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I Meme Everything

2KMember4115 XPMar-21-2017 4:46 PM

With my 'Top 10 Favourite Pokemon From Each Region' series complete, it is time to count down my top ten favourite Pokemon of all time. This is purely opinionated, like, every top ten ever. Also, I tend to use powerful, bad@$$, intimidating Pokemon that I've used to sweep the Elite Four with as opposed to cute little weaklings like Pikachu.


10. Lucario


Mega Lucario

First off, let me just say that it's majestic as f*ck. And also broken, because Mega Lucario with a high Attack plus Adaptability plus Close Combat plus STAB does not end well for any Ice, Steel, Normal, or Rock-type. I also bonded with one in my playthrough of Platinum, so I love it for the same reason as Salamence. I nicknamed my Lucario Aura.


9. Salamence


Mega Salamence

Salamence is easily my favourite pseudo-legendary. It's a beast in its normal form, having a sleek and menacing design that screams "F*ck with me, I dare you!" It is also very powerful, and did I mention Mega Salamence? It's Aerialate ability makes Double Edge absolutely devastating. No wonder it was instantly banned to Ubers and so many people used it in VGC 2016! I also love it because of how much it helped me in Emerald. That Salamence was nicknamed Onslaught.


8. Tyrantrum


Anyone who knows me could've seen this one coming. The Tyrannosaurus rex is easily my favourite dinosaur of all time, so of course I'd have a T.rex Pokemon on my list. I also used one in my runthrough of Pokemon Y. Although I was disappointed by the game itself, I did enjoy sweeping Malva with this awesome beast. Its cry, its design, and its nickname struck fear into the hearts of my enemies. And what did I nickname my Tyrantrum? I nicknamed him...Tyrance.


7. Greninja



Now firstly, Froakie was my starter in my Kalos adventure. Greninja has a great design, great typing, and DAT HA THO. Protean has turned Greninja into a true ninja; versatile and stealthy to escape its opponents' grasp. Protean allows Greninja to become the typing of the move it uses. And then, in the anime, they came out with fricking Ash-Greninja. This bad@$$ frog ninja was able to become even better with its bond with its trainer. I used a Battle Bond Greninja in my walkthrough of Pokemon Sun, making it the only member of that team here. Sadly, I couldn't nickname my Ash-Greninja, but I named the one I used in Y Slurp.


6. Typhlosion


 I love the Fire-type starters for the first four generations. In fact, they are my four favourite Fire-types! But which of them is my favourite? Typhlosion. In my journey through Johto, my starter was Cyndaquil, choosing it for how cute it was. Quilava was pretty cool, but Typhlosion is easily the best of the line. I remember that it one-shotted Red's Venusaur with a single Eruption. That alone shot it up to my second favourite starter.

5. Luxray


Like with Garchomp, Giratina, and Lucario, I used a Luxray in my Sinnoh team. It wasn't the strongest, but it was bad@$$. Up until Gen 6, it was the closest thing we got to a lion. That's right; Luxray was the original lion Pokemon, so step aside, Pyroar and Solgaleo. And it was electric. An electric lion with X-RAY VISION? Bad@$$! Its design is also majestic and intimidating, while also emitting a sense of regality and respect that this thing deserves. That is why I nicknamed my Luxray Simba.


4. Gallade


Mega Gallade

Yet another Sinnoh Pokemon I've bonded with in a playthrough. Also my all-time favourite Sinnoh Pokemon. Nonetheless, I love Gallade. It's a knight with blades on its arms. I've used Gallade not only once, but twice! That's right; I used Gallade in my playthrough of Alpha Sapphire. Plus, Wally and his Mega Gallade were bad@$$. AND DAT THEME THO. Gallade also has one of my favourite Mega Evolutions, even though it isn't that good in battle. Because of MunchingOrange, I nicknamed my Gallade Wuju.


3. Haxorus


Gen 5 has a bit of a...reputation among the Pokemon fanbase. I myself loved it, despite having only played one game, which was Black 2. That team wasn't very memorable, although. However, there is one member, one Pokemon, who rose above the rest. Who was he? Shredder, my Haxorus. First off, Haxorus is freaking cool looking. It's a dragon. That, in my book, automatically makes it a bad@$$. And it has blades on its face. ON ITS FACE. Imagine the dental appointments. Haxorus was the only member of my Unova team that I truly loved. That team consisted of mostly Dragon and Dark-types, so it wasn't very creative. But Haxorus was the powerhouse of the team. Whenever there was a battle I struggled with, Haxorus always pulled me through. I remember in the battle with Black Kyurem, I OHKOed that thing with a single Dragon Dance, then Outrage.


2. Sceptile


Mega Sceptile

Coming in at Number 2 is the first Pokemon I ever owned. I chose Treecko at the beginning of Emerald, my very first Pokemon game. After naming him Evergreen, I overleveled and overtrained that very first Sceptile, and it swept through Juan and Wallace. And in ORAS, I chose Treecko again. Also, Mega Sceptile is the FIRST GRASS/DRAGON-TYPE! Both forms look awesome, and I love this thing for how much time I've spent using it. I even used it in competitive a little. If I could only choose one starter for all my Pokemon adventures, it'd be Sceptile.


1. Rayquaza


Mega Rayquaza

"Oh my God, you Ubers noob! You should kill yourself because you put the most broken Pokemon in the game at the top of your list!" Hold your horses, boi. Rayquaza's immense strength and competitive viability are only a third of why I love it so much. I love Rayquaza for three main reasons. The first is how bad@$$ it is. It has one of the best Pokemon designs, even for a legendary. A serpentine dragon that is the guardian of the sky is an amazing Pokemon. I also love Rayquaza because of how much of a freaking overpowered beast it is. Its best stats excel in Attack and Special Attack, making it a great sweeper. If it happens to go first, you're likely dead. If it happens to Mega Evolve, don't even bother praying to Arceus that you'll survive against this thing! Nothing can touch this guy! Lugia? Nope. Deoxys, Kyogre, and Groudon? Rayquaza's b!tches. Freaking Arceus? Please. Motherf*cking Mewtwo? Get the Hell outta here! Mega Rayquaza was so powerful that it was banned from Smogon's Ubers Tier, and is the only Pokemon in the Anything Goes Tier. Not even God is that powerful! But the main reason I love Rayquaza is because of its sentimental value. It was the first Pokemon I ever saw, appearing on the cover of Pokemon Emerald. That was what pushed me to get my own copy of the game and catch a Rayquaza. It was my first caught legendary and tore apart everything it touched, pulling me through hard situations and saving me. Thus, I nicknamed it Jesu-Rayquaza. So because of how bad@$$ this beast is, its atrocious overpoweredness, and what it means to me, Rayquaza is my favourite Pokemon of all time. 

"Part of the journey is the end..."

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ContributorMember934 XPMar-21-2017 4:58 PM

Nice list.

Godzilla... Truly a God incarnate.

I Meme Everything

2KMember4115 XPMar-21-2017 5:01 PM

^What's your favourite Pokemon of all time?

"Part of the journey is the end..."


ContributorMember934 XPMar-21-2017 5:05 PM

Not sure, I'd have to think about it.


Godzilla... Truly a God incarnate.

I Meme Everything

2KMember4115 XPMay-20-2017 2:12 PM

Update: Lucario and Salamence have switched spots

"Part of the journey is the end..."

Something Real

LegendMember5639 XPMay-20-2017 2:20 PM

DRACONUS - How very neat! Rayquaza is my favorite on this list! :)

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