Ghost Rider 1 & 2: Differences between incarnations of the Rider, their look, powers, and Future Actors

Ghost Rider 1 & 2: Differences between incarnations of the Rider, their look, powers, and Future Actors

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ConversationalistMember1077 XPFeb-26-2016 6:52 AM

Hello Scified. So recently on my TV they showed both the Ghost Rider films. Instead of talking about the films, ive been pondering on way the Rider was portrayed in each. I have basically got 3 questions/statements. If you compare the Ghost Rider from 1, and the Rider from Spirit of Vengeance, there is a HUGE difference as to how they are portrayed. In movie 1, the Rider is very neat, and Blaze has at the very least 70-85% control of him, easily choosing when to transform, and talks a lot more. In Spirit of Vengeance, it’s a completely different story. He is way more rugged, unpredictable and much, much darker and scary. He does weird things, like weird movements, twitching, swaying (after he killed the first guy that shot him), and before that, putting his hand to his chest, putting the other hand up and looking towards it (anyone know what this means or symbolizes???).

He also doesn’t talk much, except for some one-liners and simply screaming and roaring most of the time. I prefer the second Rider a bit more, but also a few things from the first. I like the rugged look, all the weird movements, twitching, and the Penance Stare, from the first (but not the thing he says “Your souls are stained by the blood of the innocent”). Another thing is that I think the Rider in Spirit of Vengeance is way more powerful. I know they are technically the same person but, there are many factual errors and differences in SOV from the first, so I think its more reboot. I feel like SOV Rider would wipe the floor with Legion, and he appears to have more mystical powers than Rider 1, like increasing his chain length (when throwing Mephisto to hell), merely touching people with his chain disintegrates them, and his Penance Stare destroying the body. My last question, is that who do you think should be cast for Marvel’s future movie (if they do, since they have rights). I think Josh Duhamel would make a great Johnny Blaze, and I would love to see the Avengers (mainly Thor) take him on. Who do you think would make a great Ghost Rider in the future???

Remember that chap, I forget his name, he climbed Everest without any oxygen, came down nearly dead. They asked him, they said, "Why did you go up there to die?" He said, "I didn't, I went up there to live."
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LegendMember9516 XPFeb-26-2016 8:23 AM

The main problem with Ghostrider is how to approach the licence. Though the chracter is one of Marvels heroes, his selfish and violent actions wouldn't really work well alongside such team ups a s the Avengers, Defenders or even Guardians of the Galaxy.

In my personal opinion I have always viewed Ghostrider alongside characters such as Blade, Punisher, Daredevil, Deadpool etc. - as characters that are more suited to an R-rated adult audience.

Marvel comics do have something for this called Marvel Knights, but because of the constant rotation of writers and artists throughout all of Marvels comics Marvel Knights has never been fully realised as the adults only brand it should be.

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