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Snoke - The Fallen Angel

Snoke - The Fallen Angel

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W E Y L A N D (was HyperNova)

NoobMember23 XPJun-09-2017 8:43 AM

Its funny that they are now going out of their way to suggest that Snoke is some type of a God. And there is some validity that he has been seen before...It ties-in Return Of The Jedi...

And Lego!

One of the newly released Lego figures has Snoke looking "ALL GOLDEN" almost "Golden-Rod" as Han Solo shouted to C-3P0 in The Empire Strikes Back.

There is talk of Snoke being adorned in Golden Wears, and opulence, jewels, etc.. Well in Return Of The Jedi the Ewoks become bowed down to the "Vision" of C-3PO being the so-called "God" from the profecy of their Kind's religious pre-history...So maybe He (Snoke) once visted ALL of the Galaxy (or at least parts of it) in an all-encompassing RAGE when he was deposed or when He was good, and Angel-looking, BEFORE He was deposed, and deposed from His true name and reduced to His current name - sound familiar... Lucifer. It was His "God-Given" name too but was stripped from Him according to popular legend when He was cast out from his seat on the council of heaven and thrown down to the pit(s) of Hell by God...Well, maybe Snoke (as He is NOW known as) was, in a similar fashion, "cast-out" from the exhalts of galaxy and into the dark "void" part of the galaxy (the Unknown Regions) and there He has languished since before time, during time, and will do ever-after time...I think He is connected to the Whills now incarnate, Now refered to as Shamans (possibly to include the concept of Male and Female where the Whills before were just the Force Prietesses (Females) consisting of: The Five: Serenity (the Leader) and I would argue, balance-point between the other Four: Anger, Confusion, Joy and Sadness. Now either He (Snoke) was an additional sixth member who was thus cast out leaving the remaing Five AND THUS, a partial imbalance to the Universal "Whole" of the Comic Force OR,He could have been "Confusion" Whill that has since fallen as His/ Her/Its mouth is at a permanant crooked angle/stance as-is Snokes.

So Snoke IS the Fallen Angel incarnate, a former Lucifer, cast out and is now an embodiment of Satan. An analogy that paralleled Anakins journey to the Dark Side.

2 Responses to Snoke - The Fallen Angel

Im Durp

InitiateMember478 XPJun-09-2017 10:43 AM

There's way too much assumption going on here for me to make a point for or against it.


From what we know it's likely he's from beyond the known galaxy be even that is a stretch based on a few lines from the Aftermath trilogy.

W E Y L A N D (was HyperNova)

NoobMember23 XPJun-09-2017 2:27 PM


Yes, Maybe... A little speculation is interesting to spark a little back and forth chat... Reasonably amongst curious minds to speculate, I like doing that...

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