The Last of the Sapiens: Prologue

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2KMember3687 XPOct-09-2015 7:50 PM

Hello, I have decided to make a story and new series, however this time off of the Jurassic World Forum... It's something I've been wanting to do for a while, so I started no with a simple and short prologue. Please read and give me your most honest opinion if you would like to see more.


I've made it so you're hopefully not supposed to know what exactly is going on.


He looked as he was circling across this doom… God damn the theory was true... so far. He saw a brief glimpse of his feet, which seemed metres away… because they were metres away from him, pulling slowly away, but he didn’t feel pain…

He already knew there was no going back. It was literally impossible to go back. As he came closer bright shards of light pierced his eyes… He came to the end of it all, if this was all true, it was guaranteed that he wouldn’t be able to see the inside of the damn thing he was being pulled into.


Why exactly did he think he would want to jump into some crap like this? But it was just a theory… Maybe once inside the theory would be proven wrong… But he thought that he wouldn’t make it… Did it even matter…? Human were doomed from the beginning…

The plans weren’t going to work, it was just fact… Of course Ramon thought otherwise… That optimistic bastard…


He saw the last moment, it was so bright, and he entered…


He was still alive…



But he wasn’t prepared for what he saw.


They were right, he thought. They were goddamned right. He knew what this meant… Everything that had happened, has all happened… He still couldn’t bring himself to the fact that literally everything that had happened has all happened in this place, he could easily move around this dimension… Well, according to the theory.


Damned Marxon… It was all his fault… He thought of himself, accepting this job… It was years ago but it felt like just weeks for him…


He was floating now… Or was he…? I’m too confused to think right now, damnit…

He then thought about how it all happened… it started out with a mission with him and his friends... It wasn't to save the world... It was to find a new one.




Please comment, thanks for reading!


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NoobMember56 XPOct-11-2015 5:39 PM

Please make more of this! It sounds interesting and I would like to know what happens next ^-^. Also nice new profile picture.


2KMember3687 XPOct-12-2015 6:55 PM

Thanks! Perhaps I will make more but I might not for a while... Don't know how I'll make this and get more views on this topic without posting it on the JW forums. ANd thanks, I love owls and birds in general, haha.


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