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Written By sherris on 2017-05-16 13:36:18

Alien: Covenant

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i watched a:c on monday morning. the night before i watched avp. now if you exclude canon and just focus on the films, they are both now in the same realm. another alien action flick for the casual fan. and that is fine.

it is beautiful to look at. it doesnt take long to heat up and then once its going it keeps the pace until the end of the movie. its entertaining enough although predictable.

if you want an action packed ride with morphs well you got it.

the thing for me though is that i invested many hours into prometheus and since then have been decoding engineer texts, theorising on the mythology behind the elders and engineers 223. looked for clues in murals etc.. etc.. im sure some of you have. yet we get nothing.

i could not believe it.

none of the questions that were asked were even spoke of. david said in the prologue "i learnt of their ways...." well i dont recall even hearing those words never mind get some details!

i thought we were on to something with prometheus. an expanding universe, new beings, new mythology, yes the story wasnt great and clever people do dumb things, but we can tighten the story next time we have limitless possibilities now..... and nothing. a:c made no attempt to answer any of the questions posed in prometheus.

#so if you looking for the answers that i was. well, you wont find them in covenant. 1 or 2 scraps maybe here and there but nothing of note.

overall, a decent addition to the franchise i suppose. another alien movie. thats all. nvothing more. if thats what you want then it is here for you.

i wanted something more but i will just have to wait.



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