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Written By Durp004 on 2014-08-17 22:35:40

Godzilla vs. Hedorah

Godzilla vs. Hedorah Movie

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This movie is probably my least favorite godzilla movie. It goes in every direction and because of that none of them are done well. There are so many random scenes that just kind of appear out of nowhere with no explanation. For instance the first time we're introduced to one of the characters he's in the club then hallicinates and suddenly everyone has fish heads. The movie does transitions with little cartoons of hedorah getting bigger, or some other random thing; there are so many random shots in this movie. It's like the director had ADD. This film seems to want to focus on kids, but then it was pretty dark borderline horror scenes too. People getting turned to skeletons. Hell even the final fight takes place on mount fuji which there's a party there to celebrate pretty much every one giving up. That's another thing the characters aren't good at all. The kid apparently has a borderline psychic connection to godzilla since he always knows what he's going to do or if he's coming. The lead scientist spends half the movie in bed with his faced burned. Others are just there to encourage more random scenes. The sounds track is pretty bad which is saying something as I normally don't pay attention to those things but this movie throws it's music in your face as much as possible. Godzillla doesn't look that great and the hedorah costume isn't one of my favorites. Concept wise really cool, execution not so much. Oh yeah Godzilla flies so I mean if that's not enough to explain this movie I'm not sure what would be. 

Overall I wouldn't recommend to anyone outside of a godzilla fan, and you have to be ready for a really campy random godzilla movie if you are a fan, I think you either have to love it or you'll find it to be one of the worst for me its the latter.

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