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Zoomed in Pictures of the New JW Toys

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Jan-14-2015 9:36 PM

Here are some of the pictures I found using Noah's link, (Thanks Noah ;) ) the larger ones can be found in that thread, I posted them there. But here are the zoomed in ones I did using my IPod. 

You guys don't know how hyped I am, being a JP toy collector, but also being born in 2001 and not being around for the toys released during the movies by Kenner, I have to collect off ebay, and I think I have done a pretty good job. Also we didn't get them when JP came out in 3D here, so this is big for me, it is like the first proper JP toy ting for me, (In 2009 they came out but, sadly I didn't get anything except for a few little things and I was like 8) and I was only old enough to get the smaller JP/// Toys and not like the Spino, which I wanted. So this BIG!!!!!!


BTW Sorry if things don't make senes, speelling etc. I am rushing and excited, I usually am quite neat and organised but not today! You can kind of see my excitedment. 



Enjoy! :D


Allosaurus, Pachyaurus (?)  Ankylosaurus and Spinosaurus 

                                      Green Rex (Male?) and Raptor with gear.


                             You guys don't know how excited I am to get a Ceratosaurus!!!!!!!                               


                          Ceratosaurus, Dimorphodon and 2 Raptors



Dilophosaurus and 2 more Raptors








Gryosphere and I-Rex (I think) 




Bad Boy (I-Rex) 

Also are these raptors? They look like them but don't have toe claws? Maybe Metricanthosaurus? Because on the JW Website the size chart shows them as like raptor size.




3 Responses to Zoomed in Pictures of the New JW Toys

indiana jones

Jan-15-2015 6:21 AM

i find it a bit anoying that they have dinosaurs in the toy line, even though they arn't on isla nublar

"That is one big pile of sh*t" -Doctor Ian Malcom


Jan-15-2015 6:40 AM

@Indiana Jones


I too find that Interesting.


Usually they include them for some sort of appearance in the film, But sometimes there included just because they're fan favourites, or are a novel peice of the Franchise. 




I'd also like to point out wiht the final raptor, That. It's missing a toe. On it's left foot, There aint a toe there. So, It's got five. 


Perhaps a Genetic mutation to make them a better security force?

Life cannot be contained, it breaks walls, crashes through barriers sometimes painfully, but uh... Life uh, finds a way


Jan-15-2015 9:15 AM

"There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self." - Ernest Hemingway.

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