A Look At The Economics Behind Gaming Consoles

A Look At The Economics Behind Gaming Consoles

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If you are a current gamer or have been a gamer for that past decade or so then you do not need anyone telling you that gaming has changed greatly. Heck, there was a time when multiplayer gaming meant sitting on the same couch with a group of your friends' gaming on the same console. It is safe to say that this is certainly no longer the case at all. If you wanted to, you could game with kids, adults, or teens from across the world. Maybe you just want to watch others play. Whatever the situation is and whatever your desires are, there is a gaming platform out there for you. However, in order to truly understand how the console market has changed, you need to understand the true economics behind the console.

When It Began

Most dedicated gamers can probably remember way back when the first console was released in 1972. If this is not the case then that is okay too. The initial idea for home gaming was established in 1951, but it wasn’t brought to fruition until 72. This was when an engineer by the name of Ralph Baer started working on his plans for what he called “interactive television.” It wasn’t until 1966 that he actually got to put his plans into motion. He was working for a defense contractor based in the United States. While his initial design was simplistic at the very least, it certainly involved several major breakthroughs that would lead the gaming world to what it is today.

The Graphics Cards

You can check out some of today’s most basic casino games at dominoqq, and you will see that they are still heads above what was available when the first console was released. Yes, there are a lot of things that are different, but it is the graphics that are the most noticeable. Just look at one of today’s gaming consoles and it will feel as if you are stepping onto the screen or off it. Heck, this might even be a real possibility once virtual reality makes a stronger stand on the market. Well, creating all of these innovations takes time and money. These graphical changes are just something that happens overnight and without work. It takes highly sophisticated graphic cards to make these images appear on your screen, and this is where the biggest portion of the cost of a console comes from.

The Research

Just in case you haven’t noticed there is a new system out ever three or four years. While this might seem like a short turnaround, it can be considered astronomical in today’s time frame. Heck, computer parts need to be upgraded after just a few months. That being said, each new console always tries to outdo and outlive the others. The only way it can do this is if it is better. The only way to make these items better is through in-depth and thorough research. Teams of engineers and research analysts come together and study for years and years as to how they can improve on what they have already created. This is just another area where some of the cost of a console comes from.

Written by ChrisPublished on 2020-01-29 17:55:29
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2 Fan responses to A Look At The Economics Behind Gaming Consoles


2KMember3422 XPJan-30-2020 10:45 AM

The first consoles I remember playing were the Atari and the Commodore 64.  

Nintendo came out a little later and I started playing for serious amounts of time...Mario and Zelda were early favorites and the best game series ever in my opinion came out during that time, Metroid.  Long live Samus Aran.


LegendMember8212 XPJan-30-2020 10:01 PM

Pong was my first console, then Atari, NES, Sega Genesis, N64, PS1, 2 and 3.

Mario and Zelda were early favorites. Zelda was a game changer. Some of those 2D sidescrollers were infuriatingly difficult with few save points. 

It's just too bad most consoles can't have affordable backwards comparability so you don't have to re purchase games you already bought.


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