Mondo's "Back to the Future 2" Poster by Laurent Durieux Honors Blade Runner!

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NoobMember0 XPFeb-08-2014 1:49 AMIn honor of the year 2015 when [b]Marty McFly[/b] travels to the future, [b]Laurent Durieux[/b] developed a very [b]Blade Runner[/b] stylized poster to show appreciation to [b]Back To The Future Part II[/b] and the idealized vision of the future that both movies represent. This and other works will be on display at [b]Mondo Gallery[/b] in [b]Austin, Texas[/b] for his first solo art show starting February 7th, 2014. Or you can visit Laurent's website here at [url=][/url] to see his other works, which are amazing! According to [url=][/url]: [i]We already knew Durieux, who flew in from Belgium for the show, did [b]The Birds[/b], [b]Forbidden Planet[/b] and the first [b]Back to the Future[/b] for the show (though that has yet to be revealed) but with this one image, he truly captures the time, place and tone of [b]Robert Zemeckis[/b]‘ hit 1989 sequel.[/i] [i]Back to the Future Part II, as well as the rest of the posters in the show, will first go on sale at 7 p.m. February 7 at 4115 Guadalupe Street in Austin, TX. The exhibit remains on display through March 1.[/i] [i][/i] Here is the variants of the poster below, enjoy! [center] [IMG][/IMG] [b]Regular, an Edition of 575[/b] [IMG][/IMG] [b]Edition of 225[/b] (right click on both images and select "view image" to zoom) [/center] Pretty neat huh? I could totally see a "[i]Blade Runner style[/i]" [b]Back to the Future[/b] movie made sometime just to show off artistic talents and it would be pure "eye candy" to say the least! Let us know what you think of the posters below! [b]Source[/b]: [url=][/url]
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2KMember2674 XPFeb-08-2014 5:33 AMI love his work! Those are just perfect, thanks FREEZE!


"Let The Cosmic Incubation Begin" ~ H.R. Giger


NoobMember0 XPFeb-08-2014 2:14 PMlove them


NoobMember4 XPFeb-09-2014 5:41 PM
Pirelli_calendar_1986_Helmut_Newton.jpg 2014 Pirelli Calendar Photo (1986) by Helmut Newton

It's very surprising to read that the DeLorean is being produced again by DMC, Texas. And with an electric-powered model in the works, too. My first sports-car was a well-used 1970s-era De Tomaso/Ford Pantera. It was good where I could see; bad where I couldn't n' be learned. :(

Thanks FREEZE!
Bonus links:
ELVIS: All Shot-Up
The Deadly Flying Ford Pinto


NoobMember0 XPFeb-09-2014 11:45 PMHaha, excellent additions there Sawa! Love the look of the Pantera, you got a little Elvis in ya' ;) As for the Pinto 'flying' I'd pass on a ride in that thing! :P Cheers!
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2KAdmin4319 XPFeb-11-2014 10:20 PMAwesome!
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