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Written By FireHawk on 2013-07-13 23:17:51

Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim Movie

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Pacific Rim tells the story of Earth under attack from massive alien monsters which come from a dimensional rift at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. Mankind found these monsters nearly impossible to kill with conventional weapons as they ravaged coastal cities, so they created equally-massive machines to fight back. These machines, called Jaegers (after the German word for “hunter”), are so massive and complicated that they require 2 pilots working through neural synchronization technology called “the Drift”. Pacific Rim is a movie about giant robots fighting giant monsters. If you go into the film expecting that, you will be rewarded with thrilling battles between machine and monster. This film isn’t a run-of-the-mill action movie like Transformers, though. Pacific Rim handles gigantic robot fights with the fluidity and gravity that your average popcorn action flick never seems to achieve. Action in movies like Transformers is often difficult to follow, either due to the speed of animation or poor directorial decisions on how fights are edited together. Not Pacific Rim, though. It is evident that del Toro agonized over the way these fights are portrayed, and the results in the film are easy to follow and equal parts satisfying and exhilarating to watch. Pacific Rim was shot with an 1.85:1 aspect ratio; in layman’s terms, that means that the film was more square than many movies you see today. As a friend of mine pointed out, this was almost certainly to point out just how massive these monsters and robots are as they skirmish across the screen. Full review at: [url=][/url]

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