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Written By Spi3000 on 2013-08-03 00:54:45

Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim Movie

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It was 1998 in which I first got into the world of giant monsters. My first was the 1985 film "Godzilla." Despite on some moments in the movie I feared Godzilla, yet at the same time I loved it. Soon I would try to see as many films of Godzilla, but it was never enough. I'd even expand to other monsters such as King Kong and Gamera just to try and get that feeling I experienced when I first got into the franchise. Little did I know that it would be years for me to feel that same thing as I did when I first got into giant monsters where I would want to watch it again and again. That year would be 2014 and the movie would be none other than Pacific Rim. Pacific Rim is the one giant monster film that America has been waiting for that could do the genre right. Even though I say giant monster, I have to also include the giant robots as well. America has received films with giant robots but most never really met the expectations that people wanted. It's almost as if the only way to complete it was to make a movie where robots weren't just fighting other robots but with other beings of their size. Monsters fighting robots, it's a perfect call. What makes it more perfect, despite having the top CGI motion effects, is that old feeling I had when I watched the old Godzilla films was there, where you would care for the monster. But instead of caring for a giant mutated lizard, you were caring more for the pilots in the giant robots. Not saying you didn't care for the monsters, actually you would care for them just giving a worthy fight, which nearly every monster you see in the film did do. Prime reason I went to see Pacific Rim was to see giant monsters and giant robots fighting and that's exactly what you get. The story is perfect in my eyes. Actually it's simple which is probably how it should be when working in this type of genre. Aliens the size of Godzilla if not bigger were invading Earth by a wormhole in the Pacific Ocean, sending out new monsters every so often. Identifying the creatures as Kaiju meaning "strange beast," the world leaders decided to set aside all differences to build giant robots which was known as the "Jaeger Program." The Jaegers would have two pilots to limit the strain and side effects of just one pilot. The Jaegers start winning, merchandise between the war of man and monsters with toys, clothing, & tattoos, and eventually Earth starts losing where the once army of 30 Jaegers turns into a resistance of four. Pacific Rim is a great movie, probably the best I will see in a long time. The monsters were great, the robots were great, the actors, the fights, the action, it was all just great and I want to see it again. This was a movie I couldn't wait to see in theaters and this is now a movie I can not wait until it's out on Blu-Ray and DVD.

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