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For RexFan684!!!- In Memory for you, an Epic Battle!

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2KMember3687 XPFeb-02-2015 7:03 PM

  Below is an epic battle between 3 dinosaurs fighting for the throne in honor of Rex Fan, but first some notes by users saying goodbye to Rex Fan.

  Hey RexFan, Raptor-401 here, Fernando as you know me. A while ago when you left I wanted to do something special for you so we could commemorate your departure from the forums. Eventually I decided I should collaborate with Primal King, Paden, Mr. Happy, and Gojira2K to do something special for you. Eventually one of us decided to do an epic rap battle. A battle for the throne of the dinosaurs. IT should have been finished about 2 weeks ago but a lot of us got busy with school and life so sorry for the late goodbye. It’s going to be a shame to see you go from Scified. I and others will miss you. Hope you do well in life and find a nice college to study. Hope that in the darkest moments of your life you find hope and happiness. I hope you choose the right path for yourself. And I also hope you enjoy Jurassic World. Hope we all meant a lot to you even though you’ve probably never hear or seen us, haha.

P.S. IF I ever finish Riders I will make sure your character amazes the audience, unlike the first time, so sorry for that…


Rex Fan,
You were one of the biggest influences on the forums. All my posts can be somehow traced by influence back to you. You were a scified-er, a writer, a scientist, a forum user, an author, a warrior, a debator, a philanthropist, a quote maker, a Tyrannosaurus lover, but most of all... A friend. I will never forget your amazing fights and all you have done. Thank you. Thank you for everything. The forum will always be little less bright knowing you are not among us. That is why it was such an honor to write Tyrannosaurus' piece as a tribute to you. The T. Rex represents you and everything you did. A powerful presence that lasts all the way to today and we will never forget it or its impact. Thank you Rex Fan, thank you. 

-Primal King


  Rex fan, you were one of the oldest memberes on this site. You have been here for two years, I have been here for 6 months. You and Paden were my first friends. All of your top 10s and really cool stuff about Star Wars will be missed greatly. You were(and still are) a great and intelligent person. We had some good debates and I will kinda sorta miss them...... Farwell.. Friend.

                                                                                     -Tyrant King


  You were one of the first people I met when I joined, as well as one of the first members I followed. I enjoyed reading your battles and stories (I never did get in that entry for the Fight to Survive drawing contest. :T), and the forums will be different with you gone. Good luck with your future and farwell. :)

                                                                                     -Sci-Fi King25


  It's actually kinda surprising to see you gone. It's been almost two years since you joined, and in those two years, we've always toughed it out. Through thick and through thin we've stayed, we've posted, we've stood up for each other, and we looked over stories and fights before they were posted. As a forum, we've seen many come and go. People like DinoFights, Deltadromeus and S-Rex. Those are three that come to mind who made a large impact on the forums. There are many others, but you're joining that list of members lost where DinoFights resides. It's been an honour knowing you, it's been great talking to you, and it's been great hearing what you have to say. You will be missed, brother. 

                                                                                    -Mr. Happy9097


            Rexfan, we may have had our disagreements on certain things in the past but things never got too bad and we had some great conversations about tyrannosaur size! You definitely know your stuff -- kept me on my toes, lol. Anyway, it's a bummer to see you go but I fully understand you have things to move on with your life. You were one of the first people to ever comment on my fights when I first started here. Hell, even one of my main reasons for joining! You’ll be missed. Go out and keep rockin' on, mate!

P'S. I hope I helped you kick that Carcharodontosaurus fanboy's arse on Google+ ;)



It is understandable. Everything comes to an end sooner or later... and this makes it even harder to take it... you were the first person I ever met on this forum more than one year ago, I recall it, really good times... We've had great discussions, and even a great partenership! You always helped me with my little projects as I tried to do with yours. You will be missed RexFan, I will miss you dearly. And I do hope everything will go well now, as the nect big step in your life begins.

This is my goodbye then my friend, hopefully we'll keep in touch.

Stay well :')



            Goodbye, my friend! Your stories were amazing, so were your fights. Besides that you were an amazing guy, an amazing Moderator, and a great friend. I wish you could have, but, of course, real life takes precedence over forum life. I hope that you are soing well, and that one day, maybe in the very distant future, you may return. But until that time, Sayonara.




And thus we shall begin the battle of the 3 dinosaurs, with their battle for the new heir of the throne…

     In Isla Nublar, Jurassic World has become a battle ground. The battle for kingship has begun. In this fight we have three contestants. The new contender, I-Rex; The pack of terrors, the Raptors; and the sailed terror, Spinosaurus. The I-Rex proposes himself as Fierce King of the dinosaurs! The other dinosaurs won’t stand for this. But this battle will not be fought with teeth and claws. No, this battle will be fought with words! Watch as the exciting battle takes place for the title of the King!!!


(The I-Rex marches in in the center of all the dinosaurs of Jurassic World, with sick rhymes to show that his title as the new king shall remain throughout time.)


Hey, I’m the new king on the block I'm tellin’ you now, this is gonna rock


Don’t need No Extinction,

I got Existence from Ingen’s Genetic Fusion,


I’m a raisin' Hell,

And a Raisin’ it good,


Running straight from the gates,

Without the Bell.


I will not answer to no man,

I cannot be held by gates of Iron,

Fiercer than a Tornado,

With a Hunger of Fire.


The Stealth of a Cuttlefish,

The smarts of a Raptor,

Body of a Rex,

And a Snake there after.


A Grace in the making,

Lead to a Massacre in the making,


"We are nothing, But theme park monsters,”


Brought to life, By Foreign Investors,


Created from greed,


I will strike a revenge,

Something that Rexy just can’t avenge


A hunger for flesh,

Cannot be contained,

Don’t scream now,

For I will hear the wounded and Maimed,


Fear will Strike you,

Before I find you,


Better start running,

Cause the bass is Drumming.


Indominus King, Is my name.

Hear it well, For it shall Reign!


(The Raptors march in, angered by the I-Rexes’ bold claims of being the new King of the Dinosaurs. Without further ado the pack, with the Alpha in the front, shows I-Rex their fierceness with style.)


Oh, you think you’re so cool!

Well sorry buddy. you’re just a smelly piece of stool!


Who cares that you’re some so-called deadly fusion!

Bro, you gonna still be losin’!


You think all that you're made of has got us stricken?

Boy, you just some big fat chicken!


You may be all complex,

but that ain’t gonna make you the next new Rex,

you’re just as whiny as the little Lex!


The fact that you’re part cuttlefish?

That just makes you look more like an appetizing dish!


Ha, you, a raisin hell!?

These claws will make your body swell!


You may be good beating a man,

But you won’t be so lucky beating our clan!


Look at your disgusting flaws!

They will look better with the touch of our claws!


We are the Princes of the Dinosaur Kingdom,

Ready to take over, so prepare to be our new minion!


So Indominus Rex,

Prepare to be a reck!


So come one now, you’re just trash!

So save yourself, before we turn you into blood mash!


(The crowd goes wild, and silent when the full grown Spinosaurus that had killed the Rex showed up in the scene, angry, claws out, and ready to battle with rhythm and rhyme.)


Look at you two acting like a couple of tools

I'm going to show you fools who really rules


Sure, Spinosaurus Rex may not have a nice ring

But that doesn't matter; I'm still King


I can crash through a steel fence with ease

Defeating you is going to be a breeze


You guys may mock the lack of force of my jaws

But don't forget I make up for it with my claws


Indominus Rex? Try Dominus Rex

You're a bigger mistake than my first ex


Against me, you'll give it all you've got

But in the end, it's back to the DNA mixing pot


You're so damn whack

I bet the scientists were on crack


On my list of who I respect, you're last

So beating you is going to be a blast


And you, with your all so mighty clan

I'll show you that I'm the man


By Jurassic Park standards, you Raptors are old hags

To me, you're just a couple of glorified handbags


And seriously? You guys, princes

Every time you say that, someone winces


I doubt you'll turn anything to blood mash

You'll try, sure, but you'll just crash


One of your cronies may have taken out Robert Muldoon

Come anywhere near me, and you'll be Robert Muldoomed


You guys may be strong when you have the element of surprise

But lose the cover, and your odds of defeat will rise


I will say, I've never seen anyone so small so brave

But your bravery will probably send you to your grave


Like The Big One back in nineteen ninety three

Dead on the ground is where you'll be!


(With all the competitors having had their say, I-Rex takes the next turn, showing his dominance over the Princes and the Pharoah of the Dinosaur Kingdom.)


Said by the amateur,

Who won a great battle,

But had to deal with,

A bunch of Palaeontologists tattling.


A pharaoh?

Oh please,

I’ve seen more,

From the first two Movies.


It’s An Island in Isolation,

You Ingen Abomination,

Couldn’t make the First Island,

Too Late in Production,


I possess the Power of gods,

People bow to me,

Before I change their odds,


I’ve seen more Fight,

From a Sail boat,

Step away son,

You got nothing to Gloat,


I spit raps faster than a Dilo at the water park,


Actually, it’s DNA Sequencing,

But I wouldn’t expect such a Primitive being

To have Intelligence, in that sorta thing.


Although we can’t confirm my true reason for Existence,

At least people,

Will love and fear me.


You’re such a Disgrace,

Even Steven Spielberg Didn’t wanna see your face




I’ve seen more fight from the basketball team,


You’re a bunch of Inadequate,

Scientifically Inaccurate,



Even John knew not to put you in the park,

Colin just wanted you,

For the love of his heart.


Three whole Movies?

And a Fourth on the way?

Better step down,

Or go see a play.


You may be,

A fan favourite,

But don’t try or bother,

It’s time someone showed you Ammonites your place.


You rely so much, on Deception,

and Disguise,

You let yourselves become domesticated,

What a Disgrace.


Good thing by the time we’re done,

I’ll be the only Successor of these races.


I may share,

Some of the same DNA,

But in no way,

Shall I share your disgrace.


I cannot be claimed,

I cannot be Held,

By the time were done,

Nothing shall remain.


(Again, the Raptors growl with anger and annoyance, but still determined to have the title as the true King, continue to fight on.)


You, with the power of the gods!?

Shut up you snake-eyed fraud!

Your ass is gonna get whooped by my squad!

You’re gonna get your face clawed!!


You’re just an ugly hybrid experiment!

Just as pretty as a rat’s excrement!

Yeah we’re small, spent eons in layers of sediment!

But we’re back again, just as elegant, tougher than an element!


I-Rex? Are you some hyped Apple product!?

Just like you, that name is just plain idiotic.

We’re so ruthless Christians find us demonic!

Your loss is sure gonna be chaotic!


You just sound like the newest kiddie toy!

Just as harmless as a whiny little mama’s boy!

My army is about to go out and deploy,

Ready to destroy,

You false dinosaur decoy!


We’re pack hunters,

We fight together as brothers,

Swift and loud as thunder!

You will be the one to satisfy our hunger!

Into your organs shall we plunder!


John never wanted you!

You’re just as threatening as a shrew!

We’re gonna mash you up, prepare your carcass to brew,

You will be the next meal for my crew!

You and your sorry ass just belong in some children zoo!

Our claws and jaws are gonna cut you through,

Into a delicious stew!


All that useless DNA,

All you are to us is an all-day open buffet,

This fight you’re pulling is just mere child’s play!

We will cut your bones clear through like an x-ray!

Then you will just be left to decay, like a bloody bouquet,

Simply just serving as our next prey!

You will just have been as fearful s a dancing girl in ballet!


So I-Rex, and Spino too, run while you can,

You two are as powerful as my grandma’s flan!

My clan’s intelligence has nothing against your game plan!

We’re going to fling your asses all the way to Japan!

In the end to us raptors you're simply ‘less than’!

Our legacy as the trues Rexes will span!

And you too will be known as the Rexes that ran,

Like the desperate little gingerbread man.

So yeah, run before we blow you away like a big ass fan!


(Mad but confident, the Spino walks in for what he believes shall be the final blow, and to show his superior power to claim the throne.)


You, the powers of a God? 

Please, your name sounds like it's going to be the next iPod

I bet you could be defeated by a rod

You'd be better off with the DNA of a cod


Your teeth are few and far between

Was it a faulty gene?

If you weren't a mistake, why aren't you green? 

If you're albino, I guess you'd have to mean


You ain't gonna scare many with your looks

You've got the intelligence of those crooks

From me, there's theres nothing you took

Looks like the crew's gonna go back to the books


Love? You? Fat chance

When you're through

Someone's gonna do a dance

But it sure as hell won't be you


Screw what the Palaeontologists think

I may be debated heavily

But at least I won't sink

I'll defeat you readily


Me? An abomination? 

Says the albino freak

My game's domination

You might be good at hide and seek


You damn Raptors

I've got a name for you

It starts with "S" and rhymes with "hits"

When I defeat your captors

There'll be nothing you can do

Before I rip you to bits


There'll be pieces of you here and there

Your skin will be something humans wear

That is, if they find a piece without a tear

A piece that big will be rare

Everyone will stop and stare

As I kill the final Velociraptor pair


(The crowd has gone wild. The dinosaurs then start cheering for which of the 3 should be the new King, the Tyrant of the whole Kingdom of the dinosaurian… But suddenly the ground begins to shake, each tremble more violent than the last. From the trees emerges the Tyrannosaurus… He then proceeds to have his battle…)


What up?!

All three of you are just a fake.

It's the one and only King here to make you quiver and quake.


I make the ground shake with each step.

So all you three better prep.


65 million years later, people still are scared

But when you three showed up, no one even cared.


T-Rex is name, and killing all you guys is my game.


Raptors, you guys may be smart

But I'm gonna send your entire pack right back to the start


Don't you remember 1993?

I sent you back to the Stone Age, see?


You guys are just a bunch of brainiacs with a little man issue,

So excuse me while I diss you.


Sure you're fast, 

But you're gonna end up with a full body cast.


I don't know if you remember the Big One?

She was crushed and thrown all the way to the sun.


So be warned of you don't want the same fate,

Or it's with my jaws that you'll have a date. 


And then there's the sail backed wimp,

Bro, I'm gonna make you go limp.


Spinosaurus, you're just one big fish-eater,

You'll be bowing down to me, the Spino-beater.


What's that big thing on your back?

It'll only make it easier to make you my snack.


Don't you know that you only eat fish?

Just makes it even faster to make you my main dish. 


Your jaws are like a big Popsicle stick,

Mine are strong enough to make my prey go sick.


When you beat another Rex in JP 3,

Don't you know that that one was basically a baby?


So you should know to stay away,

Or else I'll beat you to fossils again until next May.


I saved the worst for last,

And trust me, I'm not gonna make it easy and fast.


 I-Rex, you are not a real dinosaur.

You're just a monster, and I'm gonna make you monstrously-sore.


You think you're the updated version of me?

This Rex is the one and only.


You may have big claws,

I've got bone-crushing jaws.


You got cuttlefish DNA.

More like cuddle-fish, I say.


You're just a big pale loser,

I'm the true big bruiser.


What about that camouflage? 

Man, it's nothing but a mirage.


You try to look tough.

But you got none of that stuff.


What's up with your mouth?

Looks like a couple of your teeth flew straight south.


Damn man, what's up with those thumbs?

They won't help you, only give you more fingers to show you will suc***b.


People think your gonna win just 'cause you're a hybrid.

But I'll obliterate you, I don't kid.


We are real dinosaurs, what people know and love,

You? You're a just as harmless as a big, weird, white dove.


You're only a freak,

And with that crappy camouflage, a big ol' sneak.


You hide behind all your little powers,

But man, prepare to cower.


Man, You're not real,

Made by InGen to be my meal.


Supposed to me a version of me- 2.0

But come on, let's go!


I-Rex, you're a fake little b!tch, just a freak of nature thrown together.

A weird little monster of albino DNA as light as a feather. 


You may have a snake bite with some poison sting,

But these jaws will crush you, and remind all you three of one thing...


I'm the one and only true King!


I-Rex Bits: x_paden_x

Raptor Bits: Fernandosaurus Rex/Raptor-401

Spinosaurus Bits: Mr. Happy9097

Rexy Bit: Primal King

Introduction: Gojira2K

Transitions: Raptor-401



14 Responses to For RexFan684!!!- In Memory for you, an Epic Battle!

Lord Vader

LegendMember6270 XPFeb-02-2015 7:07 PM

Damn shame to see him go. Life happened, and he chose the responsible path. Good for him I say. Maybe we'll see him again one day.


The Rap Battle was great. Had a good time writing that.

Jack of all trades. Master of none


2KMember3687 XPFeb-02-2015 7:10 PM

I too had lots of fun working on this. And I am glad he chose the best pth and may all of us do so aswell.



NoobMember0 XPFeb-02-2015 7:37 PM

This was fun to write and to read. I hope RexFab is doing well right now and that he may eventually rejoin us.

"There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self." - Ernest Hemingway.


NoobMember0 XPFeb-02-2015 7:41 PM

Hope Rexfan is doing well but loved the rap battle! 


NoobMember0 XPFeb-02-2015 7:56 PM

I apologise for not getting my Farewell in there (My Email has a Mind of its own.)


To any that it concerns, This is to my knowledge, the Project of this Magnitude. We had a Bunch of people working on it.


I wouldn't Nessicerely say we had an Elected leader in the Project, But it took a lot of effort to Orchastrate this, And that alone is Impressive. 


I wish to, Perhaps in the Future, Do another project of this Size. 


Farewell RexFan.



Life cannot be contained, it breaks walls, crashes through barriers sometimes painfully, but uh... Life uh, finds a way


NoobMember0 XPFeb-02-2015 7:56 PM

So, How about maybe we take his Dedication and Imagination of Dinosaurs as a Inspiration for future projects?


We'll all be called to leave the Forum one day. It's innevitable. But will you go out Silently Or with a Bang?

Life cannot be contained, it breaks walls, crashes through barriers sometimes painfully, but uh... Life uh, finds a way


NoobMember0 XPFeb-02-2015 8:42 PM

Farewell RexFan, and may your road bring you to warm sands.

Here, have a waffle (-'.')-#


NoobMember0 XPFeb-03-2015 6:18 AM

@Carnosaur: Is the Carcharodontosaurus fanboy you were talking about Me Te?

@Topic: Farewell, RexFan. He'll be missed a lot. Even though we often were disagree, he was pretty friendly with me. 

Sci-Fi King25

2KMember4297 XPFeb-03-2015 6:51 AM

That rap battle was amazing!

“Banana oil.”- George Takei, Gigantis: The Fire Monster

Something Real

LegendMember5639 XPFeb-03-2015 7:31 AM

FERNANDOSAURUS REX/RAPTOR-401, GOJIRA2K, PRIMAL KING, MR.HAPPY9097, and X_PADEN_X - I am so very proud of each of you for this excellent work! It moves me to see such a wonderful send-off for REX FAN 684! still very pained for his choice to leave SCIFIED; however, I look forward unto the days ahead knowing that our journey has not yet come to an end. I will always do my best to remain here for you all; it brings me joy to hear your ideas and thoughts. I can not promise that I shall always remain, but I will not abandone any of you; I shall remain steadfast for my friends. Regardless of my sentimentality, I want to thank each of you for sharing this fantastic work with me and everyone else! :)


NoobMember0 XPFeb-03-2015 2:43 PM

Great rap battle, I loved it.


It's a damn shame to see RexFan go, but maybe he'll be back one day. He was a great tribute to the forums, and he'll always be missed

When life gives you lemons, don't make lemonade. Tell life I don't want you're damn lemons, and then squeeze them into life's eyes!


NoobMember30 XPFeb-04-2015 12:27 AM

Nice work guys!!!!! I wish I could of helped but too busy, shame RexFan had to leave, I farewell him and wish him all the best like I did in my previous post to him. Nice work guys, can see the hard work and effort you put into this! Go Spinosaurus! And Rexy, Raptors and I-Rex! 

Bye RexFan... :(




NoobMember67 XPFeb-05-2015 3:30 PM

Great rap battle, I loved it.


It's a damn shame to see RexFan go, but maybe he'll be back one day. He was a great tribute to the forums, and he'll always be missed

GOODBYE REXFAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!


NoobMember0 XPFeb-11-2015 11:16 AM

Even though I hate rap, that was pretty funny to read. 

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