Happy Birthday Roy Batty!

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MemberNoobJan-07-2016 12:34 PM

Just thought it was cool that Roy Batty's incept date is tomorrow (January 8th,2016) :) 

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MemberNoobJan-08-2016 5:08 PM
PRIS 2.0 by Laverne Unit

She sure doesn't waste any time, and not much wondering if Priss (aka Pris 2.0) CENSORED on the first-date, too. Honestly, when I saw the thread title I thought you went looney-tunes. However, quite thoughtfully, here we are at our first 2016 INCEPT DATE, together. I'd ask you to hold my hand, but we're a bit too far away from each other, Dale.

More seriously, I always thought it was commendable that Roy saw past the fact, that Pris was a prostitute. And appeared to really love her. At least, that's the way I viewed their relationship; more so, in my early years of being a fan. I think that Roy + J.F. are my favorite of the male characters. And I agree with Rugter, that Deckard is really the actual villain. If I ever get married, I'd probably need a someone that's a fair bit like Roy; as there's probably much to look past, too.

I also knew when a teenager, that if I wanted to keep a boyfriend; my past would need remain somewhat mysterious. The first retail videotape I ever had was 'A L I E N'. And not long after we got the film (also a brand new VCR, a rarity then), I invited a blonde girl that I sat beside in school over for a sleepover (movie-nite). My Father had done well for us, and we had a very nice 2 level-split apartment in Manhattan. It was a paradise, and especially when compared to the little box my Mother and I lived in; previously in Japan.

I was thrilled because it was going to be my first official sleepover. And even though my English wasn't perfect, she could understand me well-enough. My new friend thought I was really funny, and I probably was; we got along brilliantly. I made all kinds of snacks, sushi, everything I could round-up from the fridge. My parents were to be out for the majority of the evening, and we'd have the entire place to ourselves.

She hadn't seen 'A L I E N' yet, and I knew it was going to freak her out; I couldn't wait. We chatted in my bedroom for awhile, and merely waiting for my parents to get going. And I noticed she kept eyeing my chest (I bloomed in a big way, early). So, I lifted-up my T-shirt, and told her to just squeeze them. She actually did, and we giggled away. Also, confessed she was simply curious, and noticed I wasn't wearing a bra, either. They were just bouncing all over the place, plus wondered if it was uncomfortable. Finally, it was time, she screamed, even had a bizarre spasm. And of course, in all the right places during the movie; I was totally overjoyed.

Afterwards, we got to talking about it. I confessed to her that when I first saw the movie; eventually, I convinced myself I had a chestburster growing inside me. We talked for awhile more, then I got to telling her why I thought I was pregnant with a little beasty. While I was going-on, she looked absolutely mortified. Also, she began weeping, very loudly. I made her really upset, so I hugged her. Plus, to make it up to her, I suggested that we sleep together naked. And then I kissed her ...took-off my clothes. That was it ...SLEEPOVER WAS OVER! I watched from the top of the stairs, as my Father spoke to her parents (a bit before midnight). When they left, he turned around, and starred-up at me without saying a word.

He talked about the incident with me the next-morning, at his favorite diner. And explained to me that the kids I go to school with had very sheltered lives, compared mine in Japan, etc. I was to avoid talking about anything that happened there, to anyone, ever. Quite thankfully, she kept everything to herself; nonetheless, it took her awhile until she wanted to talk to me, again. Before too long, all was simply forgotten. I wouldn't ever say that I was bi-sexual, just simply not so picky; particularly when I was younger. We did get to finishing that sleepover sometime, later. I was on my best behavior, and my Father had good eye on us, as well.

Not too shabby for a man grown under glass.  
B&W (1982) by Paul Huf & Still by Stephen Vaughan

Just before this last Christmas, my Father showed-up 'outta-the-blue'. He was lucky that I wasn't being a busy beaver elsewhere. I cried immediately when I saw him standing there. We hadn't seen each other for sometime, and he wouldn't even speak to me. My parents have been upset with me over my career choices, and my current was 'a real doozy' to accept. And not without being insanely furious, either. Actually, one the first things he said was, 'Whatever it is that you're doing, I don't want to know anything.' Undoubtedly, that was fine, because it'd be really weird to talk to him about 'everything' ...like duh, Dad.

All-in-all, 2015 ended-up being a very good year for me. I even won a couple things. Also, finally burying the hatchet with my Father; that's priceless. He is a little younger than Ridley, and I'm a little younger than his son Luke. Plus, we did get to seeing the new 'STAR WARS'; he liked it.

I thought the J.J. Abrams/Disney SW was good fun, and much better than the prequels. It's impossible for any new one to ever beat-out the original trilogy. As those are attached to all kinds of super memories from my past. I'm sure I'd seen those films in the area of 100+ times, theatrically. It's also kind of nice to see SW mania happening once again; a big deal, everywhere. Plus of course, I'm curious to what Mr. Pinky Solo thought of it.

Thanks for remembering, Dale!
Art Is A Shark
It Flipped His Brain
Funky Jo and The Outlaw
They’re All My Favorite Children



MemberNoobJan-08-2016 8:39 PM

Hi Sawa. Sounds like you managed to get some bucket list objectives done over the holidays.Good for you. I'm glad you found some middle ground with your dad. :)

 My first experience watching ALIEN was when my sister snuck me into the drive-in driving my dad's Ford LTD station Wagon(26 feet long)with about five of her friends in the front and back seats. I was in the very back section under blankets...were I stayed when the film got scary..or dared to watch through the front window using a winter glove(with fingers) in front of my face as a makeshift scare filter.

 Even though the car was filled with five other girls five years older than me I don't remember too much emotional condolense other than they'de accassionally ask if I was alright after a chorus of "in the car screams" that should have shattered the windows(they don't make cars like that anymore).

 I never asked to hold one of there hands for fear they might think I couldn't take the scary scenes(when your 13 you always have to prove this). The thought of a trip to second base with one of my sisters friends never really dawned on me as I phsyched myself up to lift my head above the blankets and take in a few minutes of the movie. I'm really not sure how that would have went over with a first year Bachelor of Arts student anyway.

I did enjoy watching the movie (all 27 minutes that I viewed)and I remember a feeling of accomplishment that my bodies natural functions didn't betray me.

The family truckster that journeyed us to screamville.

 Thanks for suggesting holding hands on a Roy Batty Incept Date :)

That's pretty cool but distance is a factor so I'm going to try it by internet means.

P.S Pink Han keeps popping up for some strange reason even though I keep reloading Elmo. I don't think Pink Han see's Elmo as significant...not sure who'll shoot first either :)


MemberNoobJan-10-2016 12:37 PM
A L I E N 6th Ave. (Manhattan, NY) May 1979
by Andreas Feininger

I understand in Canada (R=X) you needed to be smuggled in to see it, eh. The film received an X-rating in the U.K, because there was too much that would confuse a younger audience (about sexuality). And in hindsight, I believe they were right to have been concerned. Not only did it confuse, it put absolute terror into me. Also, it triggered a complete nervous breakdown.

I don't think seeing it when I originally did was necessarily, a good idea. Plus, I still was seriously struggling with English. Although, there hasn't been another movie since; that has given me such an extreme scare. However, by the time I had the videotape; it became a real party.

MC8Al1ng.gif CRITERION 70mm Six-Track (Manhattan, NY) September 1st, 1979

mxOA3MGj.gif hBnq9SvT.gif

No, it wasn't about reestablishing any 'middle-ground'. My Father came to apologize, and I accepted. My previous posting closing reads more 'upbeat' than it probably should. Anyway, we're square. I had a wonderful-time, as it's been many years apart. I really missed him, badly.




MemberNoobJan-12-2016 5:12 PM

We visited relatives in the UK around the time ALIEN was released. I think I remember seeing the X rating. I don't remember any sexual thoughts while watching it for the first time though. Makes you wonder about the people who rate these movies and what they like to do with there spare time ;)

 I'm glad everything between you and your dad is squared up now :) 


MemberNoobJan-28-2016 12:10 PM
The_Facts_of_Life_b.gif The_Facts_of_Life_BR_still_by_Stephen_Vaughan.jpg David Bowie, Elvis & BR: A Fan Theory To End All Fan Theories
by Paula Young Lee

Fan theories are always fun to read, and she points-out something I oddly never caught myself; regarding Roy's INCEPT DATE. Paula's article makes a case, that the screenwriters (of course Ridley, too) may have intentionally linked to David Bowie & Elvis Presley's birthdays.

The synchronicity she finds is interesting ...ahhh-wham-bam-thank-you ma'am! We can add Ridley did a commercial once; featuring David. Plus, fans of 'Prometheus' know that 'The Man Who Fell To Earth' (1976) was an influence on the character of 'David' 8. There is also a big commonality with Michael Fassbender; however, I think best not to mention that one. 'The Martian' soundtrack uses David's 'Starman' song, as well.

I feel that Ridley is more so Bowie and Hampton (maybe even David Peoples) is more so Elvis. I know Hampton (& his closet) is quite pleased with the fact; the late Nelson Mandela and him share the same birthday. I myself share a common birthdate with a few things that tickle-me-pink, too. Anyway, I'm willing to bet that Ridley was a bit of a David Bowie fan.

I'm sure many know of the recent passing of David. I was once invited to meet with him in 1990; after putting-on the most exciting performance, I ever witnessed. I was very impressed that the real David, was a gentle, almost boyish soul. There are definitley times one really regrets meeting their heroes; thankfully, he didn't disappoint in the slightest (a nice memory).

TPW1vztP.gifLittle Brown Eyed Girl
(January 16th/2016) from
JULIA (Somebody-Somebody)

Sometimes, unusual synchronicity is just people having fun with each other, too. Miss 'Blue Jean' JAV starlet JULIA has seemingly synchronized nicely with us here; pretty awesome, pretty woman. A note of fair warning: in going beyond the JULIA link to it's post, you'll venture into an Adults-Only zone.


And thanks,
Bonus links:
Topping Chestbursters
When Harry Meets Denis
All You Need Is Luv, Everybody!


MemberNoobFeb-04-2016 9:10 PM


 Thanks Sawa ;)

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