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Written By Timmy the ultramorph on 2017-06-04 13:14:06

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So, i just saw alien covenant for the first time and this is my review.SPOILERS AHEAD!!!!! so. let's get started.

the movie opens quite tragically with the ship of the covenant getting hit by a heat wave starting a fire in the cry baby killing a bunch of colonists including daniels husband. this pretty much drives her character for the rest of the movie. Christopher Orum is put in charge of the ship. the crew of the covenant then hears a transmission from a nearby planet that is perfectly habitable.(ha ha ha ha ha) not wanting to go back into cryosleep and risk another disaster, the crew decides to check it out.( that was a really bad idea.) once they get there, the crew is almost immediately infected by some spores that cause aliens to burst out of there bodys really really bloodily.

This movie is brutal. but these so called "blood bursters" mature into a new type of alien called the neomorph. the neomorphs attack the remaining crew in a wheatfield. during this scene, the crews landing craft is blown up trapping them on the planet. david then "rescues them" and takes them to the giant destroyed engineers city. meanwhile, pilot tennessee is trying to save the surviving crew by sending another landing craft to pick them up. here in the second act is where this movie gets very prometheus where daniells and the crew explore the engineers homeworld. Only 4 super important things really happen in this act in my opinion. First of all, we see what happened to shaw and it's not pretty. she was dissected and experimented on by david to create the xenomorph.  secondly, we find out that david did indeed bomb the engineers with the black goo destroying their homeworld and mutating the life around it. 3rdly, david takes orum to the egg room where he is facehugged and the protomorph is finally born were it runs of to cause trouble. Finally and probably most important is this series of scenes were david and walter the 2 androids talk to each other and david tries to convince walter to join him in his quest to create the perfect organism. when walter refuses, the 2 androids have a big battle to the death witch walter supposedly wins and gets back to the 2 crew members who are waiting to be saved by tennessee in this giant engineer town square. The rescue ship comes just in time as the protomorph attacks. As they take of, the protomorph gets onto the outside of the ship and tries to break in. it is killed by daniells. They get back on the covenant and live happily ever after.( not really) as they are preparing to go back to cryo, mother tells them that there is an unidentified lifeform on the ship. Again, daniells and tennessee hunt it down and eventually impale it with a forklift and drive it into outer space. Then they live happily ever after( not really) as they go into cryosleep, it is revealed that what we thought was walter on the ship is actually david and he locks them all in cryosleep coughs up 2 facehugger embryos and sets course for origen 6.

The acting in this movie was great with a surprisingly good performance from danny mcbride as tennessee, strong performances from billy crudup as Orum, and katherine waterston and daniells. But the stand out was obviously michael fassbender as david and walter. He played the 2 characters so well and was able to contrast the 2 characters perfectly. I would like to point out that although the characters in alien covenant make stupid decisions, at least there characters are likable, have a back story, and you care when they die.(unlike prometheus)

Many people are complaining that the plot is to unoriginal and that it is just like the first alien. Well I didn’t hear anyone complaining that star wars : the force awakens had the EXACT SAME PLOT as a new hope!

Alien covenant also answered a bunch of prometheus's questions while leaving some more of its own like: why does david look and sound like walter? Why did david bomb the engineers? Why did the engineers in covenant look so primitive?

3 scenes really stood out to me as amazing pieces of film.


1: David vs walter fight. Ridley scott directs this scene perfectly so it works when the same actor is fighting himself. The choreography is also incredible.

2: backburster. This sequence is one of the most intense that I have ever seen from ridley scott. It is brutal, gory, scary and intense. He also utilizes the cgi very well so we, the audience can see that the neomorphs are deadly as soon as they are born.

3:David bombing engineers: the special effects, the score and the acting all work beautifully together while david cold heartedly wipes out the entire engineers city with the black goo. It also adds the concept of the mother juggernaut ship.


I actually much prefered the neomorphs to the proto morphs in this movie purely because Of how vicious fast and animalistic they were.


Now for my complaints:


I really thought the movie was way too short and that it could have been stretched to about 2 hours and 40 minutes. The pacing in the third act was just way too fast and didn't let any suspense form because it was over to quickly. Also I feel that they could have spent more time exploring what exactly happened to shaw and given the crew a lot more time with david. Everything just happened without any wait. Just one event after another.

Another minor complaint with the movie was that the neomorphs matured way to fast. From the time they were born to where they attacked the crew in the wheat field, they grew almost 3.5 feet.

One more complaint that i had was that it was way to predictable. You knew when the people were going to die just like a 1980s slasher. If it cuts to someone alone in a cave or taking a shower, you know that they are going to be killed, and it takes the surprise and shock value away.


Overall, i really enjoyed this movie and I can't wait for the sequel.

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