns, all swords, all bows, all martial arts, and all vehicles. They are the star-studded heroes of the Empire, and are only sent out on the most dire of missions.


The Royal Guards

Capabilities: The most highly trained of all soldiers in the MSE. Royal Guards are soldiers that began as Exactotitans, rose through the rank to become Sightgets, then became Red Scarves for at-least a year, before being hand chosen by the Emperor himself as a Royal Guard. They have at-least moderate mastery over the Force, wield Purifixe, swords imbued with a drip of holy water allowing them to cut through evil, Fractalator guns, CNC (Compressed Nova Charge) Grenades and armor only penetrable by Etherinium blades, or weapons with a Force potency. They have their own personal starfighters to enter Space, and are the last line of defense and assault in the MSE. Green cowled Royal Guards are the ones that are sent out on missions if necessary, blue-cowled Royal Guards are always either at the Emperor's side or guarding the Palace--both types are at the Palace if not required elsewhere. They are based in the Imperial Palace Sanctum on Imperiance, Imperion.


High Weapons General Shiro

Capabilities: Leader of the Infantry, and master of weapons and most divisions of military technology. Extremely powerful individual.

Zeren the Barbarian

Capabilities: Leader of the Military, and third in command of the Empire. This individual boasts vast amounts of power, and has a mastery in all fields of war. His main weapon is Snowburn, an axe forged from the peak of a Force-Ice and Force-fire mountain. If you see him coming after you with rage, you are most likely finished.

Lord of all Beneath:

Lord Tyrannos

 Capabilities: The second in-command of the Empire, and the second strongest being in history. Lord Tyrannos, sometimes called Lord Tyrant by the Emperor as a callback to the past, is a Force-sensitive being capable of Multiversal destruction at the peak of his power. He is sent out on only the most important of missions by his master, the Emperor himself. If you encounter this savage and you are his target, say your prayers--it is all over. 

The Tyranny

Capabilities: This ship, a technological marvel, unrivaled in power, speed, and maneuverability--is a beast of unfathomable proportions. At 18,000 KM long and 60,000 KM wide, this legendary vessel is far longer than most classed habitable planets in the Multiverse--meaning its sheer presence alone could ram through cores, destroying entire planets--and equally tanking the brunt force of multiple supernovas at a time. Piloted by the Lord of all Beneath Tyrannos, his expert conducting and management of this vessel gives it a sense of class and military finesse only rivaled by one other. Armed with a multi-supercluster destroying Atolin Beam Superlaser, Draconium and Etherinium destroying railguns, hull-stationed Moon Rockers, 10,000 fractals a second photon caliber Sprayight Z-4 Turrets, and a Force Field only penetrable by those with a Force potency--this vessel is nigh untouchable. If you ever encounter this legend of a ship...Surrender. Just, surrender. It's not worth it.

The Emperor:

Emperor GG

Capabilities: Emperor of the MSE and ultimate controller of the military. Most powerful being in history, destroyer of Calamity Anguis, Chosen Hero--capable of destroying reality. Do not engage this man in combat, if he wants you dead--you will be.

The Time Dagger

Capabilities: The Time Dagger, the largest and most powerful ship of them all. Built purely of Eternitum, the measurements of this vessel are 1,921 Astronomical Units in length, and 1,200 Astronomical Units in width--equaling roughly 287.46 billion kilometers long and 179 billion kilometers wide--this behemoth of a ship is the size of a medium-sized solar system. Surrounded by a Force Field powered by a drop of the Emperor's own Force blood, this vessel is impenetrable by any means--only an extremely powerful Force user could hope to break through. Armed with supercluster destroying M-87-Z-5-Terratilaton railguns, Z-8 turrets--the higher class of Z-4 turrets, capable of firing 100,000 10 inch long fractals of pure blue frozen light a second--and Omega-Beam Cannons that can penetrate any metal continuously. The star of the Emperor's personal Star Destroyer Imperator Dreadnought is the Etilin Beam, a ray that is the next evolution of the Atolin Beam. The bow of the star destroyer splits into two, releasing into Space a colossal ring built from the strongest and rarest metal--Eternitum. Using circuitry similar to the Rhea, except far more advanced, such as the Ion-Trio-Modem-Quad-Ultra Capacitor 7|8|10 Mode Arranger Cell, Magnetilin infused wiring, and a Duo-Displacer Discharger--the Time Dagger's Cycle Ring is nearly twice as powerful as that of the Rhea. The Cycle Ring encircles the bow of the Star Destroyer, allowing crew members aboard the vessel to link it to the ship's main beam--the Crusader Railgun. When the two link and fully charge, a beam fired at 5 times hyperspeed is produced--purple and red in color, capable of traveling for hundreds of parsecs--and able to destroy multiple sectors of any given universe with a single fire. This ship truly is the end of all. Don't provoke it to be used, you won't come back from it.

Good grief.

38 Replies

I Meme Everything

Member2KMar-02-2018 4:22 AM

Yeet. Also like the part saying just surrender.

"Part of the journey is the end..."

The Hooded Figure

MemberContributorMar-03-2018 7:55 PM

"This ship truly is the end of all. Don't provoke it to be used, you won't come back from it."

Unless it is the Kronos we are referring to, it would have gladly battled the Time Dagger. 


Moderator2KMar-10-2018 6:08 PM

The normal Kronos would lose to the full power Time Dagger--but the Reaperum Kronos would be extremely hard to beat by itself.

Good grief.

I Meme Everything

Member2KMar-10-2018 6:26 PM

Parallel lines=2 lines which never meet. Example: the Time Dagger and defeat.

"Part of the journey is the end..."


Moderator2KMar-10-2018 6:38 PM

^My bro not only did that rhyme, it was godlike at the same time.

Good grief.

Col. Radec

MemberNoobMay-13-2018 8:39 AM

What have I stumbled upon? Just looking up infantry designs and I found this. I am well amazed by this military, it could be a threat to the nation made up in my imagination, unlikely... But possible. However I do like the designs, names, technology, and the abilities everything posses here.



Moderator2KNov-25-2018 11:52 AM

Oh I assure you, as this is just a section of our military as a whole--we can destroy any threat. Especially with me at the helm.

Good grief.


MemberNoobApr-03-2022 6:20 AM

Besides actual imagery, I like to write about militaries and ignoring multiversal technology I believe my own multi-galactic empire may rival yours. (without multiverse tech, it will take some time to get there.) I also use some of my own vehicles and ships, and others. Most of mine have been upgraded or reimagined to fit the empire's needs and are all practical and powerful.

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