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What are the keys to making a good film?

What are the keys to making a good film?

Scified2019-12-03 16:33:16
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It is important to have clear ideas about the story we want to explain and how to do it, choosing the most appropriate format.

What are the keys to making a good film?

Cinema transports us, captivates us and makes us aware of the moment in which we live, but it also allows us to escape and move to other moments or realities.

Films allow us to travel through moments, soaking up places and characters that we can feel very close to even if they are fictitious or completely unknown.

But what do you have to take into account to make a good film? When making a film you have to have clear ideas about the story you want to explain and how to do it, choosing the most appropriate format whether it's a short film, a feature film, a documentary, a fiction film or a film that uses real and invented elements at the same time," explains 123movies

The editing: the biggest challenge

For 123movies, planning is just as important in a documentary as knowing how to accept the changes that reality brings to you when you shoot. "Scenes that you had foreseen don't happen and others that you hadn't counted on bring you very interesting moments", he points out.

"You have to work with one eye on the camera lens and the other earring on the surroundings so that you don't miss unrepeatable moments," he adds.

The film ends up being a puzzle that can be articulated in very different ways and you have to make an effort to find the best one".

Once the film is finished, it can be shown to the public. According to the teacher, it is the critics and the spectators who will decide if they liked the final result. In general, it's difficult to decide if a film is good because there are different elements to take into account, such as the tastes of each person.

Going to the cinema, a long-distance race

Cabeza teaches young students who want to devote themselves professionally to film.

"I would recommend to young people who want to dedicate themselves to this world that they see a lot of cinema, both contemporary and classic, that they venture into different genres and formats, from the big Hollywood productions to the most risky auteur cinema," he says.

He believes that watching cinema is the best way to learn. "You get some basic knowledge, the raw material of any filmmaker, which specialized studies can provide a professional outlet," he says.

It is advisable not only to be interested in cinema, but also in other artistic and cultural forms. "It's important to read, to be interested in art, music... to be voracious in art and culture, to be curious about the world around them," he says.

In short, a film director must be willing to discover the world in order to show it to others.

Written by ChrisPublished on 2019-12-03 16:33:16
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3 Fan responses to What are the keys to making a good film?


ContributorMember968 XPDec-03-2019 4:46 PM

Thanks for the tips, Chris.

Maybe now I can make my own short films someday.

Insectoid comics

NoobMember45 XPDec-04-2019 9:34 AM

In my opinion the biggest sin a film can commit is being boring.



LegendMember8212 XPDec-21-2019 10:42 PM

I don't think makers of shorts get enough credit. They can pack more of a punch in 20 minutes that a cinema film does in 90 plus minutes. Basically all killer with no filler.

Making a good movie takes a combination of moving parts from acting, sound, lighting, wardrobe and even catering (which can be an over all factor in general morale) etc.

It certainly takes someone with a broad range of knowledge and an open mind while knowing that things change from board room meetings to boots on ground while filming. 

I think it is also important for the director and writers to really be engaged and passionate about the project,

The OP seems a bit of a loaded question since there are so many aspects of a film. 

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