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New sci-fi Online Casino Slots 2020

New sci-fi Online Casino Slots 2020

Scified2020-05-30 06:42:59
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It often happens that you sit down to a gambling session, and hope about winning a payout that can change your life. Sometimes these games themselves provide an escape route filled with fantasy journeys and themes to unknown worlds. 

The sci-fi online casino slots come from legal casino gambling software and available from reputed online casinos such as these. In this article, you will have reviews of four slots with sci-fi themes for a thrill-filled and fun gaming experience. 

The Vault (Microgaming)

Microgaming and Snowborngames are behind the sci-fi casino slot, The Vault. This slot has 20 paylines, 3 rows, and 5 reels. The theme of The Vault' is built on a character who commits burglary named Jewel.' 

See video preview:

Jewel' is like a lady. She is on her mission to accomplish her biggest heists by robbing the Pink Dawn', a lovable pink diamond in a stylish Paris Noir' setting. Hence, keep your wallets tight, the heist is somewhere around you. 

When it comes to game art, it is stunningly beautiful. The slot is laced with free spins that award you with 10 free spins and bonus symbols. Once you move with the game, you will come across many green lasers, forming a pattern of intersecting lines. It raises the legality of the slots and its theme even further.

The Vault provides a jackpot of 5000x of your stake, non-progressive in nature. Hence, with a bet as low as $40 per spin, you can look at the highest winning potential of about $200,000. This amount is more than enough for medium and low rollers. You can even play it on your mobile device.

This sci-fi slot bears an nice RTP percentage of around 96%. Moreover, the hit ratio of 19.97% means that you can get a payout every 5 to 6 spins. The symbols that emerge on the reels consist of low-value cards that range from 10 to Ace, a diamond case, bars of gold, a pink diamond, the scatter, and Jewel. 

The standard bonus rounds wild is 1x1. When you land 5 wilds, you can win 100x of your stake. The Vault has two different kinds of bonus rounds. Among them, re-spins are one of them. The re-spins gets triggered when 2 bonus symbols appear. This feature ends when the bonus symbols cease to appear.

Another exciting feature of this slot game is the free spins. Because of this feature, you may win a jackpot of around 5000x of your stake. The free spins begin with a multiplier of 3x. Whenever a 1x symbol appears, the multiplier increases by 1+, and another free spin is given to you. 


GAME OF THRONES Power Stacks Slot (Microgaming)

The old version of the online slot game, The Game of Thrones, was released in the year 2014 during the broadcasting of the popular TV series. However, it didn't become that famous amongst the people who play slots. Microgaming provided the players with the standard 5 reels and 4 free spins.

The players can choose between the multiplier amount and the number of spins. Unfortunately, the game went down under the radar despite many online casinos picked it up first. But soon, they left it out. One of the obvious reasons may be due to the presentation of the characters as symbols, which is not relatable to the game.

The game area has 5x4 reels, and that is bigger than the average slot games. It seems that the payouts are coming through the Power Stacks network. There are many progressive jackpots available inside. At the end of the day, it is the progressive jackpots that players would be looking to win.

For this new version just out Game of Thrones Power Stacks slot, you are obviously looking at the title, a branded game that is designed by one of the most popular game developers. Previously, the Microgaming experts didn't manage the old Game of Thrones slots, but they did it here. Now you can see some of the actors as symbols on the reels.

You can play The Game of Thrones Power Stack slot on your Android smartphone online. For that, you need to have the software and the required application on your phone. The Return to Player (RTP) 96,2%, which is very important in every popular game, is also good on this slot game. 

Power Stacks is the feature in the gameplay that performs all the functions of the symbols such as wilds, regulars, and scattered. You can combine them, and alternate with the low-value symbols to convert them to the paid ones. 

All the important features of this online casino slot are free spins, payout, RTP, free rounds, bonuses, betting range, mini-games, and multipliers.

Spinosaurus (Booming Games)

Spinosaurus is a slot game designed and developed by Booming Games with the inclusion of an image of a dinosaur among the other symbols. The game is composed of betting range, reels, payout, and pay lines that are used to play this game and earn the highest from the given features and options.

See Video Preview:

The game can be played online on your smartphones, but you need to know how to run it on your smart devices. From the 20 pay lines and 5 lines in the whole area of the game, you could win a maximum stack of up to 2500x your bet.

Every gambler wants to know the betting value range becaus that's the only instrument used to get the highest advantage from a given online casino slot. The developers have settled for an amount between $0.20 and $200. The RTP is fixed at 96%. 

The theme of The Spinosaurus is based out of many creatures of different types. However, the dinosaur is included in all the images. 

The back screen of this slot game displays a picture of a forest along with Raptors, Triceratops, T-Rex, and the foremost symbol of a dinosaur. You can upgrade almost every feature over time. The slot game is full of entertainment for the gamblers and wagers in an online casino. 

Reel Keeper (Red Tiger)

Reel Keeper is designed by Red Tiger and a good slot game that may suit hardened gamblers who are searching for decent rewards to get along with high volatile gaming. The graphics are pretty impressive. The game has 10 pay lines and 5 reels classically styled dragon-filled slot. 

Each slot is tied to 3 jackpots. Once the game loads, it feels like a similar Red Tiger or R7 production, thanks to the sounds coming from speakers and the gold-framed reels. And, the well-designed symbols that replicate an Asian theme, though not entirely. The scenery of the mountain in the background is simple.

Now the most important part, which is spinning, it requires setting a bet. Time to hit the stake option when you need to go from 10 p/c or up to $100 per spin. When it comes to RTP, you may get different variations depending on your gameplay. The jackpot may have a low RTP of about 93.78%. 

Looking further into the slot machine payout, it is observed that Red Tiger has fixed the hit frequency at 2 by 5. Whereas on the other hand, with the inclusion of its volatility. In short, you have to prepare for bumpy rides throughout the game. 

When you land a win, it means that you have lined up matching symbols on more than one of the 10 set paylines. Despite the availability of a jackpot, the standard features are quite effective on their own. You have to watch out for the flying dragon that sweeps across the reels. 

The super symbols include the dragon wilds that get triggered randomly and adds to the rightmost reel once a dragon flies across the screen. Something else you need to look out for is the golden egg. It appears on reels 1, 3, and 5. Once three scatters are in view, gamblers are rewarded with 10 dragon spins. 

You need to be over 18 of age to play online slots and don't forget slots gambling can become an addiction.

Written by ChrisPublished on 2020-05-30 06:42:59
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