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First and Newest Discussions- How have YOU changed?

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2KMember3687 XPSep-12-2014 7:33 PM

Okay so just a while ago I came up with a cool idea, I am going to compare my first discussion on the forums with my newest discussions(s), and you will do the same, I hope.


I want to do this because I think it's fun for people to analyse their changes in the forums and how much they changed, so do please participate. Since by now your first discussion is overshadowed, simply look for it on the discussion's page list:

Just look at the date you joined SciFIed, and calculate what pae your discussion will be. FOr example, If I'm correct, page 40 lists the discussions from April 2014, so just go to your URL and change the humber at the end of the link until you can find your first discussion, it doesn't take long, really.

For example, about page 93 is where my first discussion is:

First, the discussion was my first one (Obviously) and there are many differences from this discussion to my later ones. First of all, look at the title:

Utharaotors in JP4?


That's right, first discussion, spelled the title wrong. Epic. Fail. I could edit it, but I find it funny so I will just leave it like that. Wow, must have been so excited to join this site I didn't even bother to check the spelling of the title...


*Invisible facepalm

Now, here is the 'body' of the discussion:


The Utah raptor was basically a bigger and more terrifying species than the velociraptors. the question is, should these terrifying creatures be in Jurassic Park 4?


First off, the discussion is rather very short compared to my newer ones, obviously. FOr such a short topic it is quite embarrasing for me to have grammatical errors for such a short discussion, in my opinion.

Second, Utahraptor was different than Velociraptor in many ways, I believe.

Again, spelled Utahraptors wrong, no spaces in the species' name.


Now, here are some of my latest discussions: (Well, mostly just newer ones)

Now, there are many notable differences.

-Discussions are much, much more longer

-Titles are actually spelled correctly (I think so...)

-More effort put in the discussion, going from a 2 minute thought on a discussion, to sometimes even a 6 hour thought to a discussion. Yes, don't mean to brag, but I have certainly upgraded a lot in quality from my oldest discussions!

-More unique, even have some stories! (I do plan to finish The Adventures of Tom... Soon guys, soon...)

-Overall just more interesting discussions!!!


So far I have been here for over a year now!!! About to soon reach 3000 posts, just got 50 followers today, just started one of the most successful fight series in the forum, FOTA, which makes me so happy that everyone gets excited about it! I also have done numerous spoof posts.


First one was done with Primal King, we had a lot of fun doing that!

Was my first discussion to reach 100 replies!

Have had even more... ULTIMATE Rex vs. Spino, Dinosaurs just lies fed to us to cover up the existence of Pokemon, Spinosaurus COnspiracy Theory, 3rd JP Book Analysis, Spinosaurus behavior discussion, Raptor awareness month (My most succesful spoof, causing the biggest FOrum Cold War to ever erupt on the forum, as in Cold War.)

The list of spoofs, I don't even remember most of them... Wow!

Even then, I haved done one with Rex Fan!!! Of course, won't release it now, due to some events but I can assure you when it has been posted you guys will certainly enjoy it. Well, except for the people who proof-read it.


Also, the 3000th one will have some spoofness, to it too!!!

 Besides my spood posts and FOTA, which are the most famous ones, I have had 2 other successful series, What Do you Do, and If You COuld, which only you long-time regulars will remember. In the past I did leave the forum 2-4 times, but now since January I have been full-on regular ever since!


I do thank everybody for their support being given to me, I really do appreciate it!!! It is nice to get to know other Jurassic Park fans and debate dinosaurs, talk about other stuff, have fun forum wars, making jokes, and just having a good time!!! Of course, we have all had stale times on the forums, somtimes we become a bit agressive at certain topics, but in the end we have all come together to have fun on this here forums!!! I do miss the times when every single one of my discussions would go off-topic, talking some nonsense in the reply section, for some reason it stopped...


Well, besides all the bad stuff, the past stale relationships we may have had or do have, we have all been like one giant family here!!!

I do hope we have more fun moments here on the forums...


So, please do compare your first and last discussion, and feel free to give out a biography of your forum life, like I did!!! I really do want to see what everyone has to say!






31 Responses to First and Newest Discussions- How have YOU changed?


NoobMember0 XPSep-13-2014 10:42 AM

Well ive been here for like 5 months(Even tough i checked often for news starting in 2013) The 1St Thing i posted in the Godzilla forums whas about the Secret Organisation Monarch(At that time everyne whas payng more atention to the MUTO's rather than the plot), My most recent posts are Small Reviews for Obscure Kaiju movies

Evacuate?, Godzilla is just a Legend!-Woman in GMK

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