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MemberNoobAug-25-2013 12:27 AM
[center][/center][center] [img][/img] [b]Matthew 9:36[/b]: When he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them, because they were harassed, & helpless, like sheep without a shepherd ([url=]NIV[/url]). [/center] [url=]"Gaff The Sorcerer"[/url] by Paolo Terno (2000). Bonus link: [url=]Where is Mercer?[/url] S:)
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Co-AdminMemberNoobAug-25-2013 1:14 AM
Excellent thread as always Sawa! I always thought Mercer was somehow "absorbed" by the plot/story background of the human element within Blade Runner. Nice article on Gaff, and his role in the film! Kudos for the share! :)
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MemberNoobAug-25-2013 5:58 AM
HELP!! Svanya!!! I only wanted to post a really cool Blade Runner GIF and the above post happened !! Please delete if you can!!


Admin2KAug-25-2013 4:15 PM
LOL, ok djrees56. I am on it! :P @Sawa, love the pic/post. Edward James Olmos outfits always looked so amzaing in the movie. Loved the blue/silver touches.


MemberNoobAug-26-2013 2:10 AM
We would have to discuss the Mercer side Sawa ;) tell me about...your mother?? [img][/img]


Member2KAug-27-2013 11:26 AM
Fantastic, thanks Sawa! :-) Nice gif djrees, I'll be saving that!


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MemberNoobAug-29-2013 10:16 AM
[center][/center]I think Gaff represents a break in the system, in any version of the film. Although, he comes-off as more angelic (Guardian Angel, Shepard) once the voice-over is removed. With the VO, he is brown-nosing for a promotion (lovely choice of words), & he was wrong (Too bad she won't live ...Gaff had been there, & let her live. Four years, he figured. He was wrong). Simply an envious prick that wants Deckard outta of the way. [b]VO cont' ad-lib[/b]: Running-off with anything less than an immortal love doll, just isn't worth it. Gaff is such a dummy, he doesn't know what a score she really is. If he'd known, he'd probably would've have taken her himself. I figured he sampled the goods while he was there, maybe she just wasn't his type. Who knows? :) A fun bit of trivia regarding the VO, is that the producers seriously questioned whether or not Harrison was 'stoned', when reading it (due to the drone-tone). Maybe someone like whistle-blower Carrie Fisher could elaborate further. =D [b]Ridley Scott[/b]: The whole point of Gaff, the whole point in that direction at the very end, if Gaff is an operator for the department, then Gaff is also probably an exterminator. Gaff, at the end, doesn't like Deckard, & we don't really know why. And if you take for granted for a moment that, let's say, Deckard is Nexus-7, he probably has an unknown lifespan, & therefore is starting to get awfully human. Gaff, just at the very end, leaves a piece of origami, which is a piece of silver paper you might find in a cigarette packet. And it's of a unicorn, right? So, the unicorn that's used in Deckard's daydream tells me that Deckard wouldn't normally talk about such a thing to anyone. If Gaff knew about that, it's Gaff's message to say, I've basically read your file, mate. I believe with that stated, you can really see Gaff almost anyway you like, within those parameters (1992 >). He tipped Deckard off to get him to run, so he may hunt them both down himself (for example). Or someone that just doesn't like what is going-on, & happens to secretly sympathize with the both of them. I like to believe Gaff is the good man, or one character throughout the film whose intentions/actions are genuinely admirable, & selfless. I also think that his introduction in the film, is one of the most memorable. My opinion of Gaff is biased, maybe he too, is an assassin as estimated by Ridley. Good men are like unicorns in BR, some dream about them, but nobody really sees one (or do they?), LOL. I like how Ridley states 'probably' as opposed to 'is'. ;) In regards to Mercer, I don't know if there is 'Mercer side' to it. And as I tend not to use Dick's novel as any-kind of companion to the film. I'm one that treats them as completely separate entities. However, it's included to show that there is an opinion that Gaff subs for Mercer, & also provides a nice quote from Ridley regarding Gaff. And for me, the most interesting bit from "Gaff The Sorcerer": Gaff's ability to give response, create symbols and his capacity to appear, & disappear are elements which make us think of him as a sorcerer. Anthropology has revealed that magic is a symbolic system, & so Gaff's origamis are in the magic-sphere. Besides, we must consider the power of his voice; he can obtain Deckard's subjection with just a few words, & the voice is one of the most typical expressions of magic power. All the three components of the magic activity are present: the spell -the words that he pronounces ("Captain Bryant" or only "Bryant")-, the ritual that in the film is the act of touching , & the ritual condition for the practicing the spell, that in the case of Gaff is his role of agent for the "System". Also, the characteristics of Gaff's body are similar to the classic literary figure of the soothsayer, also his walking-stick is a typical attribute of sorcerer, & shamans. [center] [img][/img] And yes Svanya, lookin' abracadabra. =D [/center] You're welcome, everyone. ^_^ S:)


MemberNoobAug-31-2013 10:12 AM
[center][/center][center] [img][/img][/center] This is an opinion on Gaff that is in alignment with my own; of which, is done by a person I tend not to agree with on, in many of their observations. And with this particular bit, I do disagree with for whom the matchstick man's erection is supposed to be for. He believes it is for Zhora, & I think it's foreshadowing Deckard's forceful sexual-encounter with Rachel (or simply his lust for her). Possibly, Deckard was programmed to 'respond' to her, & why the arranged test of her with Tyrell (they were made for each other). Just as Rachel was being tested, so was Deckard; simultaneously, & overseen personally by their creator. And in meaning, Tyrell approves officially ...the next-phase of the experiment is on, with Deckard's BR activation. I would hate to think Deckard was in a state of sexual arousal for Zhora, just before or even as he ruthlessly shot her in the back. :O But then again, maybe Deckard was more messed-up than I ever realized, LOL. And this would suggest that Deckard really does 'get-off' of on the process of retirement. Maybe if the opportunity presents itself for Deckard to prey on a target sexually, before retiring them; he's all for it. This might better explain his odd-behavior in Zhora's dressing-room; as he did know that she was indeed one of the wanted Nexus-6. It's a possibility, I guess. =P I tend to figure that was more so a way, to infuse the scene with a little (dark) humor, myself. However, his theory does pose a disturbing question Deckard hardwired to be a sexual-predator, to morbidly enhance his replicant hunting abilities? Maximum terrorization of the target? Also, similar to real-life rape/death squads, during the Bosinan War (for example). [url=]Whose side was Gaff on? (clip)[/url] This opinion contrasts that of "Gaff the Sorcerer"; where more or less, Gaff is described as a powerful/almost magical handler of Deckard. And of which, implies something far more sinister (in relation to Gaff having a more complex role in his mission-programming as an assassin, & also the Nexus-7 'experiment'). However, I do believe it is quite a valid/interesting observation/concept, too. S:)
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