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Admin9516 XPNov-06-2012 7:04 AM[center][b]ALIENS COLONIAL MARINES[/b] [img][/img] [i][/i][/center] [b]Genre:[/b] First Person Shooter [b]Format:[/b] Xbox 360 / PS3 / Windows / WiiU [b]Developer:[/b] Gearbox Software [b]Publisher:[/b] SEGA [b]Age Rating:[/b] 18+ February 12th 2013 sees the launch of the highly anticipated [b]Aliens: Colonial Marines[/b], a game promising to be the true sequel to [i]James Camerons[/i] 1986 movie [b]Aliens[/b]. Set on [b]LV-426[/b] shortly after the events of the aforementioned movie a team of [b]Colonial Marines[/b] investigate the remains of the [b]Hadleys Hope[/b] colony and of the derelict [b]Engineer Juggernaut[/b], while fending off relentless attacks from wave upon wave of [b]Xenomorphs[/b]. [b]Aliens: Colonial Marines[/b] will allow players to use all of the [i]Colonial Marines[/i] arsenal including the [b]M41a Pulse Rifle, Flamethrower, Smart Gun[/b] and the [b]Remote Sentry Turret[/b], while killing hordes of [b]Xenomorphs[/b], including some new, never before seen breeds. Furthermore, the game will feature drop in/drop out co-operative play, allowing players to freely drop in and out of another players online game. The game lacks a HUD, requiring players to place their weapon aside to check their [b]Motion Tracker[/b] for the direction of incoming enemies, in a similar way to [i]Doom 3[/i]'s torchlight gameplay mechanics, thus players must deem when it is safe to check their [b]Motion Tracker[/b], and when it is not. [b]Aliens: Colonial Marines[/b] uses the [i]Red Ring Engine[/i], which is in actuality the latest version of the [i]Unreal Engine[/i] AKA [i]UE3[/i] (which also powers the forthcoming [url=]Gears of War: Judgment[/url]), with a new renderer that allegedly allows for more dynamic lighting and shadowing in game. Feel free to discuss anything [b]Aliens: Colonial Marines[/b] related in this thread, favorite character(s), favorite weapon(s), favorite enemies(s), anything...



Admin9516 XPNov-06-2012 7:14 AM[center][b]ALIENS COLONIAL MARINES[/b] [b][u]New Xenomorphs[/u][/b] [b]Soldier[/b] [img][/img] [b]Lurker[/b] [img][/img] [b]Crusher[/b] [img][/img] [b]Spitter[/b] [img][/img] [b]Boiler[/b] [img][/img]


Admin17880 XPNov-06-2012 1:56 PMVery much looking forward to Aliens Colonial Marines. Looks like such a sick game.
Alien: Covenant | Predator 4


Member0 XPNov-19-2012 9:25 AMI want this game soooo badly right now!
�That is not dead which can eternal lie, and with strange aeons even death may die.� ~ H.P. Lovecraft


Member0 XPJan-31-2013 7:30 AMBoiler is like "Ehhhh im we todd ed" but i preordered this and i cant wait.

We aint outta here in ten minutes, we wont need no rocket to fly through space.

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