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Prometheus Movie

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My original review, found [url=]HERE[/url] was written just over a year ago, and since then I think I have watched the movie maybe twice since. Twice? Well as with most of us sci fi fans I had waited for this movie for a long time, it was my desire to know about this movie that made me a member of [url=][/url] before eventually becoming one of the first members of staff. I wanted to know about the Space Jockey, the Derelict, the Alien/Xenomorph. Unlike so many others I didn't have preconceived misconceptions of what the film was going to be - with many wanting a tidy link at the end to the beginning of Alien. But the least I expected, especially from the likes of Ridley Scott and Damon Lindelof, was a tight and polished script, with a story that flowed effortlessly from scene to scene. This didn't happen - Firstly the film is too short, scenes finishing as soon as they've begun with no time to soak in the atmosphere and awe of the sets and the landscapes. Secondly, half the scenes that would have added threat and awe to the movie were either removed or re-edited (mutant Fifield, Engineer speaks and the Engineer vs Shaw, to name but three). Thirdly the movies pacing is forced, with each of the movies 3 main acts clearly identifiable to even casual film fans (to the pyramid, back to the pyramid, to the last Engineer). Fourthly, some have mentioned the cardboard nature of the characters, and in one sense I do agree. Despite the fact they flew for 2.5 years, a distance of around 40 light years, as soon as they get inside the pyramid/dome they leave because of a storm - stay in the pyramid, show us more of the mystery, give us threat from the dark, eerie alien surroundings, compounded by the fact that rescue can't arrive until the storm has passed - leave the Prometheus ship alone, I wanna know about the pyramid. Fifth and finally, despite the fact that Damon Lindelof was brought on board to rewrite Jon Spaihts original Alien-Heavy script and to add more mystery, too much of Spaihts original story remained - The logistics of the "black goo" are so muddled that one realizes no-one else really understood the concept fully other than Spaihts, and the crashing of the Juggenaut, which in Spaihts' original story was the Derelict from Alien, should have been completely removed or rethought - its presence in the movie only compounds confusion and anger from those that expected a dot-to-dpt prequel to Alien. Originally I gave Prometheus 3.5 out of 5, but in retrospect I simply cannot, I will not - Ridley Scott may have delivered visually but the story, the pacing, the flow, the narrative structure, the editing and executive and script decisions made all leave a bitter taste in the mouth - I wanted a better film than this, especially considering the experience of those involved. I would rate the movie a big fat ZERO, but I do have to acknowledge the visuals, and it is for them, and them alone this movie gets 2 out of 5.

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