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NoobMember28 XPFeb-01-2013 6:41 PMIn blade runner Deckhard hunts down replicants. It has been revealed the deckhard was a replicant too. I have been told another theory . The theoy is that all the people on the planet are replicants too. Is this true? does anyone have any information on this?
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2KAdmin4329 XPFeb-01-2013 7:03 PMI have heard that but never read anything concrete, that theory is mostly fan conjecture. If you visit the [url=][b]BladeRunner2[/b][/url] site possibly people there would know, we have a few very knowlgeable members there. Ridley confirmed that Deckard was a replicant a second time though, [url=][b]Ridely Scott once again confirms Deckard is a replicant (a Nexus 6)[/b][/url]


NoobMember4 XPFeb-02-2013 11:57 PMI would have to say a big no to that theory pulserifle187. Unless you hear or read that from Ridley Scott, it is quite likely not the case. I haven't heard anything about everyone on Earth being replicants ever myself. If anything it is important to understand the historical perspective of the times, in which the film was produced; as opposed to a perspective based on modern times, of which usually is a reinterpretation of much. And even more so, what the makers of the actual film state about such things. Semi-"i"-popular quacks like Rob Ager, often attempt to tie the film into conspiracy-culture. Someone like that looks for these kinds of things in film, because they are too much a coward to face injustices/crimes in the real-world, & let alone do anything about them. All they really want is to be patted on the back, & told how brilliant their mind is. People like them may be incredibly observant (also manipulative), but I'd take their theory with a grain of salt or simply flush them down the toilet, where many of them belong. It certainly can be fun to hypothetically speculate + discuss these theories, & there is nothing wrong with that. Although, one needs to take heed of the overblown egomaniacs, & sensationalists, that happen to consider themselves over-informed film scholars (including other areas of fantastic expertise). If you are new to the film, I don't believe there is any hurry to figure it all out anytime soon. However, I can highly suggest you only worry about how you interpret the film, & what you get out of it. Especially, if researching the film in proper detail isn't appealing at the moment. I've found that "Blade Runner" is a film that can be enjoyed over a lifetime. S:)


NoobMember28 XPFeb-03-2013 2:45 AM@sawa Thanks . wise words. I had heard the theory but i couldnt see it (the person that give me the info sounded like a semi -i -popular quake), i thought i had missed something. Going into depths of films is kinda new to me, its hard to find good sources of information.
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NoobMember0 XPFeb-03-2013 1:36 PMThe replicants other than the 6 that stole the ship off world turned out to be Rachel, Deckard, and Tyrell, who was already dead for a few years. The original idea was for Roy Batty to kill the replicant version of Tyrell and then move on to a higher level of the Tyrell pyramid and find the body of the deceased Tyrell laying in state in a sarcophagus, and they even painted some images showing Roy encountering Tyrell but it was never shot because I think they felt it gave too much away. So these are the big suprises regarding hidden replicants that came into the public awareness since the filming of BR and these have been supported by Ridley Scott in interviews as well as others who were involved in writing the scripts. No other hidden replicants have come to light since then.


2KMember2674 XPFeb-03-2013 2:01 PMI'm no expert, but it's not a conclusion I've ever come to either & I've never heard of or read about it from any legitimate source. Not from Ridley Scott, writers Hampton Fancher & David Peoples, or anyone connected with the film. Having said that, if someone came to that conclusion after seeing Blade Runner.....well, as Sawa so eloquently pointed out, it's up to the individual to interpret things any way they want! Pulserifle, if you want more information relating to Blade Runner then Future Noir: The Making of Blade Runner by Paul M. Sammon makes a great starting point.


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NoobMember0 XPMay-25-2013 2:40 PMDeckard's dream of the unicorn, that was included in the Director's Cut but was not in the Theatrical Release, indicates that he is a replicant. Gaff leaves the paper/foil unicorn on Deckard's doorstep near the end of the film to let Deckard know that Gaff has knowledge of Deckard's dream. Earlier in the film, Deckard himself tells Rachel of her memory of the spider and its eggs to convince her that this memory of hers was implanted just as the memories of the other replicants were implanted in them. The earlier reveal of Rachel's nature is intended to foreshadow the reveal of Deckard's nature at the end of the film. There are additional clues in the film that Deckard is a replicant. One example are the many photos that Deckard keeps on top of his piano. Compare this to Leon and his photos. Another example is the shot of Deckard showing his eye pupils having a red glow when he is in his apartment with Rachel. This can be compared to other instances of replicants with red glowing pupils: the synthetic owl, Roy and Rachel.
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