The Unicorn in the Director;'s Cut

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Albert West

MemberNoobOct-16-2012 7:52 AM
I was reading a review on the Director's Cut of Blade Runner today and in the review the writer suggests that the unicorn scene that runs through Deckard's mind indicates that Deckard may be human. My opinion is that the unicorn scene actually indicates that Deckard is a replicant. Here is my reasoning: Unicorns are made-up creatures that do not exist; they are spawned from our imaginations. Thus, the unicorn scene in Deckard's dream is reflective of his own memories of his life; like the photographs on his piano. The memories are not real and therefore Deckard is a replicant..... How do you guys interprete the unicorn scene?
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Admin2KOct-16-2012 3:09 PM
Yes you are very right, the Unicorn scenes do mean he is a replicant, Ridley explained the connection in this video in 2005: [url=]Deckard Unicorn scenes= He is a replicant[/url] Also, Ridley Scott just re-confirmed Deckard is a replicant this week so there is no mistaking/denying it now, Deckard IS a Nexus 6. You can read the story here: [url=]Ridely Scott once again confirms Deckard is a replicant (a Nexus 6)[/url]


MemberNoobOct-17-2012 8:22 PM
Here is a bigger reveal, gaff is a replicant. He origamied up a unicorn for Deckard so Deckard would realise that not only are you a replicant, but so am i, go have a life with Tyrell's niece for however long that lasts...we all die but not everyone truly lives. Besides why else would a blade runner let 2 replicants go? Thats some fat cash gaff let slide, or did he consider them of his kind?

Albert West

MemberNoobOct-17-2012 10:09 PM
Gaff seems to be the latest debate on who is a replicant. He is a great character, one of my favourites. Throughout the movie Gaff is always watching, waiting to see how things unfold. Maybe it is because he wants Deckard's job or more likely he knows that Deckard is a replicant and thus keeps tabs on him. My personal opinion about Gaff is that he is human. Deckard has fallen for Rachael because of his emotions and his realization that he is a replicant. Gaff lets Rachael and Deckard go because he is human. Gaff could have retired both Rachael and Deckard, making him the "chief Blade Runner. But he lets them go. Why? I would like to think that the gesture is one of human compassion.... This is what makes Blade Runner a great film. Many aspects of the film make fans question what is going on. Endless debates. Fans have taken ownership of the movie.....


Admin2KOct-17-2012 10:26 PM
@Winterallthings; I am pretty sure he's human. Gaff was sent to watch Deckard's behavior and knows so much about Deckard because he read his file and possibly his own memories were used as the source for Deckard's implanted ones. The unicorn is a reference to Deckard, and to his unicorn "dream" as well. So Gaff seems to know Deckard's inner thoughts, suggesting the "dream" would actually be an implanted memory or image. This strongly suggests Gaff knows Deckard's [implanted] memories, just like Deckard knew all about Rachael's.
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