Justice League Part Two Fan Made Script PLEASE CHECK OUT!!!! AND SUPPORT

Justice League Part Two Fan Made Script PLEASE CHECK OUT!!!! AND SUPPORT

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NoobMember23 XPNov-21-2017 2:19 PM

Before I post my script I've heard about everything Joss Whedon and Danny Elfman did to the Justice League movie Joss with his cutting and Elfman with his score. I really hope we get Snyder's cut and Junkie XL's score. But I hope there is a Justice League Part Two coming soon. I'm going to say when I grow up I want to make DC Movies and other movies as well but I will crave to make a Justice League Part Two movie even though it might be made before I grow up. I am a hardcore DC Fan. Please Check this Fan Made Script out it will help me so much.


Scene 1: The Batcave

Zooms in on Wayne Manor at noon as birds fly across the sky.

Batman wakes up from a deep sleep as he yawns. Bruce turns out the bed as Alfred knocks on the door

Alfred: It’s cold out there Master Wayne…..coffee?

Bruce: Sure

Alfred hands Bruce the coffee as Bruce sips it in his robe.

Bruce: Thanks

Alfred walked out of the room

Bruce looked out to the lake as he continuously sipped his coffee. Bruce overheard news from his TV.

Bruce walked out the room as he looked at the TV.

TV shows Breaking News Template

Reporter: LexCorp owner Lex Luthor has escaped from Arkham Asylum. Police says that a fellow inmate friend of Luthor posed as Luthor so Luthor could escape.

The Gotham City Police Department will notify the team when more news is available to air on live television.

Bruce put his coffee down on the table as he walked out the room screaming Alfred’s name.

Bruce ran downstairs to the Batcave as he saw Alfred working on his new tactical Batman suit.

Bruce: Prepare the Batwing, Luthor has escaped….I’m headed to Metropolis.

Alfred: Will backup be needed Master Wayne

Bruce put his mask on as he looked at Alfred

Bruce: Standby….I will call if I need backup.

Batman and Alfred stepped onto his loading pad. The Batwing shot up out of the water as it neared Alfred and Batman.

Alfred: You be careful out there Master Wayne.

Batman got onto the Batwing as it took off into the sky.

Scene 2: The Flash’s Rescue

In Central City, The Flash was running around the city checking its whereabouts for suspicious activity

A man was riding his bike near CCPD

Man On Bike: I don’t know what the guy’s deal was he had like a horned helmet with a big axe like object and there was these bug looking creatures terrorizing everyone...it was crazy yo.

A speeding car passed by as the man on the bike was aware of the crazed man in the car.


The Flash runs towards the guy on the bike. The Flash steps on the back of the car and runs up the roof to get to the guy on the bike.


Flash snatches the guy off the back as he continues running with the guy.

The Flash ran all the way to China. The Flash stops as the guy turns around and throws up. The Flash turned towards the guy.

The Flash: Umm….sir you are on fire.

Man: I’m on fire!!!!

The man started patting himself so the fire would go away. The Flash helped him as he suddenly stopped

The Flash: Look man I know you are on fire and all but I refuse to go down there.

Guy: Help me it won’t go out.

The Flash ran and got a hosepipe as he sprayed it at the man. The Flash laughed

The Flash: You look like you peed on yourself.

The Flash laughed.

Guy: Not funny man….not funny how am I supposed to explain this to my date tonight

The Flash: Now that’s something you will have to figure out

The guy walked away

Guy: Where are we?

Flash: From telling by the way everything looks we are in China.

Guy: I paid $600 for these clothes now they all are just burned up.

Flash: I’m going to get you back home man but first I have to go do something.

The Flash ran off as he got chinese food.

The Flash: Never knew noodles could be this good!

Guy: I have a date at Central City Burger Shop man come on.

The Flash grabbed the man as they ran back to Central City.

They made it back to Central City as the Flash ran off. The man had noodles on his head.

Guy: I for some reason never liked that guy. Now I know why.

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