Why hasn't ridley scott won any academy awards for directing?

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NoobMember28 XPAug-03-2013 6:18 AMJust did a quick check. I have learnt that ridley scott hasn't actualy won any academy for directing. Over the years watching almost all of his movies, all of which are very good films. So why has he not won any academy awards? Maybe he will be in for a life time achievement award from the academy?
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LegendMember9516 XPAug-16-2013 4:23 AMWell TBH with the exception of Black Hawk Down, I don't think he really deserves an academy award for best director. Legend (pur-lease), Gladiator (universally panned), Hannibal (of the 5 movies, its the second worst one after Rising), Robin Hood (facepalm) and Kingdom of Heaven (O-M-G so bad) are all lacklustre - terrible films. Yes he did also make Alien, Prometheus and Bladerunner, but TBH neither are as groundbreaking as say 2001, and typically the only category sc-fi films do well in the academy awards is visual effects. BTW - did you also know that legendary actor Donald Sutherland also has never won an academy award.


2KAdmin4329 XPAug-23-2013 6:21 PMHe is in good company, these Directors haven't won one either: Alfred Hitch****, Stanley Kubrick, Orson Welles, Robert Altman, Spike Lee, David Fincher. Full list--->[url=http://www.imdb.com/list/YxsG71N2-5U/]Best Directors that never won Oscar...[/url]


NoobMember28 XPAug-24-2013 2:53 AM@savnya That a very surprising list. Alot of iconic film makers there.
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NoobMember4 XPAug-25-2013 12:50 AM[center][img]http://s2.postimg.org/b7j85y0w9/ridley.jpg[/img][/center] I would've certainly awarded him Best Director for "ALIEN" (Org. Theatrical Cut), & "Blade Runner" (The Final Cut). However, like stated before the way the Academy has traditionally dealt with Sci-Fi films was to simply give them an award for Visual Effects. In regards to "Gladiator" (2000), it was the first movie to win Best Picture without winning both Best Director, & Best Screenplay awards, since 1953. If I had to guess, it's the process of appeasement (on multiple-levels) that put Ridley out of contention (for Best Director). Nevertheless, Ridley is still a highly decorated man, along with many of his films. Thanks pulserifle187. ^_^ S:)


NoobMember28 XPAug-26-2013 6:02 AMSci-fi movies offer alot more than traditional movies. Its seems that more main stream movies are just a constant reharsh of old ideas. The bad guy always dies in the end, the guy always gets the girl, the serial killer get decifered and caught. How many times can they do it. There is so much more can be done in a sci-fi movie, the range is almost endless. Concepts are more interesting than a muscule bound guy with a machine gun shooting bad guys from the hip.
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InitiateMember357 XPAug-29-2013 5:32 PMIMO the reason Ridley Scott has not had many awards is because he directs films for people who want to be entertained, and not directing his energies into for films that are aimed wholly at people who are responsible for nominations. ( Maybe I’m just rephrasing and agreeing with Sawa’s point about appeasement) Unless of course, you consider his Best Debut Award at Cannes film festival in 1977 for The Duellists.This is not to say Ridley does not take risks or explore concepts, which imo has been proven on numerous occasions. You would think that he would have received more for his efforts, but I think Gladiator made quite a few statements to that effect. “Are you not entertained !?â€.

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