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MemberNoobFeb-14-2014 1:46 AM
BR_ELE.jpg Milk & cookies kept you awake, huh?


6576140499_ab3fe28e32.jpg Large


6576141891_e8eec85e87.jpg Large


4490512626_ae051d37d0.jpg Large


4490511918_8afcbcb86f.jpg Large


4490512350_d2aa76fc11.jpg Large


5501550265_1fedab8010.jpg Large


5502142742_0d3ae43cfc.jpg Large


4450734776_07a69ccd7f.jpg Large


4450735840_0657aa3cf1.jpg Large


4450733844_22a7eebc09.jpg Large
gaynoir @flickr
muckster @flickr
claylarsen @flickr
Photos taken @ Museum of the Moving Image (Astoria, NY)


Mark Stetson @Zoic Studios
Mark Stetson buildings @Ridleyville
Mark Stetson Tyrell Pyramid @Ridleyville


BR_VM_Stage_Mega_City.jpg Escape From New York/Blade Runner Connection (excerpt):

According to IMDb's Escape From New York trivia page, the model of the city set was repainted and reused for Blade Runner (1982). The do***entary Sense of Scale (2012) about movie miniature model-FX artists and their work as well as a RPF forum page called Escape From New York miniatures containing screenshots from this doc-film clears it up. It was the wireframe model-sets made for the computer graphics on the display screens in the movie they used in early pre-production for Blade Runner to experiment with the look of the city. Mark Stetson worked on this movie as well. The buildings were most likely used in the art department only (Escape From NY & LA Page Jan-18-2014).


BR_VM_Pyramid_Mockup.jpg Escape From New York miniatures @RPF Forum


Shimizu_Mega_City_Pyramid_Concept.jpg Shimizu TRY 2004 Pyramid Concept


JF_Heart_Teddy.gif Bonus links:
Hades & Mega-City
Tyrell Building Pics Collection
Escape From NY with John Wash


7 Replies


MemberNoobFeb-14-2014 4:39 AM
Wow what a treat. thanks Sawa i had no idea that some of the Tyrell set pieces had survived the fire and were still working this has made my day, what detail, what class, never see the likes of this quality again fkb :)


Admin2KFeb-14-2014 3:18 PM
Look at all the wiring in that, amazing job. Thanks for posting Sawa!


MemberNoobFeb-15-2014 3:41 AM
WOW!! Thanks for posting this Sawa :) I saw one photo of the Tyrel Building section in the Museum of moving Image a while back, but it wasn't very good.The photos you posted are AWESOME!! I almost had a heart attack watching the Mark Stetson Tyrel Pyramid video.(around the 3:58 mark) [IMG][/IMG] There were the hand drawn prints for the same building panels I have.They obviously modified the design to accommodate this section of the Tyrel Building.The panels look shorter. I'm pretty sure this section of the Tyrel Building was created for the zoom in shot for Leon's interview. [IMG][/IMG] You can see the windows here.In the film they had ceiling fans revolving in them. Lots of really nice photos and goodies here.Thanks Sawa :) P.S I never knew about the Escape From New York connection...and Happy Valentines Day :) [IMG][/IMG]


MemberNoobFeb-17-2014 4:38 AM
Replicant_by_darkereve.gif REPLICANT by DarkerEve

I wonder if the other rumors were true; in that the models got so hot, they started to melt-together. And they had to be stripped-down completely, to help shoot it all.

Inside_Tyrell_Museum_of_gifs.gif White light, white light enough to make one blind White light, white light wire drive 'em outta their minds White heat, white heat had the EEG crew falling-out of their clothes White light, white light so hot Tyrell's Pyramid had a meltdown, oh-my-goodness-no 

You're all welcome! (gifs in this post may take a bit to load) 

Bonus link: Remaking BR with a Kettle kettle_trans_p.gif



MemberNoobFeb-17-2014 5:25 AM
Yes, it looks like this piece was separate for detailed close-ups.
And likely the reason it was spared from the fire.


Thank-you for the wish, Dale (was very sweet).
And what sharp-looking patterns of pyramid brass you have there, Mr. Deckard.




MemberNoobFeb-22-2014 5:51 PM
Just got this today.I know Sawa has posted scans of this magazine but I though I'd post some scans of interest here :) [IMG][/IMG] They used this building miniature for shots inside the Spinner ****pit(bottom right) [IMG][/IMG] Just shows how big some of the building miniatures were :) [IMG][/IMG] I just wanted to post this next one..some artistic license on the publishers part...notice the gold sparkles printed on the page and a pic of Zhora in the top corner ;) Sid Vicious and Keith Richards also make a cameo in the film ;) [IMG][/IMG]


MemberNoobFeb-24-2014 3:58 AM
absolutely incredible find Sawa, seriously you need to start yer own Blade Runner blog or something and just post everything blade runner! I would totally subscribe or sign up to the Sawabladerunner email mailing list to get updates. On top of that, I would freaking DONATE if Sawa keeps it running! and thanks to everyone else who also posted more pictures too! good stuff everyone! Oh....djrees56! You need to shrink wrap that magazine ASAP! I am super jelly of you for getting that since I bet that was NOT cheap to buy. If you are comfortable to reveal the cost, I would love to read it because sometimes money does not matter if you are a serious collector of something that you care deeply about. I know I have spent hundreds of dollars on a specific product that I want for over 12 years, I felt 100% happy and glad that I made the decision to fork over whatever the cost it is to obtain what I wanted! Now gimmie gimmie gimmie that magazine!!!! You should buy a treasure chest, put the magazine in the treasure chest, then lock it up by covering it up with 50 pound chains, then lock it up with 5-10 padlocks, eventually you put the treasure chest down to the basement, grab a jackhammer and start to break the cement ground and make about a 12-15 feet hole. Lower the treasure chest with the magazine inside down to the bottom of the hole. Rent one of those cement trucks, bring it to yer crib and use a long fire hose or something to get the wet cement from the truck all the way down to the basement hole where the treasure chest is located. Wait until the entire hole is filled with cement, let it dry for a few days, Move the washer and driver by placing it right above the dried cement. Leave it there forever until someone digs it up in the future. sorry for the long silly post
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