Best Movie Video Game Tie-ins
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More often than not, movie videogame tie-ins can be notoriously poor. In fact, in the past it has been at times more fun to play on the licensed slots at sites like 32Red and Unibet than it has been to play them on our console. However, this is the gaming world and in the gaming world lots and lots of terrible games get made. They have to, if not there would be nothing to make the great ones great. The same concept goes for movie videogame tie-ins. Most of them are not far off shambolic but there are the odd pleasant exceptions.

Terminator 2: Judgement Day

Although it was an arcade game, we will include it in here due to the fact we enjoyed it so much. The second Terminator movie was without question the best there has ever been. Arnie was in top form and was allowed to test out his comedic skills in the film. Surprisingly, it came off. But the real star of the show had to be the T-1000 that had been sent back in time to kill John Connor.

This fun arcade game follows in the exact same suit. You are the T-800 (Arnie), who is tasked with keeping the Connors safe whilst there is a rampaging liquid-metal T-1000 on the prowl. Providing you had the quarters you too could melt that horrible cyborg! If you would rather play a more up-to-date Terminator game there is the hugely popular slot machine that can be found at 32Red amongst others, as well as the mobile game Terminator Genisys: Revolution.



Star War: Battlefront

An absolute monster of a game series. The first two were epic whilst the news that a third one was slated for release at the end of the year was nearly as exciting as the news that there was going to be a whole new trilogy of everyone’s favourite space-based movie.

The Battlefront games really are something that should be played by any fan of gaming or Star Wars. You don’t need to be a massive Wookie to appreciate this game. Being able to run round as Jedi, slaughtering an endless stream of drones is therapeutic and extremely good fun.

Back on the PS2, these games also served as some of the earliest online games available. They broke ground and for that we are extremely grateful.

The upcoming third game is going to be the biggest yet, and for any geek of the film it seems like a must buy. For starters, the story mode, or multiple story modes, are going to be insane. Reports have suggested that the game’s modes will span all three of the films. In this case, more is definitely best. EA coming on board to develop the game is no bad thing either, having Battlefront run on Frostbite 3 is certainly going to be a pleasure.


Goldeneye 007

This is the greatest James Bond tie-in of all time. Apart from the movies and the books, nothing can compare to this classic on the Nintendo 64. Much like the spy himself, the game has been immortalized by fans from all over the world. Not too long ago Pierce Brosnan, the Goldeneye James Bond, took on Jimmy Fallon for a live game on television. If you were one of the fortunate few who decided to hang on to their N64, load it up the next time you have friends of a similar disposition round at yours. You thought COD rage was bad, just wait until you see someone glancing up at your zone of the television.

Ghostbusters: The Video Game 

Sadly for all those waiting for a third Ghostbusters movie, it seems more than likely that that day is not coming. Cast member Dan Aykroyd told fans to view this 2009 game as the movie franchise’s third instalment, and while we won’t give up hope we can’t help but also be impressed. The film includes all of the voices and likeliness of the cast members. How many games can boast Bill Murray? However, due to those involved being from the film world it does play out like a film, meaning that the story mode practically has the same run time. It is criminally short, but who you gonna call?

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